A Look at Last Week and the Week to Come with Thoughts on Memorial Day, Militarism & Primaries

Memorial Day remembrance today followed by Poor People’s Campaign’s direct action opposing the military industrial complex on Tuesday. And thoughts on the primary campaign process and a video describing how militarism, banking & capitalism dominate our world.

Oops,  Sorry for the duplicate email this morning but I hit publish by accident before today’s post was complete. Have a good Memorial Day.

Odds & Ends:

Thoughts on Memorial Day and Militarism  Tomorrow there is a Poor People’s Campaign Direct Action at the Roundhouse at 2pm (below). Some have viewed protests against militarism as disrespectful to those many Americans who have served their country, with far too many paying the ultimate price and others left with physical and mental scars that can never be healed. We need to honor those individuals and respect their sacrifices while still standing firm in our position that too many Americans and far more of those we have fought, are the victims of a military industrial complex that is fueled more by greed than patriotism. I’d encourage all of you to take a moment away from the barbecue tomorrow and think about those who have sacrificed and make a commitment to attend the Poor People’s Campaigns Direct Action on Tuesday. We can oppose militarism and honor our vets at once. At the end of this post you will find a 2-minute video that neatly explains how the corporatocracy, military, and banking industry enslave much of the world. Defending this banking system and all its manifestations is what fuels our military. The profit of the banks and other major corporations must be defended at all costs.

Primaries and Dark Money. Yesterday, I was sent a smear flier about Janene Yazzie saying that she moved to NM from AZ just in time for the registration requirement to run for office. It claims she “is from out of state and is supported by special interests.”  And “..she’s not running for office to represent you.  She’s running to get power and push an agenda.  We can’t trust her.”

The only special interests Janene is seeking to represent are the people and a dying planet. The mailer claims she moved to NM from AZ just to run for office but she was born and raised in Gallup with her first advocacy being to volunteer in a battered women’s shelter. And as to pushing agenda: Guilty as charged. From her website, this is her platform:

  • Advocate to promote and protect clean, renewable energy production
  • Fight for water smart decisions in utility management
  • Protect labor rights in the transition to a sustainable energy economy
  • Enforce and increase pipeline safety compliance in protection of sacred water resources and public health
  • Increase and protect affordable access to telecommunication services, especially to rural and working class communities
  • Foster transparency and accountabiliy of the PRC to the public interests
  • Increase community access and engagement with the PRC

Yet the ad makes Janene out to be a manipulative politician ‘not to be trusted.’ The irony of course is that the flyer was sent on behalf of a candidate who has been living off the largesse of PNM and gas and oil. These kinds of hit pieces are sick and likely will only get worse this week.

I am also a supporter of Andrea Romero and yet I was very disappointed with the mailers sent out by an ABQ PAC that endorses her. As some of you may not appreciate, a PAC uses its own money to ‘support’ a candidate or initiative and there can be no communication between the campaign or candidate and the PAC. As a result, Romero’s camp could have no hand in the mailers, but they wind up affiliated with Romero.

A false smear campaign was also launched by Rep. Rodella against Susan Herrera in Dist. 41 with false assertions about the LANL Foundation where Susan once worked. None of this serves the best interest of democracy.

I will comment more on this later in the week. Certainly dark money is partly to blame. Many of the hit pieces this year, during the Keller-Colon Mayoral race in ABQ, and the attacks on Michael Chavez in 2016 were all dark money funded. But dark money isn’t completely to blame as candidates so often take the low road in their campaign rhetoric and in locally funded ads.

This is no way to operate a democracy and no doubt contributes to the large number of non-voters. Aside from the obvious need to reverse Citizen’s United and eliminate corporate and dark money in politics, what can we do to restore civility, honesty and integrity to the process?

Canvassing. An Antidote to Dirty Campaigning.  A refreshing antidote to the negative campaigning is to get out and talk with voters about how they feel, to canvass. Click here for information on how you can canvass or call for any one of five great candidates. The link also includes information about next Tuesday’s Meet & Greet with Andrea Romero.

Next Saturday on Retake’s weekly radio show I will do a 30 minute show on the campaign process, what you might learn from it and what Retake has learned.

The New Poor People’s Campaign Tuesday, May 29. The third in six direct actions, is being held this Tuesday at the Roundhouse. Join us as this movement builds towards it national kick-off in Washington, D.C. on June 23. If you are going to participate in the June 23 march, let Roxanne and I know, as we will be there, too.  Paul@RetakeOurDemocracy.org.


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  1. Paul,

    I appreciate your speaking out against the mailers sent out by an Albuquerque PAC on behalf Andrea Romero. The people in District 46 that I know — Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo — are offended by these mailers.

    However, Andrea Romero has had ample time to speak out against these mailers and ask the PAC to desist. Perhaps she will after reading your post.

    Thank you,


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