Sunday at the Movies: Video Highlights of Harris, Biden, Bernie, Buttigieg, Castro and More

Did you miss the debates?  We got you covered.  In addition to video clips from Debate I and II and Stephen Colbert’s hit on Debate II, we provide a fascinating US map depicting the most prevalent languages spoken in each state not including English and Spanish. Senator Martinez arrested for aggravated DWI. Post debate polls show Biden slide, Harris surge.

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Sen. Richard Martinez Arrested for Aggravated DWI.  One of eight NM state Senators to vote no on HB 51, the bill that would have decriminalized abortion, Sen. Martinez was arrested on aggravated DWI after crashing into the car in front of him. Sen. Martinez had been considered relatively safe from primary or general election challenges, but when combined with his vote on HB 51 and the DWI, that may change. Stay tuned.

First Post Poll Results Show Harris Surge, Biden Slide.  Harris surged 9% moving her into third place just one percent behind Bernie and one percent in front of Warren, Biden slid 10% tightening gap between the leader and everyone else. Click here to read the polling. Another poll released this morning showed more modest shifts. It is so early, though. Thanks to Robert Baroody who pointed out that at this time four years ago, Trump was in last place with 1% in a crowded field of Republicans.

Retake Our Democracy Community Organizing Meeting, Tuesday, July 2, 6:30-8:30pm at 1420 Cerrillos. We are advancing our plans to advocate at the Interim Hearings, and to activate four action teams that will  expand research efforts, launch outreach and organizing statewide, initiate a sustained media and marketing campaign and clarify the scope of work of a climate action team. If you wonder how you can most effectively raise your voice on state issues, this would be a good meeting for you.  Please RSVP by emailing 

Who knew?  Some real surprises in the map below. It captures the predominant language spoken in each of our states, after English and Spanish.

Highlights From Debate I 5 minutes:  Castro challenges Beto, “You should have done your homework.” DeBlasio on immigratns being blamed for working families’ struggles (powerful), Warren on healthcare, and the insurance and pharma industries and Medicare for All.

Highlights from Debate II. 5 minutes 48 Seconds  Harris food fight comment, Swalwell “torches” biden, Bernie takes on Wall St., Harris Hickenlooper and Williamson on immigration, Buttigieg defends his decisions in South Bend police shooting, and a portion of the Kamala-Biden race exchange.

My Time Is Up.  4 minutes. While you got a snippet of the Harris Biden exchange above, this provides the full back and forth. In reviewing this a second time, it seemed to me that Biden did a better job of fending off Sen. Harris’ comments, but Biden also exposed himself as being on the wrong side of history in invoking states rights.  Agree? Disagree?  What do you think?

Bernie and Biden on Iraq (2 minutes)

We offer up Stephen Colbert’s monologue just to give you something to smile about. Roxanne and I have found his monologues to be the most inciteful and humorous of the late night commentary.




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  1. I just hope that whoever gets the Dem nomination, the progressives can get it together to support that candidate.

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