Two NM Senate Campaigns In Dead Heats: Text Or Call From Home

June 2 will determine if we fix the Senate, and two key races are deadlocked, with gas & oil pouring in money at the last minute. A few hours of texts and calls from 20-30 of you could push the challengers over the top.

Today, we focus on the crucial primary election just three days away. On the right below (bottom of post for those with mobile devices) is information about today’s radio show and YUCCA’s campaign actions. On the left, we focus on two key races in the NM State Senate, then on an inspirational new initiative launched by Republicans who voted for Trump in 2016 and now repudiate him. Over 100 of them have recorded videos of personal testimonials explaining why, and they have raised $10M to launch ads on social media and on Fox. Trump is going to freak. Read on. And then, I can’t emphasize enough: please act.

Click here to review our Voters’ Guide with Retake endorsements and recommendations.

Click here to get contact info on all seven of our endorsed Senate candidates.

If you need more motivation, check out this new New Mexico Campaign Finance Report. In an effort to retain their Senate DINO allies, New Mexico Strong (Chevron’s PAC) has spent over $350,000 in ads and mailers between April 8 and May 4. Our candidates need you to overcome that money. Do you really want Chevron money to speak louder than you? Find out how you can act below.

Four days, let’s do this.

We Are So Close to Fixing
the NM State Senate

In truth, I don’t think any of you need more information. Our election menu has both recommendations for an array of important races and we’ve published widely read endorsement statements on the key Senate races.

Now, there are two critical races that need your time: Senate District 4, where Noreen Kelly is challenging Sen. George Muñoz, and Senate District 35, where Neomi Martinez-Parra is breathing down the neck of Sen. John Arthur Smith. These races are deadlocked and they need you to make calls or to text to get out the vote.

Seriously folks, the purpose of this organization is to educate and motivate, but all of that means nothing if, at crunch time, supporters won’t step out of their comfort zone. If you hate calling, you can text to get out the vote, but whether you call or text, this is not about persuasion, or conversation, just a brief message encouraging voters to either take their ballot to a polling station or vote in person if they can safely. This effort is being conducted by Forward Together in Dist. 4 and by Olé in Dist. 35.

It is time for all of you who care about a woman’s right to choose, a just transition, health security, criminal justice reform, a moral budget, or keeping it in the ground, to pitch in and make it happen.


Get Out the Vote for Noreen Kelly

Click here to read our endorsement statement for Noreen Kelly.

Retake on the Radio

Saturday (Today), May 30, 8:30 am. Retake in Conversation with Kate Noble, President of the Santa Fe School Board.

We talked about Covid’s impact on district instruction, budget, teachers, students, and families, and what the district is doing to make it easier.

If you go to Retake Conversations, you will find the full 75-minute video, with the conversation ranging from educational and economic disparity in Santa Fe, Donald Trump, and neoliberalism’s failings.

YUCCA Endorsements & Call to Action

YUCCA is evolving into a real force, and what is really special about this is that it is a youth-driven organization.

Earth Care has always called for communities of color and youth to be centered in community discourse and action, and they have done exactly that. What YUCCA has done in centering climate action, mutual aid, and now informed election advocacy is remarkable.

Click here to see their endorsements.

Trom 1-3 pm today, YUCCA is hosting a phone bank effort in support of their endorsed candidates.

Click here to sign up.

Click here to sign up to make calls or text. get all you need to text or call for Noreen.

Get Out the Vote for Neomi Martinez-Parra

Click here for our endorsement statement Neomi Martinez-Parra. She is running against Dr. No, Sen. John Arthur Smith. You shouldn’t need much reading to get motivated to unseat him.

If you spend a few hours each of the next four days getting out the vote for Neomi and she wins by 30 votes, you will be dancing on the ceiling. And we will have a much different Senate to work with in 2021.

The New Mexico Working Families Party is supporting Neomi’s campaign and they need your help to Get Out the Vote. They need help making 1,500 calls into the district over the course of the weekend. You can learn on to do this work by joining their zoom onboarding today, Saturday at 11:30 for 30 minutes via Zoom. All you will need for the zoom is a phone or computer/tablet!  But for making the calls it is easier if you have both a phone and a laptop or tablet.

Join Zoom Meeting

If you cannot make it but would like to help turn out voters over the weekend, please email:

Working Families Party is not using texts in Dist. 35, so if you sign up, they will provide a brief training and provide you a simple way to make calls. These calls are not persuasion calls, just calls to voters they know have not yet voted but will very likely vote for Neomi.

Click here to get in contact with Working Families Party.

Trump Is Gonna Have an Absolute Meltdown

A remarkable new grassroots organization, Republican Voters Against Trump, has been recording short video clips of over 100 disaffected Republican voters, voters who have been lifelong Republicans, had voted for Trump in 2016, and will vote for Biden in 2020. And their testimonies are very powerful as the video below demonstrates.

The group is planning to spend $10 million on social media as well as on television, with some appearing on Fox News next week.  

Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT) spokesperson Sarah Longwell said in a statement that disaffected GOP voters could be the most effective voices of persuasion for Biden. Click the blue play arrow below and listen to Jack from Michigan: “I’d vote for a tuna fish sandwich before I’d vote for Donald Trump again.” That was funny, but Jack is anything but comical, his reasoned statement is such a contrast to The Donald. When these ads start hitting Fox, Trump is gonna have an absolute meltdown.

Click here to read the article about Republicans who have decided to dump Trump.

Click here to visit the website. You will find over 100 short videos from very articulate Republicans with each taking a different slant on why they will be voting for Biden. They are lifelong Republicans, some never having voted for a Democrat in their lives. They come from every state in the Nation. And, as Sarah Longwell, the RVAT spokesperson asserted, Trump supporters don’t want to hear from Democrats, but if they hear from their own peeps who are saying that this president is an embarrassment to the GOP, and then give very specific reasons why they will not vote for Trump, Longwell feels these voices can be far more convincing than ours.

For now, Retake would like you to focus on New Mexico, but Wednesday we will shift gears. Certainly, we will continue to work to elect our own NM candidates in November, but we simply can’t overlook Trump. It is too important. Every day gets more frightening. Friday he tweeted that if he could, he would dissolve Twitter, simply because they had the audacity to note that what he had tweeted was untrue. If Trump wins in November, he will be completely unrestrained. If what we are experiencing is the “restrained” Trump, a completely unfettered one is terrifying.

Take a moment to look at some of these video and stay tuned. Next week we will have developed sample letters to use with friends who are Republican, and we will curate the videos that RVAT has assembled. We’ll have a plan.

But today, click the links above and text or call for Noreen or Neomi.

We can do this. We must do this.

In solidarity,

Paul & Roxanne

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  1. Chevron Strong has put over $700,000 to keep five DINOs. Here is a link to their Financial Reports

  2. Dear Paul and Roxanne, I wonder if you know that candidate Leger is pro-Los Alamos Nat’l Lab expansion to accomplish the creation of 30-80 new plutonium pits there. I am not able to vote for her because of her stance on this catastrophic issue. Please let me know whether this is news to you or if not, why it doesn’t arouse concern in you both. Thank you.

    • You mean Teresa Leger Fernandez, right?
      Is she definitely in favor of plutonium pit production expansion, or just silent about it? Can you link us to a source for this info, please? I’m concerned.


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