2019 MUST PASS Bills

PLEASE NOTE: This draft list includes a combination of bills introduced in previous sessions and bills that have been reintroduced and pre-filed for the 2019 session. (Please note year in parentheses.)

As bills are pre-filed in the current session, bill numbers and descriptors will be revised as needed. Additional bills may be added after discussion with our allies, but we will try to keep the final MUST PASS list to no more than 20 bills so that we can effectively track them and coordinate advocacy.

To be clear, this list is still a DRAFT. Our Legislative Research Team is hard at work identifying new bills. We will have both a MUST PASS list and a list of Priority bills, so if one of your favorite bills is not among the MUST PASS list, you’ll likely find it among our Priority bills. 

Please click here to review the criteria and the process we used to prioritize the bills. Chief among them were months of input from our allies and responses to an online survey of 29 bills that were either vetoed or never got out of the legislature in 2017 or 2018. Prioritizing bills has been very methodical and taken months to complete.

Click here to review the MUST PASS bills We have located all activity and information at our new website for advocacy at the Roundhouse.

We expect a final list of MUST PASS bills will not be complete until February, as bills continue to be introduced up until Feb 14.  However, that will not stop us from advocating for the bills above and sending you alerts when one of the bills is going to a committee for a hearing and vote.