A Week in Review: Conclusion of Legislative Session, Actions to Ask for Vetoes, and the PRC Sues PNM

The Roundhouse continues to dominate the news with the PRC lawsuit shedding light on what SB 489 was really about, calls to action to protect seed sovereignty and our waters from “produced” toxic fracking water, plus another call to action in support of local activist Ken Mayer. All actions are still in play, links provided in each post below.

Today’s post provides links to all three of last week’s posts, a routine Monday feature. We also provide information about the Next System 8-week course on system transformation. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that many of us take advantage of this online course.  If we are going to advocate for the Green New Deal and other national, state and local efforts to make a just transition, it is incumbent upon all of us to invest in building our understanding of options for making that just transition. Next System is an invaluable source for research on international research based practices to advance social, racial, economic and environmental justice. No more modest proposals, no sacrifice zones.  The post also includes links to last weeks’ posts and the post focused on the PRC lawsuit now includes a link to the full lawsuit filed by the PRC.

Ken Mayer update. To review an update of Ken Meyers’ continuing incarceration in Ireland and the efforts in support of his action and appealing for his release, click here. This link is updated daily.

Monday, Next System 8-Week online class on system transformation.  A free online course starts Monday that is a master class in movement building for a sustainable, democratic, and socially just political economy. The eight-week course, “Towards Co-operative Commonwealth: Transition In a Perilous Century,” is ideal for both newcomers and veterans to social change work, and participants can leverage the course material and instruction team expertise to advance their own projects and activist work locally. The course is presented by Synergia Institute, a cooperative of educators and practitioners committed to progressive system change, and the Canada-based Athabasca University.

The course is offered in two sections: Section 1 is 4 modules over 4 weeks starting March 25th, followed by a 4 week intellectual pause to catch your breath from April 22 till May 20th, and Section 2 starts another 4 Modules from May 20th to June 22.

Part 1 – Four Weeks starting March 25

  1. Framing the Journey: Capitalism, Planetary Limits & The Struggle to Restore & Share our Common Wealth  [This looks particularly germane….a good start]
  2. Stewarding Land & Resources for the Common Good
  3. Ecological Resilience & a Just Food System
  4. Precarious Livelihoods: Pathways to Solidarity

Part 2 – Four Weeks starting May 20

  1. Democratizing Social Care: From Welfare State to Caring Society
  2. Democratic Ownership: Pathways to a Resilient Energy Future
  3. Democratic Financing Solutions for the Great Transition
  4. Synthesis: Building the Politics for Systems Change

Click here to enroll and for more info. The actual “enroll” button is at the bottom of this page. Once you enroll you jump through a couple easy hoops and get a confirmation. It looks like the course requires 4-6 hours a week of reading and video review, but it isn’t clear if there is also some kind of podcast format or online discussion.  I will keep you posted as the course begins tomorrow. The content looks very good and germane to 21st century economic, political and environmental challenges, but I must say those organizing and presenting the information appear to be lacking diversity. Still, Next System and its partner organization the Democracy Collaborative are tremendous at researching innovation in justice worldwide.

Save the Date:  Thursday, April 18, 6-9pm at the Center for Progress & Justice, 1420 Cerrillos.  Retake Our Democracy Roundhouse Advocacy Celebration. We will provide the food, you will bring something to drink and your own reusable plates, forks and drinking glass (we want a close to zero waste celebration).  RSVP, by writing to me at Paul@RetakeOurDemocracy.org. The only “cost” for admission is your RSVP, which is required to attend. We know Santa Feans are reluctant to RSVP for much of anything, but we are reluctant to buy food without knowing how many will be attending.  YOU MUST RSVP FOR THIS EVENT as we are buying food and setting up tables. 

A Look Back at Threats to Food Sovereignty, Roundhouse Commentary, and a PRC Lawsuit Filed Against PNM–Excerpts Reveal Much of What Was Behind SB 489

Urgent Action Alert:  HB2 Amendments Jeopardize Seed Sovereignty, Details on the Threat and Contact Info & Speaking Points.

Wednesday, March 20.  This is what happens in the last week or so of each legislative session: corporate lobbyists, well-versed in the nuances of the legislative process wait until late in the game and insert sometimes as little as a phrase or sentence to undermine the intent of a bill and serve corporate interests.  It happens repeatedly and never serves the public interest, as this post illustrates. Click here to read the full post.

Local Activist Ken Mayer Jailed, Held Without Bail in Ireland for Yet Another Courageous Act of Personal Heroism, Plus Comments on the Roundhouse Session & Other Actions 

Friday, March 22.  For decades, Ken Mayer has spent every Friday in a vigil against war on the corner of Cerrillos and St. Francis. He has been arrested over 20 times in other anti-war protests. Yet at 82 years old, he managed to get onto an Irish airport runway with a banner protesting the airport being used as a fueling stop for arms headed to the Middle East. He was arrested and is being held without bail and could face two years in jail before ever reaching trial. The post includes links for raising your voice in support of Ken. The post also provides information some thoughts on the Roundhouse session, a continuing theme—you may have noticed.  Click here to read the full post.

Public Regulation Commission Files Suit Against PNM Offering Clues as to the Real Problems with SB 489–Must Read 

Sunday, March 24.  Throughout the Roundhouse session, Retake called for amendments to SB 489 to prevent the artful evisceration of PRC authority to regulate energy generation in NM and to ensure PRC authority over the selection of replacement power when San Juan closes. The PRC’s suit filed last week makes clear that we were right in our concerns and provides other important lessons. This post took a good deal of time, combing through the full lawsuit filed. While legalese is not always reader-friendly, I tried to comb over the details excerpt the most trenchant passages and then offer comment to help readers less familiar with the bill, the context of the PRC-PNM drama, etc.  Click here to review the full post, something all subscribers should do. The post now includes a link to the full PRC lawsuit. It is only 16 double-spaced pages and read from first to last, exposes PNM’s motivation for supporting SB 489 and for how it is intended to circumvent PRC authority.




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  1. Efforts to accomplish a progressive political system by replacing some legislators who hold powerful positions will likely only result in other powerful legislators taking their place with the same influence of lobbyists. The current difficulties in passing progressive legislation will eventually reoccur. What is needed is a new political system. However change of the political system seems hardly to see the light of day. A venue is needed to pursue such change.

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