A Look Back at Naomi Klein, Two Democratic Debates, a Powerful Human Look at Immigration & Another Corporate Lie

Taylor Oil estimated its 2004 Gulf of Mexico leak to be less than 3 gallons a day, but a Government Report indicates they were off by 100 to 1000%. Oops. Plus, a look back at a week of video, commentary and polling related to the Democratic debates, and a really powerful post that captures the human side of asylum seekers, how our government’s “welcomes” them, and the s/heroes offering support.

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Retake Our Democracy Community Organizing Meeting, Tuesday, July 2, 6:30-8:30pm at 1420 Cerrillos Rd., Santa Fe. We are advancing our plans to advocate at the Interim Hearings, and to activate four action teams that will  expand research efforts, launch outreach and organizing statewide, initiate a sustained media and marketing campaign, and clarify the scope of work of a climate action team. If you wonder how you can most effectively raise your voice on state issues, this would be a good meeting for you.  Please RSVP by emailing paul@RetakeOurDemocracy.org. 

More Lies from Fossil Fuel Industry. In a recent post, Retake summarized a 40-year history of the corporatocracy doing all it could to misinform the world about the impact of one product or process after another. Yesterday, another instance of corporate lies was revealed. Once again, it was the fossil fuel industry lying, about Taylor Oil’s Gulf of Mexico spill caused by a hurricane fifteen years ago. Shortly after the spill had been identified and “repaired,” Taylor estimated that less than three gallons a day of oil was leaking. Well, they were off by between 100 and 1000%, as a Federal government report is now indicating that that leak is between 380 and 4,500 gallons a day. Taylor was also wrong about the source of the continuing leaks. Click here to read the full report.

A Look Back At Naomi Klein’s Advice, Two Democratic Primary Debates with Video Highlights, and a Powerful, Human Look at Asylum Seekers at the NM Border

The week was dominated by the Democratic Party debates. It is worth noting that at this time four years ago, there were a dozen GOP candidates with Trump at the bottom of the list, obtaining only 1% support in polling. So, what the polls reflect today may have very little to do with what they report in six or eight months. Nonetheless, the debates did provide a reasonably meaningful opportunity to meet the 2020 Democratic candidates. With one more debate with all 20 on the stage, the format won’t change, nor will the sort of sound-bite driven forum. But as the field is narrowed to 6-8, future debates may better approximate a true debate with longer responses from each candidate, each having time to respond on the same issue.

Given that there is much more time left to the campaign, if you have time to read just one post, I recommend Two Shameful Tales and Two Courageous Acts of Opposition. This report links to a very close and human look at the asylum crisis at the border written very artfully by Kay Matthews.  It also includes a brief piece on a Sunrise Movement protest at DNC headquarters.

Naomi Klein:  Forget Bernie Versus Warren; Focus on Beating Biden

Tuesday, June 25. Centrist Democrats and Wall St. would like NOTHING more than to see Warren and Sanders’ camps go at it, debilitating each others’ campaigns. Naomi Klein’s message: We can’t let that happen. The 1%, the corporatocracy and the centrist wing of the DP realize that either candidate represents a legitimate threat to them, so the battle is not Warren vs. Sanders, but both vs Biden. Click here to read the full post. Since posting this report the debates have occurred and the media is replete with reports on how progressives or the left wing of the Democratic Party dominated the debates, sending off alarms among more centrist Democrats.

Two Shameful Tales and Two Courageous Acts of Opposition

Thursday, June 27. Two separate issues: the DNC’s refusal to hold a climate change debate and a NM private prison housing asylum seekers in squalor. Plus, the inspiring responses from a 23-year old Sunrise Movement activist, risking arrest at a DNC meeting and a 95 year-old ABQ activist who just ended her 7-day hunger strike. Plus, Leger de Fernandez wins the Emily List endorsement for the battle for Congressional District III and  thoughts on on Mitch Buszek’s untimely passing.. Click here to read the full post.

“My Time Is Up” May Haunt Biden Until He Relents & Withdraws. Harris and Buttigieg Soar

Saturday, June 29. We reprise the best and worst of the debates and offer some commentary on the implications. We also provide a reader’s extremely astute commentary on the debates, the media, Bernie, Biden, Harris, electric cars, and more. The comment includes some very subtle observations worth your review.  Click here to read the full post.

Sunday at the Movies: Video Highlights of Biden, Bernie, Buttigieg, Harris, Castro and More

Sunday, June 30. Did you miss the debates?  We got you covered.  In addition to video clips from Debate I and II and Stephen Colbert’s hit on Debate II, we provide a fascinating US map depicting the most prevalent languages spoken in each state not including English and Spanish. Senator Martinez arrested for aggravated DWI. Post debate polls show a significant 10% Biden slide and a corresponding 10% Harris surge. Click here to read the full post and to watch the debate highlights.

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