Inspiring Effort to Teach Climate Change in Every Classroom in the World

Melanie Harwood is an education entrepreneur and self-styled ‘disruptor’, who has partnered with the United Nations to educate teachers about climate change. The video tells the story of her plan to create an army of Greta’s.

Sorry for the late post, but writer’s block invaded me on Wednesday. One announcement and one comment before a brief intro to an inspiring ten minute video. First the announcement.

Extinction Rebellion Organizing Meeting, Tuesday, December 17, 6pm at LeFarge Library, 1730 Llano St, Santa Fe. Find out what the local XR movement is up to. In Europe, XR is growing quickly and locally we have a chapter that is just forming and could use your energy and intelligence. If you can’t make it to the meeting, you can follow it on Zoom. If you’ve never used the technology, it is very easy to use. Just click the link at 6pm and follow the brief step to download the Zoom app and join the meeting. The process takes less than a minute and you will be able to see the folks in attendance, hear what is said, and contribute your ideas.

The comment is that next week, Retake will begin to focus on the coming 2020 legislative session with profiles on bills we anticipate being introduced or that we will be pressing to have introduced. And the shift to focusing on something tangible and achievable is much needed. Frankly, I’ve been more than a little down the past week. There is only so much doom and gloom you can read and only so much Democracy Now you can watch before you want to head into a hole and hide. Focusing on bills that could become law and laws that would improve the lives of tens of thousands of New Mexicans may be just the tonic to boost the spirits.

And so, as the focus becomes the legislative session, there will also be fewer posts over the next two weeks and likely shorter ones. Our daughter, Joanna, will be here from Med School and while Roxanne made a trip to Sacramento this fall to see her, I haven’t seen her since last March. Hopefully the time spent writing about tangible legislative issues with practical and important outcomes, combined with more time off and time spent with our inspiring daughter will reinvigorate me for the year to come. There is so much to be done.

An Army of Greta Thurnbergs: UN Climate Change Curriculum Designed to Create Youth Activists in Every Classroom

Boy do we need an army of Gretas about now. Imagine the impact that one Greta has had and then multiply it by a thousand. The video below describes the efforts of Melanie Harwood who, working with the UN, has developed climate change curriculum that is focused on fostering climate activism among youth across the world. The video includes a few talks from youth even younger than Greta, articulate, impassioned, and eager to change the world. The youth at the end of the video is particularly inspiring.

In solidarity,

Paul & Roxanne

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  1. Great video of UN Climate teachers!

  2. How do we connect this inspiring force for enlightened change to the schools in New Mexico?

  3. Very sweet.
    I like the phrase “We are writing checks that our planet cannot cash!”

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