A Look Back at Eroding Trump Support, a Paid Legislature & the COP25 Disaster

A full week, with three important posts. Also some solstice reflections and info on how you can meet and hear from NM House Candidate Lyla June Johnston at her first campaign event.

Lyla June Johnson Meet & Greet

Video of a poem Lyla June sang on KSFR Saturday. Podcast will be linked in tomorrow’s blog.

Meet & Greet Lyla June Johnston, her first campaign event: 4pm, Saturday, December 28 at the studio of Stephen Augur 1805 2nd St. This is a great opportunity to meet the candidate challenging Speaker Egolf. We welcome her candidacy as we feel it will force an ongoing debate on climate crisis issues. Please RSVP by writing to info@electlylajune.com

Solstice Reflections from
Rainer Maria Rilke

Roxanne and I attended an incredibly moving Solstice celebration at the farm of friends in the mountains west of Las Vegas, NM. The afternoon and evening were filled with powerful discussions, music, and poetry, closing with a ceremony celebrating the four elements: earth, air, water and fire followed by a tremendous feast. One of the highlights was a discussion led by author and cultural ecologist David Abram who could hypnotize a room with his dramatic recitations of poems and his stream of consciousness musings on life, the earth, and the spirit. He recited the poem below. I only wish I had a recording of his passionate treatment.

Dear Darkening Ground

By Rainer Maria Rilke

Dear darkening ground,
you’ve endured so patiently the walls we’ve built,
perhaps you’ll give the cities one more hour

and grant the churches and cloisters two.
And those that labor—let their work
grip them another five hours, or seven,

before you become forest again, and water, and widening wilderness
in that hour of inconceivable terror
when you take back your name
from all things.

Just give me a little more time!

I want to love the things
as no one has thought to love them,
until they’re worthy of you and real.

COP 25 Is An Unmitigated Disaster: Looking for Adults Facing Up to Climate Realities? Good Luck.

Tuesday, December 17. We feature video clips from Greta Thunberg at the COP25 and another from Democracy Now! on the implications of the COP25 disaster. Any question about why we need bold new leadership? The gas & oil barons & their legislators are killing us.

To balance things out, we also provided two short routines by Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert. The Kimmel clip features a short montage of the best of Greta.

Click here to view the videos and read the full post.

Is It Time for a Paid Legislature? Apparently Not Yet

Thursday, December 19. You need to do political calculus before investing time and resources into a policy initiative. Fortunately, Common Cause did the calculations and they have a plan for achieving a professional paid legislature… in 2021, not 2020.

After analyzing polling and considering the time constraints of a short session, Common Cause identified a way to develop political will for paying the legislature without even introducing a bill. The post lays out all the reasons for paying legislators, and then describes Common Cause’s strategy for making it a reality.

Click here to read the post.

It’s Time To Talk With Our GOP Friends & Family As Trump’s GOP Support Erodes

Saturday, December 21. Christianity Today, the largest fundamentalist Christian publication in the US; Republicans for the Rule of Law; and the Lincoln Project, all solid Republican groups, are calling for Trump’s removal. Is this the chink in the armor? The beginning of the fall?

This post includes links to articles on the Lincoln Project and Christianity Today as well the 30-second ad from Rule of Law that is airing on Fox & Friends.

The post takes the position that now may be the time for each of us to reach out to our GOP friends and family and initiate a polite, respectful, questioning dialog. While the post doesn’t include actual speaking points, it does offer a series of bullets identifying one moral, legal or ethical offense after another, and that should provide plenty of fodder for a conversation starter: “Charlie, we’ve been friends for decades. We’ve seldom agreed about politics, but it hasn’t harmed our friendship. But I gotta say, Trump calls the media “sluts” and makes fun of anyone who disagrees with him. Can we talk about this? We can disagree about policy, but aren’t we better than this?

Click here to read the full post.

In Solidarity,
Paul and Roxanne

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