Sunday at the Movies, Week Two: Revenue William Barber Takes off Where Winona LaDuke Left Off

He needs no introduction and given it is Sunday, Retake hands the pulpit over to Reverend Barber who challenges Christians to follow their love for life beyond when a child is born and challenges us to make a moral stand and fight for our planet, the poor, and the refugees and our future. He is on fire, as usual.So many folks asked us to continue Sunday at the movies, that we will do so going forward.

With no further adieu: the Rev is in the house.  He calls for a new moral leadership and points out evidence that “something is happening.” The Rev is always worth your time.  And while I always find his talks a bit too embedded in Christian theology, he always ties that theology to current challenges. By the end of the talk he has the entire audience on their feet and waving their arms..

I got a question from Devin Bent yesterday about how do we turn New Mexico around when we have a governor who clearly intends to drill for gas and oil until it is no longer profitable and will protect gas and oil to ensure it remains profitable. He asked how do change this state in the face of that kind of attitude> I extrapolated from that to say that there are a 1000 jurisdictions just like NM that take the same exact attitude: we are a small piece in this puzzle but we badly need the revenue, so we aren’t going to change. And when you add up the 1000 jurisdictions all making their contributions to climate change it becomes a very large problem. I still had no answer, but I think that some form of revolution is at the core of what must occur. I am reminded of another reader’s constant comment closer:  revolution or extinction. And if we are going to achieve that revolution, it just may come from the kind of moral revival called for by Rev. Barber.




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