A Look Back At How to Democratize Our Economy, Deplorable Conditions at Detention Centers & a Call to Action

The usual Monday reflection on a week of posts with information on events in ABQ, Taos, Estancia, Embudo and Santa Fe, plus information about how you can plug in, raise your voice and advocate for justice in NM.

Events, Actions & Opportunities

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  • Monday, July 8 in Taos, a Community Meeting & Dialog About Retake Our Democracy’s Report Card on the 2019 Legislative Session, to be released this week.
  • Friday, July 12, Vigils Across the State
  • Comments Due by Wednesday, July 10 on Deforestation Efforts in the Santa Fe National Forest Plan to Remove 90% of trees on 21,000 acress of public land–details
  • Saturday, July 20 in ABQ, Red Nation Protest of Leasing of 40,000 Acres of Stolen Navajo Land
  • July 23, 7pm-9pm, Retake Our Democracy in Embudo Valley
  • Aug 6, 6:30-8::30 Retake Our Democracy Organizing Meeting in Santa Fe

For details on all these events, click here.

A Look Back At Democratizing the Economy, Deplorable Conditions in Detention Centers, Opportunities for Volunteers and Video on the US Policy in Central America

If I had time for only one post from last week, I’d make sure to review the post immediately below, A New Vision for Democratizing the Economy. Retake Our Democracy has devoted a good deal of time to examining the political and economic conditions that undermine with will of the majority, but it is also important to clarify what might be possible, the alternatives to how we organize our society politically and economically. In A New Vision for Democratizing the Economy we begin to examine just that. We will go  into more depth over the coming weeks, but feel that this is a good entrance point for that examination.  If that inspires you, I’d recommend taking a good look at the Saturday post as it outlines Retake Our Democracy’s goals, strategies and the action teams where volunteers can plug in and make a difference.

New Vision for Democratizing the Economy

Tuesday, July 2.  We begin a series of posts that articulate a vision forward, a path to a more democratic economy, revisiting a recurrent theme of Retake’s blog–the need to explore and ultimately develop entirely new economic and political systems, essentially democratizing our economy, the workplace, and our democracy. Reminder of Retake’s organizing meeting tonight. Details.  Click here to read the full post..

Government Report Cites Deplorable Conditions in Detention Centers. Nationwide Vigils Set for July 12

Thursday, July 4. A government report found detainees forced to stand 24-7 for over a week in cages too crowded for anyone to sit, children under one year old detained for weeks, separated from parents and siblings. The report provides citations from the government’s own report and from a pediatrician who described the centers as “torture facilities.”  Photos & 3 powerful videos included. Click here to read the full post.

Call to Action: Bills and Candidates to Support and Retake Our Democracy Has a Plan

Saturday, July 6. After the legislative session, Retake Our Democracy leadership revisited its purpose, goals, strategies and the action teams that  could support the work in 2019-20. We are poised, focused, organized and ready to get to work. We have 30 volunteers who consistently attend our monthly meetings, but now we need to include more of you. Details. There is much to do. Click here to read the full post.

Sunday at the Movies:  Two Noam Chomsky Videos on How US Policy Has Created the Conditions in Central America Leading to Migrant Exodus

Sunday 7, 2019.  Post includes link to My View in Taos News that profiles Retake Our Democracy and its Report Card on the 2019 Legislative Session. As is the habit on Sundays, we also provide two vidoes from Noam Chomsky on how US policy has fomented the conditions that cause thousands of Central Americans to flee their homelands.  The first video is a five minute appetizer and the other a 60 minute feast. Click here to review the full post and the two videos on US Central American policy.



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  1. Very important to comment on the Santa Fe forest landscape resiliency plan by the 10th. Come to city hall Wednesday at 7pm. Correction: 21 acres will be thinned but 40+ acres will be burned. Do we want this for our air, soil, creatures, and lives of all forms??

  2. My comment is here: http://www.pmpress.org/productsheets/pm_titles/on%20community%20civil%20disobedience.pdf

    I am willing to read this book together with a few others.

    Retake could also invite Democracy School to SF. It would be a good beginning for personal decolonization to begin our personal liberalization from the grip of our capitalist culture, the system we want to change that we carry in us. We need to stop seeking change in others and begin with us, our communities and our city.

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