NM Protests Reflect a Dangerous Trend Toward Fascism; Another Retake Endorsement

We’ve seen vile protests against isolation orders in Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, California, and other parts of the nation. Today we examine how this trend is manifesting in NM. Plus we endorse Siah Correa Hemphill.

We apologize for the erratic publication times of this week’s posts, but we are working feverishly to publish endorsement statements, produce Zoominars, the radio show, and the blog, and work on the 2020 Report Card. We are hoping to have our final endorsement statements by Sunday so the pace will lessen soon.

In the right column (or on phones at the bottom of the post) you can learn about our radio show tomorrow and link to our latest endorsement. In Senate Dist. 28 we endorse Siah Correa Hemphill over incumbent Sen. Gabe Ramos. Before we dive in to today’s main topic — NM’s growing neo-fascist language and actions, now related to the Governor’s measures around Covid-19 — we want to alert you to our next Zoominar.

Zoominar on NM State Budget Crisis

Retake Our Democracy will host another Zoominar on Tues., March 26, and this will be a critical one as we bring together three budget and policy experts from NM Voices for Children and the chair of the House Tax and Revenue Committee, Rep. Javier Martinez.

In his final year, MLK, Jr. expanded the scope of his civil rights activism to include a focus on economic justice, declaring that a budget is a moral document. Rev. William Barber has made this his anthem as well.

NM has a budget to fix and faces some very difficult budget decisions. It is vital for New Mexicans to be informed of the ethical, moral, and financial implications of every decision made to address this crisis. Without well-informed voter input, we fear that draconian budget cuts could set our education, health, and social services systems back a decade. We can’t afford that.

Our panel will discuss how we got in this mess and the many opportunities we had over the past several administrations to vastly diversify our economy while making our tax system far more equitable. We will also discuss the myriad of options for addressing the budget crisis without turning to significant cuts. Finally, we will discuss what you can do to advocate at the Roundhouse before and during the special budget session slated to start on June 18. As usual, you must pre-register for the Zoominar, and we are quite sure it will fill quickly. Click here for more information and to register, where you’ll also find recordings of our prior Zoominars.

It Is Getting Ugly In New Mexico Thanks to President Trump

Since hitting the campaign trail in 2015, Trump has used vile rhetoric about immigrants, women, Democrats, and the media, and egged on his crowds to “Lock Her Up.” As president, he has described white supremacists as “good people,” he has called reporters doing their jobs, “despicable people.” The list is endless, the underlying message is one of misogyny, racism, hatred, and violence. At the end of this post, we provide a YouTube compilation of Trump’s vile rhetoric going back to 2015.

Beyond rhetoric, Trump’s refusal to wear a mask, his undermining Governors’ efforts to sustain social distancing policies, and his questioning science yet again has spawned a movement of people who misconstrue their personal rights as something that comes without social responsibility. Their desire to go maskless trumps others’ desire to live. He has egged on demonstrators across the nation, and the demonstrations are getting nasty.

Ugly Protest in San Juan County

San Juan County Protest Wednesday, May 20


Retake Our Democracy endorses Siah Correa Hemphill, who is challenging Senator Gabe Ramos. Click here to read our endorsement statement outlining why.

Retake Our Democracy on KSFR, 101.1 FM or streaming live from KSFR.org, 8:30 am Saturday, May 23, 8:30 – 9:00 am. We speak with two Democratic challengers for seats in the NM State Senate: Neomi Martinez-Parra, challenging Sen. John Arthur Smith, and Carrie Hamblen, challenging Sen. Mary Kay Papen. A video recording of the interview will be available tomorrow at this link.

We saw it at the Roundhouse when gun rights protesters came to the legislature armed to the hilt with signs claiming that their freedom trumps our fear of assault weapons openly carried by scores of 2nd Amendment advocates. But that was tame compared to now.

San Juan Protest: Imagine the lessons learned by the small boy on the right… At least he and his mom has a mask. The only mask in sight among the wench haters.

We provide the following report from Sean, a recent high school grad from Farmington. He participated in a counter-protest to the anti MLG protest he describes below. We did not provide his full name as we did not want to expose him to possible threats from those who may be offended by his reporting. From Sean.

“I knew in the bottom of my heart that there would be people there. I did not expect there to be that many people, so many of whom are filled with such disrespect of our leaders and healthcare workers.

This isn’t just about this pandemic you can be sure about that. This is the result of racial tension by neo-nazis and those who believe they are superior to others.

This is the hatred for facts, science, and logic. This is the disrespect that they have for our community and our healthcare workers. A gathering of that magnitude is a biological bomb and a breeding ground for the spread of Covid-19.

Nobody needed to say a word. All their thoughts were conveyed through the swastikas. It was shown through the images of our governor with a Hitler mustache.

It was shown by the large picture of Obama dressed as a suicide bomber. It was shown by the red and white mark of the KKK displayed on at least 3 shirts I saw. This is not the kind of world that I want to live in. I am beyond angry and disgusted.”

San Juan County Protest: Don’t Tread on Me? I Say Don’t Breathe On Me

I wish this was the worst thing reported today, but Otero County Commissioner Cuoy Griffin, founder of Cowboys for Trump, has outdone the San Juan protesters and has been beating the same threatening drum for some time, as captured in the citations below offered by the Democratic Party of NM.

Griffin: “I Don’t Care If You Are A Governor, You Can Still Swing At The End Of A Rope.” If there’s political leaders such as governors…y’all better start paying real close attention, because we’re moving to you. And you better make sure that you haven’t been doing anything where you would be guilty of the charge of treason, because I don’t care if you are a governor, you can still swing at the end of a rope.” 4/20/20

Griffin Continued To Call For The Death Penalty For “Treasonous” Politicians Who Are Undermining The President. “If we have political leaders in our country today… that are guilty of treason, which is to directly undermine the United States of America…such things like the Mueller Report… all this fake stuff that was constructed to try to destroy our president and in turn bring our nation down in my opinion is treason in its truest form. Treason is punishable by death.”4/20/20

Griffin Said Democrats Are Guilty Of Treason, Which He Referred To As “A Hanging Offense.” “They’re gonna milk this coronavirus deal as long as they possibly can…Maybe they’re doing it because some of them might be guilty of treason, and treasons a hanging offense. I don’t know why they’re doing it, but they’re doing it, and we can’t let them win. We’ve gotta fight back; we’ve gotta push back.” 4/26/20

Griffin has also stated that “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat,” then claimed his statement was taken out of context. The NM Republican Party’s halfhearted response was to Tweet: “Any statements, whether in jest or serious about harming another individual are just plain wrong.” And in the meantime, the Republican Party has gone to court to force the Governor to liberate those freedom fighters who feel that their freedom to cough on me trumps my right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This is getting worse by the day. I wish I saw a happy ending. Where do you see this heading in NM and the US?

In solidarity…we are going to need solidarity,

Paul & Roxanne

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5 replies

  1. Let’s not forget that there is money and organizing behind these protests. Dividing us is the goal.

  2. Great KSFR program this morning. Thank you!

    I wish that my husband and I could say we’re surprised by these protests, which, as Katy believes, are actually organized by Big Money to look like grassroots protests.

    This is the result of government’s failure at all levels to address the real issues – federal, state, and local. And it is the public’s job to hold elected officials accountable, which we do not do.

    Instead, we argue over issues we consider important, becoming divided among ourselves. This then turns out to be a case of not being able to see the forest for the trees. And we talk and talk about all of this, but are often too personally comfortable in the material sense to be willing to rock the boat.

    So I assign responsibility for where we are to society as a whole. We have to be willing to put ourselves out there – as Paul and Roxanne are doing! If only we progressives had the organizing ability of the opposition. Those folks may not share our values, but they most certainly organize to get things done. And they stand behind their agenda to the person, never breaking ranks.

    I don’t have an answer as to how we can fix this unless progressives are finally willing to see this failure on our part and to adopt a page from the GOP and conservative organizing book. Study groups, long discussions, research, are all smoke screens for what amounts to almost zero influence within the political process.

    My 2 cents. Linda

  3. It is quite scary to me. I agree with katy above – there are puppet-masters behind this. I’m sure it’s very much like the techniques used to put Hitler in power. (What irony that someone drew a “Hitler” mustache on Lujan-Grisham’s image! That person obviously doesn’t know s/he is working FOR fascism.)

  4. The push behind the “Open ‘er up,” parades and Trump rallies is Chevron’s New Mexico Strong funding, tying together the right wing side of the Republican Party, Freeport Copper, “Mine Strong,”miners, and Cowboys for Christ/Trump in one rally after another in Silver City. Thanks Chevron for imposing your right wing corporate beliefs on Grant County. Locals are doing Chevron’s work and carrying that anger forward against the upcoming Wild and Scenic Act, and in support for the Diversion on the Gila River.

  5. I too believed the oil and gas guys were involved Too much at stake especially with wind and solar biting at their heels! Thanks……

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