A Sunday Triple Feature: The End of Kings, The End of Sen. Clemente Sanchez & Saturday’s Retake Podcast

This past week, the blog focused on how the unseen hands of the 1% have grown to control almost everything. Today we offer two short videos that offer hope for action, one focused more generally about taking on “the kings” and the second brings this message home to NM as Steve Cabiedes opines on Sen. Clemente Sanchez in a very witty 20 minute video and a bonus link to the podcast.

Happy Father’s Day to All You Dad’s Out There.

Link to Yesterday’s Full Retake Our Democracy Podcast on KSFR.  Today we offer up two videos that each in their own way offer a path forward, a way that those who are “woke” can take action to challenge the status quo. Plus we offer up the link to the full podcast for yesterday’s Retake Our Democracy radio show, a solo show that really examined the themes of the past week’s blogs: how has it come to pass that the values and priorities that many have shared for decades has been marginalized and ignored and how has the agenda of the 1% become the “practical” way to get things done?  And what forces are working together to thwart us even now, as progressivism becomes more mainstream and the urgency for change so strongly reinforced by the looming climate catastrophe?  It is worth a listen. Click here to catch the full podcast.

The first six minute video describes well how we have evolved to our current state, with the 1% firmly in control of …well of damned near everything.  Everything except information. They have their Fox, but we have our Democracy Now, Truthout, The Nation, and many other sources of information that free our minds. The video is short on specifics as to how we free ourselves of the unseen kings who rule us and so we add a second video from someone I’ve never heard of, Steve Cabiedes who has just launched a youtube site, the Duopoly.  In this video, Steve offers a very amusing rebuttal to Sen Clemente Sanchez’ recent op-ed accusing the “extremists” in the Democratic Party of splintering the party and emboldening the opposition. Sanchez is one of the eight DINO Senators who voted NO on HB 51 Abortion Decriminalization and in his op-ed he was defending the sanctity of that moderate block of Democrats who voted no on HB 51.  But Steve Cabiedes takes on Sanchez for far more than his vote on HB 51. Cabiedes shreds Sanchez op-ed and then takes on Jeff Apodaca who tried to defend Sanchez. Cabiedes is a new face in NM political discourse and very refreshing.  Check it out both videos below.

And have a great Father’s Day.

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  1. Absolutely loved Steve Cabiedes Duopoly Report on Clemente Sanchez. What he describes and dissects in relation to our New Mexico so-called moderate representatives, (DINOS), is of course playing out on a national level, too. I’m hoping he might be a future guest on Paul’s weekly radio show. And speaking of the show, I finally found my way to the podcast and listened to the interview with Maggie Toulouse Oliver. I would encourage others who may have not yet heard it to do so. I have to admit to being a bit of a Luddite. Paul’s blog is the first I have ever subscribed to. Wanted to “Like” Steve’s piece but was stopped short by creating a WordPress account. It’s frustrating not understanding the ins and outs of today’s digital world. It may not be that baby boomers are not progressive. We’ve just missed the cyber train.

  2. Pardon me for adding to my previous comment on the Clemente Sanchez piece. Today I discovered something of interest in a report disseminated around May 25th on the influence of the NRA in many NM county sheriffs refusing to adhere to new state gun violence protection ordinance(s). The Brady Campaign received 1,615 pages of documents showing coordination between the NRA and county sheriffs. The New Mexico Sheriffs Association President, Tony Mace, sent an email to Senator Clemente Sanchez stating, “The sheriff is the CEO of all courts in his/her county and can easily strike down any court ruling or verdict as he see fit. The Sheriff has more power in his County than the President of the United States of America.” “The Constitutional Sheriff…will then attend to the straight lawful business of arresting each and every Judge, Prosecuting Attorney, BAR Attorney and any Police officer who has violated our Rights on charges of treason and conspiracy.” (the capitalization shown is Tony Mace’s) WOW! Pretty alarming stuff. One might wonder why a county sheriff would be sending such a communication to a state Senator.

    • Please know the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Movement was a creation of the Koch Brother funded, Americans for Prosperity group the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. (CSPOA). It started in Illinois but has spread rapidly through the Blue Western States. Its is nothing but overreach and based on an unconstitutional assumption that Sheriff’s as the only mentioned law enforcement form in the US Constitution have full and absolute authority in their jurisdictions. This has been tested in the courts. It is a regressive position by the Tea Party and Freedom Party and those who are Constitutional Literalists. The activation of this movement was a reaction to the Immigrant Sanctuary Movement, a backlash, to identify and recruit gun owners to the Republican party in states Trump lost in 2016. See this only as a political campaign — one of several stealth efforts funded by the Koch Bros. It has nothing to do with Gun Rights – and everything to do with confusing gun owners (fooled for decades by the corrupt NRA — and voters.

      • Thanks, Cristy. This is yet another instance of just crazy influence from behind the curtain.

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