A Look Back at the Final Week of the Roundhouse Session & an URGENT Action Alert Call the Governor About….

In the next two days we will have action alerts for calling the Governor, today about a bill that would allow G&O to treat toxic fracked water and sell it for use on NM agriculture. Is there no end to the degree to which this industry will seek to exploit our land and water?

From Frack Off Chaco Canyon’s Facebook page.  URGENT Action Alert:  The NM Senate passed HB546, condemning New Mexico to a future of toxic, radioactive, fracking waste re-use.  This is the beginning of the end for New Mexico. Our only hope is that Governor Lujan Grisham won’t sign this terrifying bill that would open the door to using fracking waste in rivers, streams, and crops.

Please call the Governor right now. (505) 476-2200.  Share. This bill has moved faster than any other piece of legislation this session under the guise of environmental protection. Now that the session is over (12PM Saturday 3/16), we must hold decision makers accountable for caving in to the gas and oil industry in the biggest boondoggle of commodifying TOXIC fracking WASTE to SELL for consumption in the poorest state in the nation.

.Click here to read a post from several weeks ago that describes the risks of “produced” water. 

Click here to read a detailed analysis prepared by Red Nation of all that is wrong with produced water.  


Looking Back at the Last Week Of the Roundhouse Session

Below are three posts that capture much of the action over the last week of the session as well as one very important post that covers Dahr Jamail’s view on the role activism during the age of extinction.  We also provide here a link to an lengthy summary of bills that passed and those that didn’t compiled by the Santa Fe New Mexican. Click here to read the New Mexican article.

What If We are Already Out of Time?  An Examination of Activism in the Age of Extinction

After a review of a range of articles and drawing on excerpts from the work of Dahr Jamail & Barbara Cecil we offer a preview of his thinking on activism in the age of extinction. It is not an easy read, but for those who want to face reality honestly, it is an important, moving, and illuminating perspective.As species die off rapidly it is undeniable that we have entered the age of extinction, we must prevent human extinction.Click here to review the full post.

Public Banking and Nationalizing Energy and Utilities May Be Our Only Hope to Address Climate Change

Thursday, March 14.  This post describes our need to take control of the banking, fossil fuel and utility industries to address climate change adequately. After hearing Dar Jamail speak at the Lensic, have never heard any talk that was more devastating. I need to let it settle in for a bit before I really try to organize my thoughts and draw  conclusions. I am convinced that whatever hope we have requires the end of private market control over anything that matters and so this post describes how nationalizing energy and utilities and creating a national (and state) bank could facilitate the transition from a genocidal economy to a sustainable one..We also include a Roundhouse Roundup and news about a special 1-hour Retake show on KSFR.  Dar Jamail speak at the Lensic.  Click here. to read the full post.

A Look Back at the Roundhouse Session’s Complete Failure to Save Our Future

Saturday, March 16. An important first take on the 2018 Legislative Session with a focus on environment bills and commentary of a few specific Senators and Committees where good bills died.  We will go further in this analysis next week and then in great depth in our Report Card to be released sometime in April.  The post also featured photos and links to video of the student strike and sit in.  Click here to read the full post.

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  1. I phoned. Staffer took my anti-546 message.

  2. The Santa Fe County Democratic Party is meeting on this Saturday, Mar. 23, to elect delegates to the State Central Committee. As a member of the CCC, who will be voting, I would like to know if there are Retake supporters who will be running for the SCC.

  3. Taos County elected 11 delegates to SCC. At least 6 of us are PROGRESSIVES……. time to hold our elected and endorsed leaders accountable.

  4. I hope you coordinate your votes so you elect the most number of people possible to SCC. Please make sure you have people who know how to work Appendix A. You will need a minimum number of votes to be elected. Only the first name you write on the ballot will be counted. It is not a popularity contest. Don’t ask for more first line votes than you need to be elected. Most people won’t need the target number of votes. I cannot emphasize it enough.

  5. I just read the Red Nation piece about the horrifying story of water contamination from fracking and the even more horrifying idea of reusing this water on our food crops. I’ve called the Governor and will continue to resist
    And, I must protest the use of the phrase “bending over to industry” to descibe giving in to their wishes to contaminate the planet. If you think about what that phrase means, you will see that it is homophobic, and we don’t need to do that to make the point.

    • Thanks for the comment and even more for the use of the term “bending over to industry.” Totally didn’t occur to me for it being homophobic, but see it now. I’ll make a change in the text. Thanks….

  6. At the SCC we will be electing representatives to the DNC. Please let’s do some work ahead of this so we get NEW reps who will support our voices at the DNC. Paul and Roxanne would be good candidates, but maybe we need people who are not related. Just putting this out there. We need progressives to run, we need to unite behind them.

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