PRC Candidates Shine at Retake Reception. Ryan to Retire. Details on Local SFUAD Planning & More

Wow. Yazzie and Fischmann inspiredthe room. We ran out of donation envelopes. We also include video of their talk and links to their campaign sites, along with info on the status of SFUAD , and how to provide input. Finally, Mueller appears to have Trump caged and the GOP doesn’t seem ready to help Trump much. And bonus video coverage: a debate with a Trump supporter.

What’s Up Today!  Today we provide info on two stellar PRC candidates who could utterly reverse NM energy policy in almost unthinkable ways. In addition, we provide an update on the SFUAD process, a snippet on Trump (a snippet being all the space he deserves), and a video taken some months ago, where I got hoodwinked into doing an interview with what I thought was but was actually an ardent Trump supporter. I am told I held my own in the 30-minute discussion. Late breaking news that Paul Ryan will not run for re-election….more evidence of crumbling walls. Click here. Onward.

Santa Fe University of Art & Design. The SFUAD community input process continues and we want to make sure that those participating have some guidance as to some key elements and principals we’d like to see incorporated. Most plans will include a high density, mixed use development that includes a commitment to some form of affordable housing, with an educational institute as an anchor and with a plan to retain the Greer Garson Theatre and Soundstage and the Screen, a 185 seat cinematheque. The key elements for which Retake will advocate include:

  • Affordable housing that prioritizes low-income rental housing, housing that is affordable by those making the minimum wage: our hospitality and food service workers, our hospital aides, our construction workers, our landscapers. These workers comprise over 20% of our workforce and given that the vast majority are Hispanic, so this priority is about racial justice and economic justice;
  • Development without Displacement.  There may well be a number of strategies that could ensure that the development will not lead to further displacement of Santa Feans who can no longer afford to live in Santa Fe, but for our money, the best such strategy is the use of a Community Land Trust. For more on CLTs and how they operate, click here.
  • Resident Governance.  Some mechanism for ensure resident governance of the property either through a Resident Council or via a board of directors to a Community Land Trust.
  • Economic & Social Ladders. Retake has identified a number of programs, like those in Austin TX, that incorporate into housing an array of services, supports and opportunities that can help residents build wealth. Mental health and recovery services, job training and entry level employment opportunities, and small business, employee-owned or collective structures that foster equitable development benefiting the low-income residents of the community.

At this point, the City will not be discussing the number of units, the specifics of small business development, etc. The above principles need to be incorporated into the thinking early. The SFUAD is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. The goal simply can not be developer profit; it absolutely must be community benefit and an initiative carefully constructed to benefit our lowest income neighbors.  Click here for the City’s web page devoted to the SFUAD process, timeline, options, etc.

Trump May Be About to Self-Destruct. The report comes not from Slate, Politico, or Truthout, but from NBC News.  The article contains a plethora GOP quotes such as:

  • “it would be suicide for the president to fire Mueller,” from Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-IA; and this:
  • “the president can’t just fire Mr. Mueller. He’s got to direct Mr. Rosenstein to fire him, and I don’t think Mr. Rosenstein would do it,” Sen. John Kennedy, R, LA or this:
  • “I think it would be a massive mistake for the president to do anything to interfere with this investigation,” said Corker, adding: “he knows most every Republican senator feels that way,” Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn; or this:
  • “It would be the beginning of the end of his presidency,” Sen. Lindsey Grahame, R-SC.

On Trump’s part, he appears utterly undeterred: “I think it’s a disgrace what’s going on,” Trump told reporters at the White House. “We’ll see what happens. But I think it’s really a sad situation when you look at what happened. And many people have said, ‘You should fire him.’ Again, they found nothing.” Claiming “finding nothing” is a constant and utterly unsubstantiated claim: Mueller et al have not released any findings, but the indictments are mounting and, despite the law stating otherwise, on Tuesday afternoon, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders reiterated that the president “certainly believes he has the power” to fire Mueller. Click here to review the NBC report. This could get interesting. Click here to go to our Actions and Events page to sign up to be notified about a nationwide protest designed to instantly erupt should Trump fire Mueller. It is at the end of the page. You will also find information on:

  • Thurs., April 12, 4:30-6:30, Roundhouse Advocacy Team at New Energy Economy, 343 E Alameda, Santa Fe. A great team that on Thursday will discuss how we plan to support the two PRC candidates below and how to further activate our statewide Rapid Response Network. RSVP by writing to me at;
  •  Local Action Team. Monday, April 16, 6pm-7:15pm. at New Energy Economy, 343 E. Alameda.  The team will now build upon the prioritized policies in the Peoples Platform for Justice in Santa Fe. RSVP by writing to Jennifer Johnson at
  • Achieving a Fair Political System: Building a Grassroots Coalition to Revive Our Democracy  Free Conference with a tremendous array of speakers and breakouts. Space is limited. Click here to register. More info at our Actions & Events page.
  • SFUAD Input. Actions and Events provides links to how to provide input into the SFUAD process with online input closing on April 18 and a chance to provide input on person on Friday the 13th….details a click away.

We Have a Game Changing Opportunity to Achieve Environmental, Economic & Racial Justice in Two PRC Races. And We Have the Right Candidates to Do It

On Monday afternoon, a packed Rippel Gallery heard from two eco-excellent Public Regulation Commission candidates: Janene Yazzie (District 4) and Steve Fischmann (District 5). To say they wowed the crowd would be a HUGE understatement. Both spoke passionately about their commitment to ratepayers and the planet. If you missed it, click here to view the livestream produced by Cecile Lipworth from our Leadership Team. You’ll need to crank the volume at tad, but it is worth it. Inspiring.

Retake feels this election is the second most important race in NM after Governor. The PRC ‘regulates’ our utilities, transportation, telecommunications, and more. The five commissioners have far more power than any one NM Legislator and for environmentalists their role in determining when and how we transition to renewable energy is critical. 

As currently comprised, the PRC Commissioners consistently vote 3-2 in favor of whatever our utility providers request (e.g. PNM).  By electing Steve, we would unseat Sandy Jones in District 5 and flip the balance to a 3-2 environmentally aligned majority.  If we were also to win in District 4 where Janene Yazzie is challenging incumbent Lynda Lovejoy, we could achieve a 4-1 super majority. You have to know that PNM and other utilities will pour money into this campaign. They simply can’t afford to lose their stranglehold on the PRC.  We can do this. But only if you get involved: CANVASS, CALL, CONTRIBUTE. 

To read more about how consistently three PRC Commissioners have sided with utility companies and their shareholders, at the expense of ratepayers and the planet, click here for a one-page summary that includes three specific examples where PRC majorities of 3-2 have resulted in ratepayers being levied hundreds of millions of dollars in rate increases over the objection of the PRC Hearing Officers.

To find out more about each candidates views and how to support their campaign:

  • Janene’s Yazzie her district includes parts of Santa Fe, Los Alamos and Bernalillo County, so you can actually canvass for her easily, click here.   
  • Steve’s campaign stretches from the Mexican border up to Los Lunas and covers the southwest quadrant of the state. For more information on Steve, his campaign, and how you can support it, click here.

Retake will be pressing all of you to get in this game. We can’t change our state’s energy plan if PNM and other utilities are manipulating the regulatory process. Here is a chance to utterly and completely reverse course and achieve economic, environmental and racial justice. But we will need all hands on deck from a really large number of you. If you want to be on a list of people who will show up to call, canvass or contribute, please email me at  today please…we’ve only got two months.

In solidarity,

Paul & Roxanne

I share this not cuz I need more attention. I get more than my share of praise and attention, but given our inclusion of references to Trump in today’s blog, I thought I’d share what I think is a very good ‘response’ to Trump nonsense.  Your thoughts?

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    Morgana Morgaine, Santa Fe Resident

  2. Mueller is part of the Deep State. Whatever rightful disgust Trump engenders doesn’t legitimize the palace coup that the Clinton Dems are trying to achieve by harrassing Trump out of office.

    Russiagate has been found to be a fraud, created to justify the Clinton debacle. In desperation, Mueller, who has promoted false flags before—such as the existence of “weapons of mass destruction” in Irag—is an enforcer for the system that we say we’re against.

    Sad to see alleged “progressives” falling for (or going along with) this Establishment Big Lie.

    Robb Chávez

    PS—I’m sure our silver-tongued interlocutor will surface with some reasonable-sounding justification. The truth will out.


    • Always appreciate your perspective, Robb. But this theory I have not heard. I’d be interested in any articles you have seen laying this out. Certainly, I don’t see Mueller as some kind of uber-defender of what little democracy we have in this country, but that the Russiagate is a ruse to distract from Clinton’s email / security issues is not something I’d heard except on Fox. So surprised to hear you surface it. P.S. who is our “silver tongued interlocutor”?

      • Oh, come now, in the last year & a half, you haven’t heard any of the criticism that Russiagate is simply a ploy by the Clinton/Obama clique to hide their culpability, & to oust Trump? Wow, you & Peter D. travel in such high-minded Dem circles, where everyone is above board.

        Still, I’m bothered that you won’t even allow my opinion to be heard—even if it’s found wanting. I guess, in these difficult
        times, we’re getting back to the old saw: “Freedom of the press belongs to those who have one.”

        Thanks for clarifying where we stand.


        P.S.—There are are numerous commentators—including on the Left—who are highly critical of both the Dem Party, & the Star Chamber, known as the Russiagate ploy.

        Starting with the Sane Progressive, Jimmy Dore, Michael Tracey, Holly Seeliger, Jamarl Thomas, Lauren Steiner, Tim Black, the Black Agenda Review, Caitlin Johnstone. There are of course plenty more on the right, but their perspectives would naturally be more obviously suspect.

        (I’ve heard of the Taos Hum, but I wasn’t aware of the Santa Fe Bubble—where nothing that hasn’t been approved by Alan Webber, Charlotte Roybal, or Bernie Sanders, is known to the average progressive.)


        Who else? Your discourse is so shiny & silvery, that even a thorough corporatist tool like MLG seems suitable for high praise.

  3. Paul – I listened to podcast in your link given above and in this interview you argued that the Scandinavian countries and Canada offer examples of successful socialist economies. This confuses social democracy with democratic socialism. See

    All of these countries have extensive social safety nets, a higher percentage of state ownership of business enterprises and a higher percentage of union representation of labor than is found in the U.S., but all of these countries have undeniably capitalist economies with all the defining characteristics:

    -Trade and industry controlled by private interests for profit
    -Private capital accumulation
    -Wage labor
    -Voluntary exchange
    -Price systems for goods and services
    -Competitive markets.

    The capitalist economies of these countries aren’t the pure laissez-faire/free-market type as seen in Britain and the U.S. in the 18th and 19th centuries (but neither is the U.S. economy now). Canada and the Scandinavian countries have what is usually described by political scientists as ‘welfare capitalist’ economies – but the U.S. does as well. They certainly put more emphasis on the ‘welfare’ element of ‘welfare capitalism’ than the U.S. does, but they remain capitalist economies none the less.

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