Rallies are being organized in hundreds of cities across the nation. Please share this post on FB and through emails to as many friends as you can anywhere in the US as this post includes a link to protests throughout the US.

Update From Sunday: The Santa Fe New Mexican did a good job of reporting on the demonstration on Saturday. With only hours to get out the word, over 100 folks turned out and agreed together to organize again for next Saturday. Details of the plans are being worked out, but please continue sharing this alert. Retake Our Democracy and other peace organizations will share information early in the week, but expect to convene at noon at the Roundhouse on Saturday with a march to the Plaza likely. But instead of 100, we want to march with 1000 of you. So SHARE SHARE SHARE.

We will be posting our regular Saturday blog in a few minutes, but wanted to get this out immediately. Please SHARE SHARE SHARE Through social media and group emails. We Need to Show Up.

Protests in ABQ, Santa Fe & Hundreds of US Cities TODAY

Santa Fe: Roundhouse, Eastside 12 Noon ABQ: 2pm at Kirtland Airforce Base, San Mateo and Gibson Blvd

What Trump is doing is insane and clearly motivated to create a distraction and further his campaign.

When he entered office, we had an international agreement with Iran and our relationship was the most stable in decades. This man knows nothing about what he is doing, operates on impulse, ignores advice from those who know better and is about to start a war with Iran. Let’s not even talk about how North Korea is done with preening for Trump’s praise.

This is nuts and we need to show we won’t be fooled. It is very, late notice, so please get the word out. Share this event with everyone you know. This link has the locations of rallies throughout the country, so share with friends who live elsewhere. 

Take a moment to think about where we were as a Nation three years ago and where we are now. We need to rally today, but a rally is not a movement. 2020 must be the year of Transformation. That happens only if all of us devote all the energy, resources and time we have to a range of efforts: Legislative, elective, and organizing. See you at 12.

Can You Help Us Out Today?

Donate Button with Credit Cards

We don’t like to push for donations. You get so many emails with a petition, or some kind of urgent emergency that requires 128 new donors by midnight. We don’t need any donors by midnight. But we do need donors who support this work on a regular basis. We are all volunteers and with the legislative session coming and the need for posters and flyers related to the Anti-War protests, we would appreciate your support. Click the Donate button at left or send us a check to: Retake Our Democracy, P.O. Box 32464, Santa Fe, NM 87594. Thank you.

In solidarity, anger and fear,

Paul & Roxanne

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  1. This is the worst president ever

  2. War I middle East has been going on for 6,000+ years. The USA got involved when American were attacked. The middle East can fight over there OR they can come and fight over here. Over here we will have hundreds of thousands impacted (killed, wounded for life, etc.) So if this is what you want go ahead and make the list for your family members that you want impacted first. THIS IS WHY WE HAVE A MILITARY.

  3. “think about where we were as a nation 3 years ago”
    We had more troops on the ground in more middle eastern nations three years ago than we do today.
    We had much higher unemployment rates.
    African American colleges had less funding.
    The VA had less funding.
    Our border was less secure.
    Terminally ill patients couldn’t try non FDA approved possible solutions.
    Prison reform act was in limbo.
    I could go on, but those with TDS won’t register anything I write here anyway…

  4. Taos had 50+ hardy people show up with creative signs.

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