Sunday at the Movies: Methane as a Threat & Opportunity

Methane hearings are coming, so today, we offer a series of short videos on the causes of methane release and methane capture options.

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The chart at left depicts the proportion of sources of methane emissions. Enteric fermentation is what is produced by industrial meat production.

With NM Environment Department and NM Department of Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources jointly holding hearings on proposed methane release starting Monday, we thought that today we’d offer up a series of short videos to orient readers to all things methane. So, below you will find:

  • A basic Methane 101 in two minutes from the Environmental Defense Fund
  • The Hidden Cost of Hamburgers in 7 minutes…and very interesting
  • What If the World Went Vegetarian? 4 minutes
  • Watch Methane Release through High-Tech Cameras 40 seconds
  • Arctic Methane Release….a Frightening Two Minutes

Before links to the videos, an information about how you can raise your voice about methane release in NM and the goal to reduced methane release in NM by 45 percent just announced by the Governor.

Events and Actions. Hearings have been schedule around the state following Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s Executive Order that directs state agencies to develop comprehensive, statewide methane rules and to work together to reduce 45 percent of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Methane hearings will be held on July 29 in Farmington , July 30 in Albuquerque and August 7 in Carlsbad. Click here for more information on these hearings. You will land on the Events & Actions page and the info on the methane hearings is at the end of that page of events. Information includes times and locations of Sierra Club-sponsored briefings prior to each of the three hearings, to prepare people to make comment during the hearings. I have not seen a notice for how individuals may offer public comment, but I imagine such an opportunity will be published soon.

Methane 101

This two minute video from the Environmental Defense Fund is an excellent primer on how fracking causes methane release and the importance of methane capture.

How does industrial meat production contribute to methane production?

How the Meat Industry Produces Methane & How We Can Reduce These Emissions

What If the World Went Vegetarian?

Short video on the impact of individuals changing eating habits from meat to dairy.

What Methane Release Looks Like Through High-Tech Cameras

This video presents in just 45 seconds what methane looks like through high tech cameras like the ones Rep. Holland and Rep. Lujan used when visiting Chaco Canyon as part of the recent US Congressional hearings held in Santa Fe.

How Arctic Methane Release Could be “Apocalyptic”

Humans have options for reversing all of the above….with the will… but I haven’t seen a plan for arctic methane release and the implications are pretty frightening.

In solidarity,

Paul and Roxanne

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  1. Please note that the Albuquerque meeting is Tuesday, 30 July.

  2. The media has not covered the Arctic Methane Release, scientists have know about this for a long time. As the Arctic warmed, the release of methane from the permafrost has been pretty scary. British media did cover it, years ago.

    Here is how they offset the story, Nothing to see here folks, the bacteria will eat it all up. Then we have the Methane Blowholes,

    The oceans are full of Methane Hydrates too, As the oceans warm this source of methane will add to the atmospheric methane.

    In the meantime here in New Mexico, they are getting closer to opening the Copper Flat Mine.

    The mine will be very close to the Rio Grande River, and arroyos and drainage lead from the mine, directly into the Rio Grande. These mines use very little labor, meaning the potential jobs they are advertising is misleading. Local politicians are seeing dollar signs,

    A drive through Silver City and the nearby town of Hurley, show the real economic negative effects of these massive mines. Very little of the wealth stays in the community.

  3. It’s been a couple days since the Rio Grande chapter of the Sierra Club sent out an email stating that Retake our Democracy and New Energy Economy had misrepresented its position related to PNM.

    The silence has been deafening.

    I have recently received a communication from making it clear that they do not support nuclear energy generation in any way and would be contacting their New Mexico chapter on this.

    Camilla Feibelman stated on behalf of the Sierra Club that if PNM couldn’t use the Palo Verde nuclear power, it would simply sell it to someone else leading to increased use of gas generation from existing gas generators or from new (not yet existing) gas plants.???

    If new gas plants could be built to fill the gap, why couldn’t new solar and wind generating plants instead fill that gap?

    CCAE’s concern is that the most likely outcome isn’t a choice between nuclear and natural gas, it’s a choice between nuclear and nuclear-plus-gas. What? Why aren’t renewables even included in the equation? Am I missing something here? Would someone else please speak to this?

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