Something to Do with Your Anger and Shame

At least it is almost over, yet another shameful moment in a litany of them, each more insulting than the next. We could curl up in a ball and pout, or you could join me on Sunday and do something positive, something that no head in the sand GOP can muck up.

Retake Our Democracy on KSFR,101.1 FM.  8:30am TODAY!  This month Retake Our Democracy talks affordable housing, affordable housing, and affordable housing, and how we can address the growing housing crisis in Santa Fe, in NM and in the US. Sat., Oct  6, 8:30 am. Alexandra Ladd, City of Santa Fe Director of Affordable Housing., Sat. Oct 13 (Pledge Week) with Senator Peter Wirth (also taking Housing from the state perspective); and. Saturday, Oct. 20 with County Housing Authority Director Joseph Montoya. Oct 13 is pledge week and anyone contributing $50 or more to KSFR on Saturday, Oct 13, between 8:30-9am will be able to join Senator Wirth on a personal guided tour of the Roundhouse, where he will tell you not just about the buildings and hearing rooms but what goes on behind the scenes. 

Actions & Events includes details about opportunities to get engaged and for events in Santa Fe, including a movie screening and a meeting where you can get involved in supporting Roundhouse candidates and lobbying for progressive legislation in the coming Roundhouse session (Jan 2019). It is not too soon to get involved as our Roundhouse Advocacy Team has been hard at work since the last session ended in March. Click here to get to Actions and Events.

Last Words on Kavanaugh. I am guessing you have been mired in Kavanaugh hell and do not need or want much more to read about this travesty. And while as I watched the speech by Sen. Susan Collins 45 minute discourse that clearly outlined just how low the GOP is willing to go to achieve its ends, I googled a bit and found 2-3 articles I could share that outline how the FBI investigation failed to explore any number of claims related to the Ramirez charges that included reference to 20 witnesses who could support her claims. But the FBI was not allowed to pursue these charges. They were not allowed to pursue the truth because the GOP has no use for the truth. But while I could give you links to those articles and raise your blood pressure in the process, but I’d rather give you something constructive to do, something to lower that blood pressure. Read on.

Abbas Akhil, Dist. 20: Let’s Make It Happen

Thursday evening Roxanne and I attended a meet and greet with Abbas Akhil, Democratic candidate for NM House Dist. 20. Introduced first by Mayor Webber and then by Speaker Egolf, Abbas Akhil then laid his vision for serving as a NM House legislator. And it is a vision we wholeheartedly support.

Abbas spent his career conducting extensive research into one of the most important renewable technologies, energy storage. On Thursday, he spoke of how he would like to see the tax credit for solar not just restored, but expanded to include storage. He understands renewables, storage and the issues involved in making a just transition better than anyone in the Roundhouse. What an ally!

But he has to get elected first. He faces Jim Dines, the GOP Incumbent in a district that could go either way. Who is Dines? Lifetime 31% rating by Conservation Voters of NM.  He also has a long list of bad votes, but suffice to say in 2017 he received a 97% rating from the NRA, 100% from the NM Association of Commerce & Industry, voted to require parent notification before a teenager could obtain an abortion and voted to ban abortions after 20 weeks.  So what can you do to elect Abbas Akhil?  Glad you asked.

Abbas Akhil, District 40.  Canvassing on this Sunday, Oct 7 from 1pm-4pm. We are meeting at Abbas’ home at 1727 Soplo Rd. SE. Call, text or email Diane Gutterud, the Volunteer Coordinator, at 818/575-0369. They are happy to accommodate walking and calling outside of scheduled times. Click here if you want to contact the campaign and canvass or call some other time, but if you want to join me, I have room in my car. Write me at Let’s do this.

Who is endorsing Abbas?


  • Barack Obama, Former President of the United States
  • Alan Webber, Mayor Santa Fe
  • Don Duran, Former APS School Board Member


  • Albuquerque Federation of Teachers
  • American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), Council 18
  • Conservation Voters of New Mexico (CVNM) Action Fund
  • National Education Association (NEA) – New Mexico
  • New Mexico Federation of Labor
  • Planned Parenthood Votes New Mexico
  • Retake Our Democracy
  • Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club
  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 49 of the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail & Transportation (SMART)
  • Teamsters Local 492
  • Working Families Party

If you can tell something about who supports you, these are the organizations and leaders who endorse Abbas Akhil. How about you endorsing him as well, with your time. Join me Sunday in ABQ and meet some folks you’d never have met otherwise, Talk up Abbas, get out the vote. Be in the sunshine and by 4pm feel as if you countered the GOP in Washington with a dose of local activism. Write me at if you need a ride. If you plan to go, invite 2-3 friends. Let’s to do this!

In solidarity,

Paul & Roxanne

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  1. An old saying tells that anger masks sadness and depression. We need to let our feelings be out but we MUST get past the depression and anger created by our personal ‘discoveries’. My guess is that there are many Americans ‘discovering’ the reality that ALWAYS existed beyond the ‘official story’ ( 1-We were never a true democracy. 2- white males always got more democracy than everyone else, 3 women are still getting less democracy than males and native americans never got any of it. 4- the USA was always seeking to become a larger and larger EMPIRE and we are the largest and most powerful empire homo sapiens has created so far–maybe China will be the next one–……………………..) .and the history taught to us by parents, teachers and our subversive ordinary media. There is a lot of true history written about the above and much, much more.
    It is possible for everybody to outgrow the paralysis created by depression and anger and to see the possibilities. We are not caged, we have only been brainwashed, conquered and colonized. But we can certainly de-colonize ourselves, together is better, and begin to see the future with all its possibilities for change.

  2. Here is one example of how we were, and are, colonized.

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