A Look Back: Trump, Red Flag Bill, Climate Town Halls & Livestream

Last week, we had s Town Hall on Taking Back the NM Senate, livestreamed statewide, actions related to Trump’s visit to NM, a Livestream today involving a raft of major climate activists, & the NM Sheriff challenge to Red Flag bill.

In brief,

  • Tremendous Climate Crisis Livestream today at 5pm hosted by Intercept senior correspondent Naomi Klein, author of the forthcoming book “On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal,” and headlined by trailblazing climate activist Greta Thunberg, author of “No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference.” Together with youth leaders Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Xiye Bastida, and Vic Barrett, as well as Indigenous Amazon leader Tuntiak Katan, Click here to get to the Intercept page with a link to the livestream.
  • Donate button in the menu bar is fixed. For a few weeks, I’d fielded reports that our donate button didn’t work. So Roxanne and I would test every donate button on the site and they all worked. Finally, three very active volunteers persisted. How could three folks be fouling up the simple act of clicking? They couldn’t. So I got Word Press Chat Technical Support and we figured it out and fixed it. The solution being boring and techy, but it works, so hey….how about making a donation today!!! Click here to do so.
  • Donald is coming to town and we want him to feel most unwelcome. We have two strategies. First we want to help ensure a near empty hall, so we are encouraging people to purchase 2 tickets and then shred them and go to the rally outside. Who knows, if we act soon, we could get a goodly proportion of the damned seating capacity. We’ll keep you posted on plans for outside the venue. Click here to obtain two free tickets for the Trump rally on Monday, September 16. From looking at the venue at Santa Ana Star Center, a 7000 person capacity arena, there is a park immediately adjacent and could be a staging area for protests. My initial thoughts were that it would be good to have 2-3 times as many of us outside as inside. But some activists in Sandoval County met Sunday and this is what they said:
  • The Sandoval Police and Judiciary are apparently very racist. POC seem to think it will be VERY dangerous there. It is very isolated. Do we have to go there or can we do it somewhere else? We all know HE will not see us. 
  • What is our goal with this? There are apparently a lot of armed people out in Sandoval as well and groups of Proud Boy types too. Some thoughtful discussion from others with experience dealing with the safety and security of how to protect vulnerable people would be wise.
  • Your thoughts?

Bernie vs Elizabeth: Two Readers Views

An exchange between several members of Santa Fe Democratic Socialists of America caught my attention for two reasons. First, both people made their points with great respect for the other position and second the ways in which the two captured the subtle but critical differences between the two candidates. I suspect that most readers of this blog would be delighted if either were the Democratic nominee but I thought it worth sharing the perspectives of Alex McDonough and David Best. This post enjoyed a very high open rate and many comments. So if you missed it, please click here. It is actually a very short post.

Link to Livestream of Retake the Senate Presentation & Panel

If you missed the livestream on Tuesday, here is a link to the full presentation and panel discussion. The presentation begins at 32 minutes, 30 seconds. We acknowledge that the sound was tremendous in parts, ok in others, and very challenging at moments, but I think you will get most all of the content. And from everyone who was there, the content was tremendous. Kudos to Eric Shimamoto, Eric Griego, and Jeremy Sment for that.

And we have a fix for the sound quality for the next livestream that will be on Oct. 1. So stay tuned.

New Mexico Sheriff’s Nix Red Flag Legislation in Meeting with the Governor

Sheriffs claim that if Red Flag is passed, they will not enforce it. How is it that if a sheriff feels a law is unconstitutional, they feel they can ignore it and refuse to enforce it? I blame Trump for this. “If I don’t like a law, I ignore it. Tax returns? nope. Court orders? who cares. Regulations? eliminate them. Gun violence prevention? NRA says, not a good idea.” But to be fair, we have asked our local authorities to refuse to cooperate with immigration law. Is there a difference from strictly a legal standpoint, not from a moral one? Click here to read the full post.

Weekend Reading: Democratic Climate Town Hall & Trump Coming to NM

It wasn’t a debate, instead we had no one-minute sound bites, no interruptions, just time for each candidate to lay out their plan to save the planet. We present our reaction and an excellent article by William Rivers Pitt from Truthout. Pitt breaks down each of the ten candidate performances. Without actually giving grades, based upon his commentary, had he given grades, Sanders would have earned an A+, Warren an A and Biden an F. His take on Biden is hilarious, but also sad. And breaking news: Trump is coming to NM Monday the 16th. If you didn’t see the town halls and don’t have time to review the videos for which there are links in the post below, I recommend reading this piece. Very well done from one of my favorite online authors. Click here to read the full post.

Sunday at the Movies: The Democratic Climate Town Hall & a Hilarious Trump Video

We start with some comic relief including the best skewer of Trump ever. I was surprised at how few actually watched this. It is worth 3-4 minutes. We need to laugh and smile too. 😁

Also, details on a Naomi Klein, Greta Thunberg livestream Monday & full video tapes of Warren, Yang, Sanders, Biden and Booker on the CNN Climate crisis. We also provide a link to a site where you can obtain two free tickets to the Trump rally. We are encouraging people to get two tickets and then sadly not be able to make it into the hall as you will be too busy outside “singing songs and carrying sign, mostly sayin’ hooray for our side.” (Cultural reference for those over 60).

I had planned this Sunday’s to be all fun and games, a respite. But I found most of the full top challengers CNN climate town hall discussions on YouTube and thought I should share that as well. But we still inject a bit of levity before diving in. We also a link to the livestream with Naomi Klein, Greta Thunberg and an array of young indigenous activists from Canada, US and the Amazon that will occur on Monday at 5pm MT. Click here to check out the videos.

In solidarity,

Paul and Roxanne

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  1. Paul, we should all let Santa Ana know that we are not happy with their name on this Trump visit. I’m not sure if Santa Anna Has any ownership in the Santa Ana Star Center It may be owned by Rio Rancho and sponsored by Santa Ana. But still Santa Ana has their name on a trump visit and they need to be told what we think about that.

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