A Look Back, A Look Forward and Today We March for Justice

The Rev. Barber’s New Poor People’s Campaign begins today at 2pm, Eastside of the Roundhouse, the first of 40 days of direct action and civil disobedience. If you are livid about any of a million ethical, political and moral affronts, this is the time to raise your voice.

Actions for the Week

1REVBARBERTODAY!!!!!!   The New Poor People’s Campaign Santa Fe. Saturday, May 14 at 2pm at the Eastside Entrance to the Roundhouse. The launch of the Poor People’s Campaign is just around the corner.  Monday the 14th will be the first of a series of direct actions and acts of civil disobedience over a forty day period. While petitions and social media may have their place, it is definitely time to increase pressure on our elected officials. As the Slippery Slope blog at the bottom of this short post describes, Congress is moving to consolidate even more power in the White House. We are losing what is left of the limited democracy that has ever existing. These are very dark and dangerous times and it is time to say ENOUGH and to say it very clearly.

On the 14th, there will be a ‘frontline team” of 40 that has been trained for direct action and will be arriving at the Roundhouse together at 2pm, singing songs and carrying signs, mostly say hurray for our side.’ I couldn’t resist quoting the Retake theme song–Buffalo Springfield, For What Its Worth, 1967. If you want inspiration to get to the PPC Rally today, I’ve provided a video of the Springfield singing our song….see the bottom of the blog.

We need hundreds, no thousands of you to greet us.  So please, make some calls, organize a group and be in on the very first day of the Poor People’s Campaign. This may be the movement we’ve been looking for, the one that ignites a fire across the nation. But that won’t happen if YOU don’t join us.   Please join us.  There be a team of PPC leaders at the Roundhouse to get you singing and chanting before we arrive.  If you want to become part of the frontline team for future events, please email newmexico@poorpeoplescampaign.orgto get on the list for future training and to be kept informed about NM events over the next 40 days. Find out more about the campaign at https://www.poorpeoplescampaign.org

District 46 Candidate Forum, Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 5:30-7;30pm at the Villa Alegre Senior Center, 144 Villa Alegre Street located just off West Alameda Street and east of St Francis Dr.  Democratic Primary for NM Legislative District HS 46 is one of the most hotly contested elections this election season. For this reason, members of the Torreon Neighborhood Association banded together to organize a candidate forum for candidates Carl Trujillo and Andrea Romero. Our intent is host a forum focused on the issues that affect out district and NOT on the more sensational assertions that have been made in the press recently.  The forum will be moderated by Former Sgt At Arms for the NM Legislature, Rusty Rodke, with technical support by area Toastmasters.

The forum is open to the public and we invite all of you who live in District 46, which encompasses the north side of the city of Santa Fe and all of the northern part of Santa Fe County, to attend. Attendees will be able to participate by submitting written questions the evening of the event. After the forum, we will have refreshments, snacks, and a chance to talk with the candidates directly.

Saturday, May 19, 6:30- 8:00 pm. Tribes Coffee House, 3470 Zafarano (across from Regal Stadium Theater).  REEL FATHERS Presents the Capital High Poetry and Spoken Word Club.

Join us for a memorable evening of Spoken Word // Creative Expression // Music
on the theme of Identity, Family, and Fatherhood.

Following a semester-long collaboration with REEL FATHERS, students share from their hearts about what matters most to them.  This is a Free Community Event.  Come be inspired by the creativity of our Youth! Retake is always seeking ways to get youth to join our work. Maybe we need to show up for their work first.  Join us.

Canvassing for Candidates.

We are supporting five great candidates:

  • Andrea Romero, NM House Dist. 46
  • Susan Herrera, NM House Dist. 41
  • Janene Yazzie, PRC Dist. 4
  • Steve Fischmann, PRC Dist. 5
  • Bill McCamley, State Auditor

All five face uphill battles, the first four fighting entrenched incumbents with far greater name recognition and far more money. Bill McCamley faces a similar challenge, an establishment Democrat with great name recognition and lots of funding from developers and gas and oil.  We need their help to change NM. Each of these candidates need our help to win and get into a position where they can do the work.

Click here to find out about all five of the candidates we are supporting in June primaries and to get time and dates for receptions, fund raisers, canvassing and phone banks. The time is now. Let’s do this.

A Look Back at a Week of Big Political News

Claims and counter claims, a zillion blog comments, easements and water issues, our support for Andrea Romero, a call to action and a truly frightening piece of legislation that could severely curtail free speech. Never a dull moment.

Two Others Corroborate Bonar’s Harassment Claims Against Trujillo. Two Legislators Weigh In

Dist. 46 Easements: A Complex Issue That, For Many People, Overshadows All Issues

Why We Support Andrea Romero in Dist. 46

A Call To Action: Time to Take to the Streets to Save NM and this Nation

Congress Considers Giving Trump Power to Indefinitely Detain Any American Without Charge







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