Link to Live Stream of Retake Presentation on Retaking the NM State Senate

We will have presentations, a panel discussion and an opportunity for Q&A and possibly group discussion. Hope you can make it.

The livestream tonight will begin at 6:30 and go until 8:30….link provided. Click here to go to the livestream.

On Tuesday, Sept. 3 from 6:30-8:30pm at the Center for Progress & Justice, 1420 Cerrillos, Santa Fe, a presentation, panel discussion and audience dialogue: Retaking the NM State Senate.

If you don’t think this is important, consider this small sampling of good bills that passed the House and then were killed in the NM state Senate.

  • Permanent fund funding for early childhood
  • Decriminalization of abortion
  • Legalization of recreational marijuana
  • Community Solar and Local Choice Energy
  • Two bills to advance planning for an economic and energy transition
  • Any and all efforts to regulate, tax or penalize the gas and oil industry

Tuesday’s meeting will begin with an incredibly eye-opening 45 minute presentation by Eric Shimamoto, an ABQ activist who has done some remarkable research about the way the NM state Senate and indeed, the entire legislative process is controlled by eight DINO Senators who routinely vote with the GOP. He then draws parallels between NM’s situation and how NY had been held hostage by the same exact dynamic with another eight NY DINOs controlling that state’s legislative process. It is a mind blowing presentation and it includes a description of how NY addressed their problem. NY Working Families Party led primary challenges in 2019 in the eight NY state Senate districts with DINOs. With wins in six, NY WFP completely changed the legislative environment in NY and a flood of great bills, some stalled for 20 years, were passed in the 2019 legislative session.

We will follow Eric’s presentation with a panel discussion of the implications of what was done in NY and how NM can learn from it. The panel includes Eric Griego, Director of NM Working Families Party; Jeremy Sment, as ABQ activist with powerful data on the eight NM Senate districts represented by DINOs. Sharla Parsons, chair of the NM Democratic Party Platform Committee and of the Adelante Caucus and Javier Benavidez, an ABQ Interfaith activist may also join the panel. The Panel discussion will be interactive with the audience, as together we seek to better understand how to target resources in pressuring NM DINO Senators in the 2020 legislative session and challenging them in the June primary to follow. Please plan to join us.

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