Anti-War Protests Erupt Across US & In NM: What’s Next?

A brief update on what transpired yesterday in NM and the US, plus an emerging plan for another round of protests Saturday, Jan 11 at noon. Save the date. Details coming Tuesday.

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What Happened & What’s Next

We marched on Saturday; we will march again next Saturday. Yesterday we had a mere 4 hours to organize, now we have a week. And we need everyone who cares at all about the future of our country to join us in the streets. So, please SHARE SHARE, SHARE this post. And do more than that reach out to your friends and agree to meet at the Roundhouse at noon Saturday. We are now in an unimaginably perilous situation. How much more do we take from this maniac?


Update on Saturday’s Protest: The Santa Fe New Mexican did a good job of reporting on the demonstration on Saturday. With only hours to get out the word, over 100 folks turned out. We heard a few short speeches and then hit the streets, descending on the intersection of Paseo de Peralta and Old Santa Fe Trail. We marched continuously with the light across the intersection, circling and circling, chanting and waving signs.

While we got the finger a few times, almost all cars passing by us honked in support and flashed the peace sign. We need those folks to be at the Roundhouse next Saturday and we are already working to make that happen. Those participating yesterday agreed to organize again for next Saturday. Details of the plans are being worked out. Outreach has begun to the faith community, Democratic Party, Indivisible groups, and other organizations statewide.

Retake Our Democracy and other peace organizations will share information in a few days. Plans may change as more experienced peace groups become involved and as events play out over the next week. But for now, expect to convene at noon at the Roundhouse on Saturday with a march to the Plaza likely. Instead of 100, we want to march with 1,000 of you. So SHARE SHARE SHARE.

It is impossible to underestimate the gravity of the situation. Iran will not simply sit back and let this happen. Imagine if a car bomb blew up General James C. McConville, US Military Chief of Staff, and Iran immediately claimed responsibility. What do you think Trump would do?

Well, on Tuesday, Retake will publish a post based upon two Truthdig reports, one from Chris Hedges who lays out exactly what we might expect next. The other report is from Maj. Danny Sjursen a retired U.S. Army officer and former history instructor at West Point. He served tours with reconnaissance units in Iraq and Afghanistan. From Major Danny Sjursen:

Violence begets violence; revenge engenders cycles of vengeance. This is exactly why war, or acts of war, must not be taken lightly. It also explains why America’s recent adventurism in the Middle East has only increased Islamic terrorism, killed hundreds of thousands worldwide, and ultimately left the U.S. no better off than when it began its crusade after the 9/11 attacks. Instead, this cycle of violence and revenge has produced nothing but “blowback” in the form of global anti-Americanism.

Which brings me to President Donald Trump’s worst decision yet, one for which he actually should be impeached: the assassination of Iranian general, and head of the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds force, Qassem Soleimani. The weapon of choice in this genuine act of war, was, fittingly, the era’s ubiquitous armed drone. 

Trump’s Illegal, Impeachable Act of War, Maj. Danny Sjursen

Santa Fe: Roundhouse, Noon, Saturday, Jan. 11, east side
(Follow for
confirming details later this week.)

What Trump is doing is insane and clearly motivated to create a distraction and further his campaign.

Before he entered office, we had an international agreement with Iran and our relationship was the most stable in decades. This man knows nothing about what he is doing, operates on impulse, ignores advice from those who know better, and is about to start a war with Iran. Let’s not even talk about how North Korea is done with preening for Trump’s praise.

This is nuts and we need to show we won’t be fooled. Please get the word out. Share this post with everyone you know.

Stay tuned. But also SHARE SHARE SHARE.

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