Three Days to a Fixed Senate: Very Promising News

I’ve heard from folks working on the primary & they say we’ve got a real chance to Fix the Senate, that the races are close, but that turnout is through the roof with many new votes, both great signs. YOU can make the difference.

Today’s post is brief. We have no time to read; we need to act. For inspiration, at the bottom of the post is a video from Republicans Voting Against Trump, the organization that has produced over 100 videos of voters who voted for Trump in 2016 and will vote for Biden in 2020.

A Fixed Senate Is In Our Future
But We Need to Help Pull It Off

Yesterday, I spent about an hour making calls for Neomi Martinez-Parra, running against Sen. John Arthur Smith. Calls are only to those who have requested ballots and have said they will vote for Neomi. Ana Moran from Working Families Party NM (WFP) provided an excellent brief training on Saturday, and it was gratifying to see that everyone on the Zoom was a Retake supporter. Go team.

The calls are just reminders to drop off their ballots and to offer advice for those who have not received their ballots. This is a last-minute Get Out the Vote strategy that is crucial, especially in close races such as these are likely to be, and especially with the DINOs who have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on last-day radio ads. WFP provided an excellent script and info that made this effortless.

I reached someone about a 1/3 of the time and all those answering were very appreciative. In 3-4 instances, I spoke with someone who was planning to mail their ballot Monday and I explained that they really need to drop it off at the County Clerk’s office or early voting sites, information Working Families Party had provided. That’s four votes that would not have counted. In a few other instances, I was able to provide voters the address where they could drop off their ballot.

I’ve been told Neomi has a tremendous chance, with very high turnout already and lots of new voters, both good signs. Imagine retiring JA Smith. Today, I plan to spend a chunk of time texting for Noreen Kelly in her race against Muñoz. We need to fix the NM state Senate, and wins in these districts will go a long way, so I really hope more of you can sign up and spend a few hours getting us over the finish line. Below is election related info.

Click here if you want to check out the Republicans Voting Against Trump site and more videos.

In solidarity and hopefully victory,

Paul & Roxanne

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