A Look Back at Our Use of Plastics, New Energy Economy’s Petition at the PRC (PNM again) and Immigration & Asylum Seekers

We continue to accept, sort and deliver supplies to ABQ Asylu m Seekers, but last week we also covered analysis of how low-income children & families did in the 2019 Roundhouse session, how markets may go plastic free, NEE’s petition to stop PNM from purchasing 10% equity in Palo Verde Nuclear, and more.

Asylum Seeker Relief.  The City and Santa Fe Community Foundation are still sorting out how to establish a system for collecting, sorting and delivering supplies to organizations supporting Asylum Seekers in Las Cruces and Albuquerque and so, our drop off at New Energy Economy remains operative. You can drop off desired goods from 9:30am-5pm on Mon-Fri at 343 E Alameda, Santa Fe.  But please, please only deliver goods on the list we have provided. Click here to see the most current list (Saturday morning) and also ways you can make financial contributions. Note also, that while the Asylum Seekers are receiving most of the attention, there are thousands of immigrants living in our communities who need our support. The best way to provide that support is by making a financial contribution to  Somos Un Pueblo Unido and Santa Fe Dreamers. Click those links to make a contribution to these organizations..These organization protecting our Santa Fe immigrants from continuing ICE raids that divide families and deport our neighbors and they offer immigration advocacy services throughout the state. They are heroes.

Sorter Needed Badly.  It is hard to predict how many folks will continue to drop off supplies, but while we have five or six volunteer drivers, we could really use someone to go to New Energy Economy this afternoon or tomorrow morning to spend a few hours sorting what is there. We want to deliver these goods organized and with unwanted items removed from our delivery.  If you have 2-3 hours you can devote to this important task, please write to me at paul@retakeourdemocracy.org.

Volunteers Needed in ABQ.  Catholic Charities could also use volunteers to help at the distribution site at 820 Broadway, SE. ABQ.  We have hundreds of ABQ supporters, hopefully a few of you will find time to help out the volunteers who are sorting and distributing the tons of supplies being donated regionally.

Report on Democratic Party of NM, State Central Committee Convention. Four hundred Democrats descended on Cleveland High School in Rio Rancho for the 2019 Democratic Party Convention. In addition to electing the State Chair (Marg Elliston) and Vice Chair (Marcus Porter) and other leadership positions, the State Central Committee voted on a series of resolutions including a nearly unanimous vote to notify the Democratic National Committee that New Mexico Democrats oppose the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committees current practice of banning any campaign experts who support Democrats challenging incumbent Democrats. This is a heinous practice that forces principled campaign strategists whose livelihood depends upon continued work with Democratic Party candidates to risk their professional careers to work with generally younger more progressive candidates who oppose conservative Dems in the primary.  This results in Democrats in Name Only holding on to seats, voting with the GOP, and opposing policies like a woman’s right to decide on issues of their own healthcare; universal access to healthcare, a living wage, etc. It also stifles young progressive Democrat candidates from joining the Blue Wave of newly elected House Reps who are largely younger, female, more diverse.

Democrats also approved by acclamation support for the Green New Deal and heard from the two current Democratic candidates for Udall’s Senate seat, Maggie Toulouse Oliver and Ben Ray Lujan, both of whom strongly endorsed the Green New Deal. While we still have a long ways to go in moving NM to embrace and implement truly progressive policies, particularly in relation to energy, it is a mark of significant progress that the SCC so strongly opposed the DNC’s policy and embraced the Green New Deal. These are actions that even just 2-3 years ago would have sparked contentious debate, but yesterday passed almost without any opposition.  Coming on the heals of the 2019 Roundhouse session with so many good bills passed into law (see Saturday’s blog below), we are clearly making progress. Onward.

A Look Back at Last Week’s Posts

I’d say if you have time only to review one or two posts below, check out the Sunday post at the bottom of the page as it offers a good summary of a very informative Immigration panel. Even if you have been an immigration rights advocate for some time, you may find new insights there as to how best to leverage our resources in support of local immigrants and those seeking asylum, a very informative post. I think that the Tuesday post about plastics offers a glimpse as to how grocery stores could significantly reduce our use of plastics and the Saturday post includes very uplifting information from NM Voices for Children in their report on the legislative session and how it significantly addressed the needs of low-income children and families. That post also includes a link to Saturday’s radio show, an excellent 45 minute interview with NM Voices’ Bill Jordan. Click here to get to the podcast.

Plastic Free Markets Are Coming and So Are Asylum Seekers

Tuesday, April 23.  We’ve got a list of needed items, a place to drop off donations and drivers to get them to ABQ and from there to the asylum seekers. Details are provided in this post. This post also features an interesting article on the growth of plastic-free food markets YAY and on New Energy Economy’s petition filed Monday opposing PNM’s plan to force ratepayers to pay for its plan to acquire nuclear energy.  What? Click here to read the full post.

400-700 A Day Being Released by ICE in El Paso:  Pipeline to an Overwhelmed Las Cruces & ABQ

Wednesday, April 24. A quick blog today to announce that drop offs at New Energy Economy will continue until further notice. We have drivers to bring goods to ABQ. Nice work team. Local action needed on a terrible water treatment plan here in Santa Fe. Also info on three coming events including GND planning meeting and a webinar on predatory lending & Trump. A very short, informative blog today. Click here to read the full post.

New Energy Economy Files Petition Opposing PNM’s Acquisition of Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station

Thursday, April 25.  The post focused on New Energy Economy’s petition to oppose PNM’s effort to force ratepayers to pay for PNM’s decision to purchase 10% of the equity in Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station. Our first shipment of donated goods will be this morning, with more deliveries planned for tomorrow. Info on continuing efforts is provided, also info on Chainbreaker Collective’s community organizing launch, a panel tonight on Housing as a Human Right. We provide a list of all co-petitioners. Click here to read the full post

NM Voices View on How Did NM Low-Income Children and Families Do in the 2019 Roundhouse Session

Saturday, April 27.  The post includes an inspiring report from NM Voices for Children and the myriad of great bills that have been passed into law and will significantly improve their quality of life for thousands of New Mexican working families. We also.provide an update on our campaign to support Asylum Seekers (you done good!), and information about an array of events and opportunities. NM Voices report includes a link to a summary of every bill signed into law in 2019 with a link to each bill’s summary.Immigration panel with Marcela Diaz, Allegra Love, Rebekah Wolf and May Webber today at 2pm. Click here to read the full post.  The post also previewed Retake Our Democracy’s KSFR radio show with NM Voices for Children’s Bill Jordan, a really good show if you want an uplift. Click here to get to the podcast.

Somos, Dreamers, Immigration Attorney and Mayor Present Unified Message on How to Best Help Our Immigrants

Sunday, April 28. This blog post provided a summary of the points made by Marcela Diaz, Somos Un Pueblo Unido, Allegra Love, SF Dreamers, Rebekah Wolf, immigration lawyer and Mayor Webber. One point made quite strongly and by all panelists was that the Mayor’s decision to not house asylum seekers was absolutely correct. Asylum seekers need housing only for 1-2 days while plans for implemented for transporting them to sponsors in other parts of the country and Santa Fe simply does not have a transportation hub.  Providing supplies and financial resources is our most effective role. The panel also explained why New Mexicans are NOT good candidates to serve as sponsors for asylum seekers. The post also  provides an update on the asylum seekers and what you can do in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and other parts of central and southern NM and informed guidance from immigration leadership as to what is at stake. The blog outlined the most current needs of asylum seekers and how people can help meet those needs. The post also described plans for a meeting between Retake and SF Dreamers leadership to identify more ways Retake and its supporters can support local immigrants. Click here to read the full post.

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