What a Week to Review! LANL Chromium Plume. Beto Now TIED, & a Report on NM Election

Today I lighten up on pushing you to campaign, and report on the state of the race in NM and the tireless work of so many who have taken to the streets and phones. The post also includes important info on the LANL plum hearing on Wednesday and the remarkable Beto surge: He’s TIED.

When you vote, take the Voter’s Guide on your phone to get the down ballot options right. I ran into a Retake volunteer at the Coordinated Campaign office yesterday and she told me she took the guide on her phone. Great idea. Saves paper and very easy.  Click here.

New Mexican Democrats Should be Proud. I canvassed with Abbas Akhil on Saturday. The launch room was packed with over 30 canvassers. On Sunday, I visited David Pena, Ben Ray’s Field Director and several others working on the campaign from the New Mexico For All office at 2006 Botulph. I was told that on Saturday alone 227 folks took routes and canvassed in and around Santa Fe, that they actually ran out of routes in House District 2 because so many New Mexican Democrats had shown up to canvass for Xochitl. I was told that their phone bank operations were not working on their fourth pass through the voter roles. This is an insane level of campaigning and I just have to tip my hat to the Party and all the volunteers.

A brand-new poll from Change Research shows that Beto and Ted Cruz are TIED, 49% – 49%. I so hope that Beto wins this, as so much Texas energy and hope has been poured into his campaign and each day the polls show more gains until today Change Research out of Chicago has the race tied. :Polls from Friday had Beto down just under 3% or within the margin of error. He has an incredibly well-honed field operation and tons of money to spend on last minute ads and staffing. Fingers crossed so hard on this one it hurts.

LANL Chromium Plume Update. Please make sure you review the blog from Wednesday as it includes information on the LANL-caused chromium plume that threatens our water. It also includes info on the hearing on Wednesday from 9am-4pm along with info on how you can provide written comment and speaking points if you can at all head out to testify. If you are interested in carpooling with me. I will go at your convenience.  paul@retakeourdemocracy.org. It would be good to have company.

Mid-Term Returns Viewers Guide & Scorecard. Tomorrow’s post will be comprised of a handy Guide for watching the midterms. Along with the latest polling results on all the key swing races in the US House, Senate and Governors races, the 37 NM House District races are profiled. Not much text here, just sort of who the candidates are in key races, latest polls and what a win for justice and peace would look like in terms of overall performance. Sneak prediction: NH House: Currently 37-33 Dems. By Wednesday, 42-28 Dems. US House, Dems take it with 14 to spare. US Senate: With Beto on fire, I can’t begin to project a guess. But this will be crazy. Lastly, in NH, House District 1,GOP Rep. MacArthur is ousted. My brain will be focused on Beto, Steve Fischmann, Abbas Akhil, Xochitl and Stephanie. Life would be ever so sweet with wins in all those races. Not mentioning MLG over Pearce only because I think, we’ve got that one. And having a Dem. Gov….and an all blue US House and a PRC majority of environmentalists, and a climate scientist in the Roundhouse and SRG as Land Commissioner. Unimaginable, but possible. Running on fumes, but it will be hard to get to sleep tonight.


And if you have time and can canvass, call or text, click here to find out how. 

A Week in Review

Myths About Refugees Are Refuted with Research on How Much They Contribute to Our Nation 

Tuesday, Oct 30.  The posts provided clear evidence of the contributions made by refugees in our country going back decades. NO they do not commit acts of terror; no they do not take our jobs; no they do not spend years on government support. What they do is start businesses that create jobs for all of us. They are fleeing horrific conditions and turn to us for sanctuary. They create a cultural richness to our communities. And they are just adding layers of new generations of people coming to America in pursuit of a better life. The GOP rejects the. Good people do not. Click here to read the full post.

Beto Roaring to the Finish Line. Vital Information on the Chromium Plume Threatening Our Water and What You Can Do

Reaction to LANL Permit Process

Wednesday Nov. 1.  The post described Beto’s stunning closing of the gap as in one week he has roared from down 9% to down only 3%, within the margin of error…and that without considering the 1.4 million newly registered voters not captured in that polling. But the bulk of the post covers the LANL chromium plume and the hearing being held on Nov 7 from 9am – 4pm. You do NOT need to drag yourself out of bed at 8 to drive to Los Alamos. Sleep-in, have breakfast in bed, exult in the huge win we got on Tuesday and the click this post to get location, issues, and speaking points. Our water supply is SERIOUSLY threatened by this and there has been a serious effort to exclude the public. And if you can’t make it to the hearing, please use the speaking points to write to the staff managing the remediation. Contact info is included.  Click here to read the full post.

A Case for Andrea Romero in District 46

Thursday, Nov. 2.  Much has been written in the papers about District 46. I had planned to stay clear of the race largely because after the election, I think it is important that Retake does what it can first to listen to Dist 46 residents incensed by the failure of government to resolve the access and water issues in the Valley and then to work with them to engage and press our US Senators and US House Reps to do something to resolve these issues. It takes federal resources and clout to get it done. And that it hasn’t been solved means that power needs to be leveraged to press for a just solution. Nonetheless, I think the media has been terribly unfair to Andrea Romero, seriously overstating her role in the regional coalition and completing missing all that she accomplished there. Click here to read the full post which focuses on her write-in opponent.


Offensive Trump Refugee Ad Foretells 2020.  Three Compelling Videos Discuss Ad & Its Implications

Really bad people?

Friday, Nov. 2. Each month Trump’s message becomes more hateful and baseless, but this messaging is what left us stunned in 2016 and it foretells a truly terrifying 2020 campaign where any semblance of democracy is jeopardized. The post included a video of the ad itself along with the Willie Horton ad, followed by commentary from GOP and Democratic strategists.  Not surprisingly, the Democrats were appalled, but what was stunning was the outrage expressed by GOP operatives. Two other short videos look at who is really streaming toward our border. We need to send a clear message now. If you have been on the sidelines til now, get in the game before the game is over.  When this election is over, we need to immediately begin conversations about a strategy for 2020.  I was encouraged to see amidst all the crazy energy generated by the Democratic Party of NM in supporting candidates statewide, there is a meeting to initiate a voter registration drive posted on the Santa Fe DP website, slated for just two weeks after election day.  Click here to review the full post

The Trump Trump–Details on a Weekend of Action. Let’s Do It!

Saturday, Nov. 3.   It is almost over. Links to lot’s of actions & to motivate you:  a riveting video of a voter excoriating New Hampshire GOP Congressman MacArthur for his vote against ACA, about the voter’s wife and kids with pre-existing conditions & about his promise for payback Nov 6. Inspiring. This video got overlooked in the flurry of notices about poll results, actions, and a week fully of fury. But the video is really worth watching. It shows what speaking truth to power is all about. To make it easy, I’ve put the link at the bottom of today’s blog.  And while watching the polls, watch for results from NH US District 1, with Rep. MacArthur up for re-election. I’d really like to see Jeff’s wish come true. I hope they nailed this guy.   Click here to read the full post.

Turn Back Your Clocks, Have Breakfast and Coffee, Call or Text. Remember 2016

Sunday, Nov 4.  The post recounts a jammed day of inspiring canvassing conversations in support of Abbas Akhil (HD 20), a plan for working with ABQ Mayor Keller, a lesson in texting for candidates, and an inspiring charrette with 40 local architects taking on the affordable housing crisis in Santa Fe. Once the election is over, we have work to do and it begins here. To read the full post, click here.



Video of the Week:  Watch Geoff verbally undress his Congressman for betraying their community and helping to gut the ACA. Brilliant.

I often include video to illustrate a point. Today, we are tired. Our brains know we can’t rest, but our spirit is pretty much pooped. Geoff Ginter, a certified medical assistant from Pine Beach and whose wife had cancer, took to the microphone to angrily confront Congressman MacArthur at a Willingoboro, N.J. town hall meeting. MacArthur is credited as reviving the Republican health care bill.
This guy goes on for about 10 minutes. Standing 3 feet from e starts sort of slow but man he builds to a point where the audience is standing and cheering him on. He ends by making a promise to get his Congressman out of office for his vote on ACA. Geoff’s anger is focused on healthcare, but we each have our own anger weather it is refugees, tax cuts, social security, college costs, indigenous rights, or just the moral bankruptcy of this regime. This guy does it right. Very worth a few minutes. He will inspire you.



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  1. Hi Paul, I’m interested in attending the LANL/plutonium hearing & car pooling w/you. I live in La Puebla just south of Espanola. My phone number is 505-570-2206. Please contact me w/further info. Thanks Marge Johnson

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