Fox News: Scary Characterization of our Energy Crisis, Plus Xochitl’s Hand In Produced Water and 30 Second Promo from NM Frackers

I thought I was reading The Onion. Today we examine the kind of drivel that passes for journalism at Fox News–a diatribe on AOC, the Green New Deal and New Mexico who apparently passed the Green New Deal last session without public input, forcing us to utilize far more expensive renewables and forego far cheaper gas and oil. I’d love to see their math. But this is what America reads.The New Mexico Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC). I don’t know if you remember the NMOGA commercials with Krista M. from Farmington telling us about fracking and how our water is safe, as her daughter runs her hands through crystal clear Farmington water? Krista is also a fracking engineer.  And she is a member of the WQCC. She is probably not the only member that we should be concerned about.  With the Oil Conservation Division (headed by a former exec with Marathon Oil), the WQCC is the other half of the regulating bodies mentioned in HB 546 with jurisdiction over “produced” water. One of our members, Mike Neas, has been tracking the WQCC and was the only person to offer public comment at the last WQCC meeting where spoke of his concern about the use of produced water in agriculture. To view the 30 second NMOGA TV ad, scroll to the bottom of the post.

Xochitl Torres Small:  The Source Behind HB 546?  The source of Nathan Small’s HB 546 recycled produced water bill came from a paper written by CD-2 US House Rep. (and wife of NM House Rep. Nathan Small) Xochitl Torres Small in 2015 as a law student at UNM. The paper is quite dense but does provide a good description of the produced water issue and efforts to regulate the recycling of toxic water derived from fracking. To be clear, while Retake would much prefer our energies were devoted to developing an transition from economic reliance on fossil fuel revenue and ceasing fracking operations altogether, there is good reason for finding ways to reduce water use by fracking operations and treating and “recycling” frack waste water for use in future fracking operations would reduce overall water use by the industry. And the bulk of Torres-Small’s article focuses on ways in which technology advances and a regulatory environment that encourages water recycling, could reduce overall water use by the industry (a good thing, I guess).
The regulatory system should address a broad range of stakeholder concerns by incentivizing continuous technology development, establishing rules that are predictable and easy to enforce, and increasing water recycling in water scarce regions. This article considers multiple regulatory tools to create such a program and presents a proposal that leverages the relative strengths of these tools.”
But Retake has serious concerns about use of produced water for agricultural purposes and Small’s article clearly paves the way for and applauds that use    Click here to read her article.
With the right investments, farmers and governments could adapt technology from oil and gas to create cleaner water for farming. Cleaner water also produces more, better quality crops. The hybrid program would bring significant benefit to farmers, which could garner support from the agricultural community and make the program politically feasible.”

We are not ready to pile on Rep Torres Small for a paper written four years ago calling for a pilot program to test recycling produced water. Reducing water use is a good thing, but we need to be vigilant, as the inclusion of agriculture as one possible use for produced water raised alarms, and apparently for good reason. To read about how Encore Green Environmental Group is in the permitting process for using produced water on 3000 acres of NM farmland, click here.

Fox News: Imagine Being Fed This Nonsense 24-7. No Wonder Trump Followers Can Buy This Administration

I should have foreseen what was coming when the first sentence described the Green New Deal as “forced veganism” and “banning airplanes.” Daniel Turner, the Fox correspondent, goes on to describe how left leaning legislators in NM, who are funded by radical green organizations, has now passed our state’s Green New Deal. In case you missed this bill even being introduced, the article is referring to SB 489.  You’ll be surprised to hear that this bill was passed without community input and that it will: “will force the elimination of low-cost energy sources and mandate high-cost renewables. Send the bill to customers. Say it’s ‘for the earth’ and voila, green energy companies get rich.”  There is so much wrong with this sentence it belies belief, except in the unchallenged echo chamber of Fox News, viewers hear “high-cost renewables” and they believe it. They here “low-cost energy” (fossil-fuel based energy) and they believe it. But while that may have been true 10 years ago, today renewables are far cheaper than gas and oil. And I am pretty sure the author knows this.

The article goes on to describe how the Governor, Secretary of the Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources, Secretary Sarah Cottrell Propst had sought input on SB 489 from radical green groups like Interwest where Propst had once worked. Again, this is cringe-worthy if it weren’t written as God’s truth. The real truth is that those at the table throughout the 18 months that the bill was in development were NMOGA and PNM who helped craft the bill. Turner failed to mention their involvement.

The Fox article is rife with histrionic claims about how politicians are being funded with huge donations from radical green groups while the truth is just the opposite. It is NMOGA and the fossil fuel industry that is making the massive contributions and running the show. Recall that it was PNM who provided $440,000 in funding in its failed effort to re-elect Sandy Jones to the Public Regulation Commission. Somehow this was not reported in the Fox article. Indeed, as I read the article I found myself only wishing much of it were true as it painted a picture of green movement in complete control, driving policy and legislation. Of course, it also characterizes the green movement as hell-bent on destroying economies, depriving Americans of good-paying jobs, and foisting exorbitantly expense renewable energy on an unsuspecting public when a fair market would choose the far cheaper fossil fuel based energy. The article identifies the motivation of the green movement as being to make green energy investors rich failing to mention the reason the inconvenient truth of climate change as the real motivator. While not stating it, the article seems to have no problem with the billions and billions of profit made by the gas and oil barons over the last century.

It is important that we periodically review the messaging coming from Fox, to better understand our opposition. When we start our canvassing efforts, especially in CD-2, we will want to understand and be able to counter arguments that go unquestioned in the world of Fox. To read the full article, click here.

For more rose colored views of life with fracking, take 30 seconds to view the 30-second New Mexico Oil and Gas Association TV promo featuring a member of the Water Quality Control Commission member and her daughter frolicking in the crystal clear Farmington stream.

In solidarity,

Paul & Roxanne





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  1. Thanks for the deep dig into the background of HB 546 and the XTS paper. As you said, it’s dense (whew!). That said, it’s neither a blank check for abusing the system with produced water nor a roadblock to its recycling, but rather a nuanced look at alternatives and their impact.

    But now that we’re here in 2019, it’s time for the State to do the basic research very transparently (hello, NMSU?). With many plant species, especially grasses, capable of sequestering heavy metals at significant levels, pollutants in produced water could be amplified through the food chain resulting in a contaminated food supply. With environmental regulations and their enforcement being weakened at the national level, NM must absolutely ensure that our agricultural industry is not being sacrificed on the altar of cheap oil and gas fracking.

  2. I have been tracking the opposition for years. It is like opposite world, and too many people are still being confused by it. Of course faux news is one of the worst offenders, but mass media outlets like CNN and MSNBC are running impactful ads dressed up as public service information, funded by the oil and gas industry, big pharma and other corporate interests. Even NPR and PBS are running deceptive corporate advertising. These are the influences our corporate democrats are under, it is pretty easy to see how they are being misled, beguiled and distracted.

    It looks like advertising and marketing even on the local level are not being scrutinized enough, if at all.

    Today, I came across this,

    This is the level of insanity and hysteria, at the national level. I watched the prescription drug hearings and the level of hysteria and grandstanding there too, was beyond the pale. One republican broke down in tears and stormed out. His ire was directed at AOC and anyone questioning the obscene profits. The mass media separates the fact that we all pay for this, even on the local level.

    There was a horrific event in Clovis, NM.–LvvM3H-6rQ/
    It looks like “spreading awareness” at the direction of big pharma, is not working. Police in Santa Fe have similar attitudes and have been protected by the DA;s office, but no one cares.

    The good news is that Bernie is going after Walmart, a topic that is off limits here in NM.

    • I appreciate your comments and that you offer and that you provide links. I will save this comment to my blog folder. Thanks so much

  3. HI Paul n Roxanne. As I watched Xochitl doing her TV ads, I wondered how this well-spoken, well-educated, attractive southern female would stand up to the heat of the redneck Foxers in the south and east. Now Las Cruces took her over the top, but I notice via news stories that she is having to stake out some lonely territory in the House, not being able to really hang with either the Pelosi cabal or the Progressive caucus. Heinrich has been vocal in giving her support, but that does not give me any comfort. I am wary of Heinrich due to many of his fence-straddling postures. Maybe you could get Tom to hover over her for awhile.

    As to the frack water: there are federal ‘laws’ (hah) that prohibit any member of the public from gaining knowledge of the contents of said fluid. National security, I guess. So, logically, how will anyone know what the ‘treated’ or ‘cleaned’ water actually contains, since it will still be ‘fracked’ fluid? Now I have read, in scientific papers, that the ingredients are manifold, complex chemically, require very elaborate engineering and science to detoxify, which, by default, means very expensive, and still be unknown as to purity, since no one can know what was in it in the first place?

    This talk is nothing more than a Straw Man.

    As to 1984 and Faux Nudes, there is nothing new under this Sun. You could write down every single human behavior on legos, then throw them on the floor. Any block you pick up will be defined by psychological conditioning. Pavlov and others have clearly shown any lie can be made true, and desired behavior can be maneuvered into existence and repetition by conditioning. Where does the tapeworm in the white house get its ideas? Faux Nudes conditioning. Big Brother IS the media, and the simplest and easiest media to supplant critical thinking is mindless fear, sex, scandal, T and A, righteous anger, hyperbole, indignation, name calling, insults and gas lighting. Remember your schoolyard days.

    When you want to control thoughts, KISS. We, as a various and sundry group of widely curious and behaviorally diverse folk, know that we do not need to be cloned to think clearly and logically. But we are not on the same planet as 30 percent of the human population of the us of a. We have one choice, actually, a cloned choice. Learn to defy their every move, and massively out-vote them. WE have to use the same conditioning tactics on ourselves, and the same de-programming tactics on them.

    Newspeak, double think. We went to college. We can do this. Or else. Debauchery, anyone?

    Mick Nickel

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