Sunday at the Movies with Noam Chomsky Discussing How US Policy Contributes to the Mass Exodus from Central America


Today, we provide two videos, one just five minutes and the other a full hour. The shorter version can provide a brief introduction to US policy in Central America focusing on the current migrant exodus, but if you want the full flavor, a one hour Chomsky talk covers the history of US intervention in Latin America and its social, economic and environmental impact on the region. Also included is a link to a 700 word op-ed in the Taos News on the publication of Retake’s Report Card and Retake community meeting in Taos tomorrow evening.

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As is our habit, we offer up Sunday at the Movies and this week, we present both a short and longer version of how US policy has been the primary contributing factor in the economic instability in Central America and the exodus of 
people fleeing local conditions. It is important that all of us understand what has generated the flood of asylum seekers flowing from Central America. We will hear again and again, how they are gang members or coming to take jobs from middle class Americans. These two talks offer us a bit more context.


Vigils In Protest of Asylum Seeker Detention

Lights for Liberty:  A Vigil to End Human Detention.  Eastside of Roundhouse, Across from PERA Building. Santa Fe. Friday, July 12, 7:30pm-9pm.   Click here for more information and to RSVP.

Click here for more information on vigils in Taos, Estancia and ABQ.

Taos News My View on Retake Our Democracy.  Roxanne and I are holding a Community Meeting in Taos at the Democratic Party of Taos County office, at 729 Paseo del Pueblo Sur, Taos. We will be previewing the Report Card, outlining our three action strategies and listening to local activists to find out more about local issues, challenges and opportunities. I was asked to write a My View for the Taos News to introduce the broader Taos Community to Retake Our Democracy, our Report Card and our strategies. The My View was published Wednesday July 3.   Click to read the full My View.


Noam Chomsky begins at 2 minutes in and speaks for 5 minutes about how US policy in Central America is a major contributing factor to the exodus from Central America.

If the five minutes of Noam Chomsky whet your appetite, here is the main course, a one hour fifteen minute talk on the history of US imperialist policies and interventions. If you have never listened to Chomsky, his grasp of the details of history and how they connect is simply remarkable. Pour some coffee and enjoy.


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