Sunday at the Movies: 3 Powerful 1 Minute Gun Violence Prevention Ads +

We need climate crisis ads that are as powerful as these 3 ads. Plus four spot-on Stephen Colbert monologues taking on Trump: Innocent People Don’t Do This, Hard to Defend & Off the Rails. Report on Climate Crisis panel.

In brief,

Three quick notes & then video.

Small girl texting mom while hiding in a closet as footsteps approaching her are heard. Just a sample of how powerful and how real these ads are.

Video Preview. The three gun violence videos are short, to the point and powerfully portray precisely the emotional, psychological and political realities that define gun violence in our schools. And if you only have time for one of the four Colbert clips, the first one is inspiring just for the incredible audience response when he begins the video announcing the launching of the impeachment inquiry. But after the withering news we face daily, I include Colbert most every Sunday because we need relief.

Good News On The Gun Violence Prevention Front….Sort of. Colt 45 has decided to cease production of AR 15s for sales to the public. That is only partially good news as Colt 45 said they still support the Second Amendment and that the reason for their stopping production is that the private market is so flooded with AR 15s. Does that make you feel safe? Click here.

Tuesday, October 1, 6:30-8:30pm at 1420 Cerrillos the Center for Progress and Justice: A Panel Discussion on Democratizing Our Energy & a Just Transition.  Come learn about the transformative benefits of Local Choice Energy and Community Solar and how they are essential to a just transition in New Mexico. This is an opportunity to become better informed about a just clean energy transition in New Mexico and to turn your knowledge into effective advocacy at the local and state level.

Please RSVP by email to, or on Facebook — click “Going” at this link. Confirmed panel members include: 

  • Mariel Nanasi, Executive Director, New Energy Economy;
  • Rep. Abbas Akhil, D-Dist 20, a retired renewable energy scientist;
  • Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero, D-District 13, sponsor of the Community Solar Act;
  • Les Rubin, Finance Director, Pueblo of Picuris, where a 1 Megawatt solar array project was completed in 2018;
  • Mario Atencio, Legislative District Assistant, Navajo Nation, and Adjunct Professor, UNM Native American Studies.

Atencio and Rubin will begin the panel by framing the discussion, with Atencio outlining how the extraction industry is destroying his Navajo community in the greater Chaco Canyon area. Click here if you missed Thursday’s very descriptive report on Roxanne’s and and our experience on an all day fracking tour of the greater Chaco Canyon area. Rubin will follow with a description of how the creation of a modest sized solar array has transformed the Picuris Pueblo community. A study in contrasts.

With this contrast as the context, panelists will discuss how Community Solar, Local Choice Energy and legislation for a study for how to make a just transition can together advance climate justice, followed by a Q & A session with the audience. Join us to find out more about the possibilities for achieving climate justice in NM and turning your knowledge into effective advocacy at the local and state level.

We will live-stream this event to Facebook and have the video available to watch at any time after and the new sound adapter we have purchased and received should noticeably improve the video/ streaming sound quality. To help us accommodate all who want to attend in person, PLEASE RSVP by clicking “Going” on this Facebook event page, or by emailing by Mon., Sept. 30. Thank you!

No Introduction Needed

We need ads this powerful describing the climate crisis that is quickly becoming a looming climate catastrophe.

As Usual Colbert Makes You Laugh While Zeroing in On Trump & His Regime Cronies

This One Is Worth Watching Just for the Audience Reaction to Colbert’s Announcing that Pelosi Has Launched Impeachment Proceedings.

Colbert incredulously reviews the whistleblower’s claims, injecting screen shots of tweets, excerpts from the whistleblower’s claims, video audio of Trump essentially admits guilt and tossing Pence under a bus.

Excerpts from the testimony of Joseph Maguire, the Acting Director of US Intelligence along with GOP leadership laughingly trying to defend the indefensible.

Colbert takes on the lunacy of Rudy Giuliani’s behavior. “Those who claim: ‘I will be the hero,’ rarely are the hero.”

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  1. What always troubles me when I see excellent, accurate, to-the-point essays and videos about our current situation and leadership is this: the people who need to read and watch these things will not do so. People who already support the viewpoints being expressed will, and that doesn’t really advance the state of affairs much.
    It’s nice to have the encouragement, I guess.

  2. Yeah! A lot of preaching to the choir, going on around here. I don’t think people are fully aware of how much we have all been Gas Lighted. The people I talk to, don’t have much hope that anything will improve, after all if no one recognizes it at the local level, how in the heck can it get any better?

    The media continues to divide and polarize, and we are all supposed to play by the rules they have assigned. We are already living the dystopia.

    Maybe those gun violence prevention ads, should contain background information. The US has exported guns around the world, ensuring more global violence and destruction. Why does anyone think there are huge gun stores in Southern NM, they are exporting them to Mexico. If the horrific news and live footage of gun violence in schools did not change any minds, a few ads are not going to. The marketers for the Military Industrial Complex, not only continue to push for war, but they are still creating a market right here. It was just fine for them to post signs on our rights of way, to advertise the latest gun show, and sale. This is America, everyone and everything is for sale.

  3. There are some huge “Elephants in the room” in this town, and in this state. Look at our local media and see how they cover “poverty,” if they cover it at all. I was talking with some acquaintances and the subject of the homeless, and panhandlers came up. The highly visible panhandlers all over Santa Fe, might indicate there is a problem, yet this town remains in denial. Years ago, the local paper and news media ran articles telling people that panhandling was very lucrative. “they can make 400$ a day.” I heard that bit of media propaganda repeated again. This is how lies and propaganda are undermining objective concerns, and it explains the general public’s lack of concern, and contempt for the poor.

    Half of this state lives in poverty,yet we see the same contemptuous attitude from our local politicians, and general public. At least A.O.C it talking about it, at NPR which runs a lot of adversity porn about poverty. I speak with people who are somewhat enlightened, yet the continue to repeat myths, like the poor “get everything.” They get food, clothes and a place to sleep, as if the homeless are in that situation to get things. There is a theme here, in every article about local poverty, shaming the poor. When our politicians deign to speak to “poor people” the people in poverty are too shamed to explain that they are “poor.” Of course our politicians and policy makers hob nob with billionaires, so poverty is a relative term.

    We don’t get much objective local journalism either, it is as if the poor do not exist, they are invisible. Remote Area Medical is coming to Roswell, to provide healthcare to people who don’t have any. The local media will run this story framed in a way that makes it appear that low income people are getting free stuff. An organization that was set up to provide care in third world nations, is focusing on the US. There will no doubt be a number of free marketing opportunities for a few corporations. The fact that a group like RAM has to come here, should be a source of shame.

    A couple of years ago, one of the movie people made a wisecrack about the people who showed up for work as extras. Many of them had bad teeth, which they immediately attributed to drugs, instead of the lack of access to dental care. They made a joke about “Breaking Bad” and no one corrected them. One more of the false narratives, perpetrated by media to explain the serious lack of access to dentists or basic healthcare. Science tells us that lack of dental care leads to stroke or cardio vascular issues, but we can ignore all of that and laugh about “Breaking Bad.” This flippant attitude is everywhere. At our local “Alternative” paper they made a joke about “Better Call Saul” the TV show, when a story about the Casa Real Nursing home horrors and Lawsuits came out. The local media never investigated, they ran counter narratives written by people who profited from it. That included a state employee whose spouse worked there, and an industry lobbyist.

    The long term distress in this community is a laughing matter, outright poverty shaming, ignorance and denial. It is no wonder no one is taking this seriously in this community. They are too misinformed and smug to know that we all pay for this. The costs to our society, Medicare and Medicaid have been re-framed by corporate advertising. In order to promote the lie about for profit healthcare, they make sure that the general public, does not know about how it all works. When people spoke up about the obscene costs of Insulin, big pharma ran ads about coupons, to distract the public.

    The “Medicaid Expansion” did not bring healthcare to Roswell. In fact healthcare in NM is piecemeal, we don’t have enough doctors, dentists or specialists. This effects the well insured also. Of course the media rarely covers this. Fact based heath reporting would not be in the interest of their biggest advertisers. Wealthy retirees would not buy Mc Mansions here, if they knew the facts. Instead the only access the general public has access to is, marketing by the profiteering health corporations. Our democrats are under the same industry thrall, that the republicans were here.

    Every single day the Gas Lighting continues, TV news broke the story about the forest closures, framing it in a way to blame the environmentalists, instead of the inept management and industry insiders, at the forest service. At least the New Mexican set the record straight. Of course once the lies and misinformation are planted, and the anger and fear are raised, it is difficult to dial it back. Too little too late.

    There is an awful lot of denial around here about the suicide rates, They amplified the limited resources so it looks like they did something. Suicide and despair are really good for marketing it gets people’s attention. The use of the Salient Expemplar, a nice young woman, with a caring supportive mother. They misrepresent the stress a lot of young people are under. The ones without any support system, that don’t clean up well, aren’t personable, the ones with rough edges.

    The Gas Lighting continues!

    I was surprised to see this in the Albuquerque Journal,

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