A Crazy Week: LANL in Santa Fe? PNM to Run the Show? A Corrupt NM State Senate? Plus SNL on Trump in 1999

A couple of updates, a 1999 SNL skit spoofing the possibility of Donald Trump as President, a review of last week’s posts, & at the bottom of the post a couple of Trump memes that are very funny, sort of…

Update I: Thursday, December 12, 6pm-8pm, 1420 Cerrillos, Santa Fe. We will share food and sit in a circle to hear from the local Extinction Rebellion and from Youth United for Climate Crisis Action and share our thoughts on how Retake can best support their efforts. We will also provide an update on recent news as to what to expect in the 2020 legislative session and what you can do to advocate for good bills.

RSVPs are MANDATORY as we are ordering pizza. To RSVP write to us at RetakeResponse@gmail.com or click here to RSVP on Facebook.

Update II: Monday, December 9, 9:30-12:30pm, PRC, Downstairs Hearing Room, 1120 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe

Even if you don’t plan to offer public comment, it is important to attend and show your support for New Energy Economy. If you intend to offer public comment, please review the post below. It has information to help you craft your statement. It also has two links in the post with excellent summaries of New Energy Economy’s position. See you there!!!!

Saturday Night Live 1999 Prescient Spoof: A Trump White House

Saturday Night Live, 1999: Donald Trump and Ross Perot skit with Trump’s vision of his White House: Trump House. Don’t click above to watch. Click the link below. Only 4 minutes and very funny. Sort of.

Click here to watch, Saturday Night Live circa 1999, with a spoof about Donald Trump wanting to be President. It was as absurd a notion back then as it is now.

A Look Back at Last Week’s Posts

All three of last week’s posts were widely read and shared, and for a reason. While the video in Tuesday’s post is 40 minutes long, comments from those who viewed it were unanimous. We had readers promising to show the video to union leadership, Indivisible groups, community and church groups, and at ward meetings. It is so important that people understand how conservative Democrats lock up the legislature.

The post on LANL as a master developer for Santa Fe’s Midtown campus set off a flurry of calls and emails to the Mayor and City Council. And hopefully, the post about today’s PRC hearing will contribute to a jammed hearing room. If you missed any of these posts, here is your chance to catch up on some critical issues facing NM.

How NM Centrist Democrats Control the NM State Senate, the Entire Legislative Process, and How We Can Fix This

Tuesday, December 3. If you haven’t seen this presentation, it is a must view. In 40 minutes, Eric Shimamoto takes an impenetrably complex process and makes it utterly transparent and understandable. The presentation makes it clear how a handful of Democrats in Name Only (DINOs) control the Senate and the legislature, and throttle our aspirations and our future. Contrary to popular belief, only one of these Senators comes from a “conservative” district. Eric looks to NY where a similar coalition of conservative Dems had choked off progressive legislation for decades and describes how a coordinated campaign against their DINOS ousted almost all of them, retaking the NY State Senate. We need to do the same thing here.

Click here to review this post and the video.

LANL Coming to the Midtown Campus? Will the City Different Become an Partner in Nuclear Weapons Production?

Thursday, December 5. With a process that is closed, the City not releasing any details about the 21 applicants for roles in the development of the Midtown Campus, we are left to guess about the scale of LANL presence in the development, except that one of the five Master Developer proposals has come from LANL itself. What could this mean for Santa Fe?

There is at least one bidder who is clearly viewing this as a research satellite for LANL, and there are still questions related to all of the other developers who have not, as yet, released details of their proposals. A decision will be made without more community input, and so this post asked our readers to contact their City Councilors and the Mayor to voice concerns about a LANL presence.

Click here to review this post.

Historic Public Regulation Hearing Begins Monday with Much at Stake: Can PNM Really Be Allowed to Regulate Itself?

Saturday, December 7. This is a critical hearing, pitting New Energy Economy, WildEarth Guardians, Retake Our Democracy, and a slew of grassroots indigenous organizations and representatives of the impacted communities lined up against PNM and a handful of grasstop enviro groups: Sierra Club, 350NM, CVNM, etc.

An administrative judge will hear five days of testimony beginning on Monday from 9:30-12:30 when public comment is possible. The judge will determine if the PRC will be allowed to regulate PNM’s proposed abandonment of the San Juan Generating Station or whether PNM would be allowed to use the Energy Transition Act to avoid scrutiny and essentially regulate itself. If the judge rules that the ETA can not be applied to this case, then the PRC is highly likely to split the costs of abandonment between ratepayers and shareholders. If the ETA is ruled to apply, PNM is allowed to regulate itself and in that context, all of their bad decisions and imprudent investments will be reimbursed, foisting the costs on ratepayers.

Thank you Mariel Nanasi and New Energy Economy for your leadership on this issue.

Click here to review the full post and please do attend today’s hearing.

Just Cuz We Need to Laugh

In solidarity,

Paul & Roxanne

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  1. While recapping the past week, you might want to look at this important article in the Journal. We seem to be financing our legal system on the backs of the poor and, IMO, this is unacceptable. You might want to consider this problem when framing the legislative agenda for upcoming sessions. https://www.abqjournal.com/1398792/study-says-court-fines-fees-overused-ex-santa-fe-county-among-those-reviewed-by-nyus-brennan-center.html

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