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Today Stephen Colbert takes on the NRA, Trump, and US inability to address gun violence…one of his best lampoons. Then a look at Tom Steyer, Dem. presidential candidate. And closing with Nick Estes, author of The Red Deal and Our History is the Future.

My View: Roxanne Has a My View Published Today in New Mexican. It is the same piece posted here on Tuesday, focusing on the use of language in political discourse and how easily progressive ideas are framed by conservatives as “radical.” Click here to read it.

Colbert Hilarious on Trump, Gun Violence, Immigration, and Coming Together

We begin with a ten minute monologue from Stephen Colbert where he shreds Donald Trump for his tasteless attempt to play Consoler-in-Chief. In the process he touches on gun violence prevention, Mitch McConnell, and how Trump referenced the tragedy in “Toledo” (instead of Dayton), and potential opponent Joe Biden referenced the tragedies in “Houston” and “Michigan.” You can’t make this up; but at least you can laugh.

Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer appeared on News Hour on Thursday. I had never really paid much attention to his candidacy but both Roxanne and I found his interview refreshing and hope that he forges on. What we found particularly refreshing was his willingness to say “I was wrong then and I’ve spent many years trying to right that wrong.” A politician acknowledging previous mistakes, how rare is that? The clip below is the full PBS News Hour. Steyer’s interview begins at 26:43 and ends at 34:47, so just eight minutes. His voice is worth having in the public debate. Do you agree?

Nick Estes: Our History is the Future

Nick Estes speaks for 20 compelling minutes with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now. The closing line of his book: “For the earth to live, capitalism must die.” This video is an apt introduction to Estes’ indigenous perspective on politics, climate change, and economic justice. A great appetizer for his talk at Collected Works, 202 Galisteo, Santa Fe this Monday, August 12 at 6pm. Estes is also the author of The Red Deal, an indigenous peoples’ plan for the climate crisis. Click here to read The Red Deal.

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  1. I’m planning to attend this eco-socialsim conference Sat Aug24 10a-4p in Albuquerque. Contact me if you’d like a ride.

  2. We ought to be looking at the forces aligned right her in river city.

    I bet they stuck to the East Side, and have no idea there is any poverty of distress here. Of course anyone who is anybody was there. They would not have noticed the panhandlers on the street corners, from their limousines. Perhaps they met a few ‘locals” the hired help, who would have given them a false impression, that things are just great here.

    “Some have expressed dismay that candidates haven’t held public events or required less money to attend their fundraisers. The Buttigieg brunches required a minimum donation of $250, while the Booker event, also private, requires a minimum donation of $500.”

    The real problem here is that they don’t see a problem here.

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