Why We Must ALL Strike on Sept 20

The youth planning the Santa Fe General Strike are serious. They have planned a powerful General Strike action at the Roundhouse on the 20th and today, I share why we all should join them. And anti-Trump rallies are forming: details.

Santa Fe County Commission to Discuss-Vote on Declaring Climate Emergency

The meeting is today from 2:45-4:30 at the County Office in Santa Fe, at 102 Grant. Be there. Click here to RSVP and for more information.

Why We Must ALL Strike on September 20

I’ve attended several large community Sept 20 General Strike meetings and a few smaller steering meetings for the strike. I’ve gotten to know most of the members of EarthCare’s Youth United for Climate Crisis Action (YUCCA). I am so impressed with how thoughtful, deliberate, frightened and serious these youth are, something we adults should have been thirty years ago.

But for whatever reasons, we weren’t. Certainly, we were lulled into inaction by political and media leadership who mislead us or failed to take action. But the science was known broadly and so we all own some responsibility for where we are today and what are children and grandchildren face tomorrow.

While some of the smaller details are still being worked out, the plan is to begin assembling at the East end of the Roundhouse at 11:15 on Friday, September 20, the side immediately across from the PRC building. There will be youth speakers, songs, and prayer before we march across the street to the Public Regulation Commission to deliver the message that we expect them to protect our earth and our future by regulating the energy industry with the interests of our earth at the center of that regulation, not the profits of business monopolies whose only interest is profit.

We will then march to the State Land office, which is responsible for oversight and approval of the use of state land, including oversight of leases for extraction of oil. The message will be: do your job and protect our land, not the interests of the gas and oil industry. From there, we will march to the office of the New Mexico Oil & Gas Association (NMOGA), the industry lobbying tool responsible for opposing every piece of legislation that would help chart a path to sustainable, survivable future. I think you can imagine the message we want to send there.

We will then return to the Roundhouse for more songs and a symbolic, entirely legal action that I can’t describe. But should you choose to participate, the image and message it will convey will etch itself inside you for a good long while, hopefully to remind you that the work is not done with a march and a song.

The youth from YUCCA have done their job, now it is time for you to do yours. It is important not just that you come, but that for the next week, you act like community organizers and make it your mission to bring as many of those in your circle of friends and associates to the Roundhouse with you. We need a massive show of force to demonstrate to the Governor, the PRC, the State Land Office and NMOGA that we are serious and we are not going away.

For more information on EarthCare, YUCCA and the General Strike, click here. A great way to spread the word among your Facebook friends is to click on the link to the EarthCare event page and then click share. An option is to invite friends. Your friends will then be listed and you can click as many as you want. For the Facebook event page for the strike where you can also get more info and RSVP (always fun to watch the numbers build), click here.

For more motivation, I have provided two videos, one from last night’s Intercept Livestream featuring Naomi Klein, Greta Thornberg and youth leaders Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Xiye Bastida, and Vic Barrett, as well as Indigenous Amazon leader Tuntiak Katan,  Talk about a stirring group. Below that, just to inspire you, you will find the most motivating six minutes of video I have ever seen, Valarie Kaur exhorting you to push.

The Right to a Future

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  1. More Fakebook activism. This leaves out a good segment of the population. Maybe this would get more traction if there was actual real time “activism.” This is creeping me out. Not one sign or billboard anywhere, and the local media has not mentioned any of it. There is some kind of serious disconnect here, putting all of the eggs in the social media basket. Does it occur to anyone that Fakebook, Google and the rest do not approve of any climate action?

    Fakebook has them al covered, https://www.facebook.com/DonaldTrump/posts/10163114518850725

    I like the link to Putin”s Fakebook page.


    No one paid any attention back in 2014, 2015, and 2016!

  2. The time has come! We all know it. Insanity cannot run the world.

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