Peter DeBenedittus: Best KSFR Interview I’ve Done; Listen at 11 on Saturday

A note on Peter D’s very impressive interview. You will want to listen in at 11 on Saturday on KSFR 101.1 FM or stream it on your computer. And at long last, an easy, online way to donate to Retake Our Democracy

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Donate Button with Credit CardsFor over a year Retake Our Democracy has passed the hat at various meetings, mostly the larger Town Halls and trainings, but each month we have fallen further and further in the red. While 100% volunteer-driven, we have costs for facility rental, fliers, web-hosting, email, food and beverages at events, etc.

As we launch our statewide Rapid Response Network we will need added funds to support travel to key districts throughout the State.  These trips will be used to energize and focus response hubs of volunteer advocates across the state, so that 2019 lobbying at the Roundhouse is not limited to Santa Feans testifying to Representatives instead of hearing from their constituents hundreds of miles away. As a result of organizing, training and coordinating constituents in key districts throughout 2018, Representatives will be hearing from their people, the voters who got them elected. In 2019, hopefully with a Democratic Governor, we will not only defeat bad bills but turn good bills into laws. We will need your very modest, but ongoing support to make this happen.

The link above  right, is not our permanent donate platform. Due to limitations imposed by Word Press, the current format requires a fixed number of pretty odd donor levels, ones that we would not have chosen. But it also allows you to simply input the donation level you want and to indicate if you want to make this a one-time or a monthly donation. I will be working with Word Press to develop a permanent, more flexible button as soon as possible.

But to be candid, we really need many of you to make a $10-$25 monthly contribution and a few to be willing to go higher. We will NOT bombard you with requests and DONATE pop-ups will never start appearing in every email. Once in awhile, I’ll make an ask, but otherwise the button will just sit there waiting for your action. But right now, we really do need your support.

One final note. Almost everywhere Roxanne and I go, we are stopped by people, many of whom we don’t even know. who thank us for our work. That means a good deal to us. One of the most gratifying parts of this work has been the slowly emerging community of like-minded folks committed to a better world. While we have gotten to know many of the people who get this blog, now with over 2000 people on our list we obviously don’t know you all. But we feel your support.  Thank you. Read on to hear about my interview with Peter D and then please click the new donate button at the top of the page.

In Solidarity and Service,

Paul & Roxanne

Hear from Peter DeBenedittusThis Saturday, 11am on Retake Our Democracy on KSFR 101.1 FM or via Live Stream: You Won’t be Sorry

Retake Our Democracy is not endorsing candidates for statewide office, at least not yet. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have opinions. I have spoken with Peter D., many times and each time have been impressed with his grasp of the facts and the research behind his positions.

During our interview (taped Thursday, airing Sat at 11), he had remarkable command and presence. But he didn’t appear the least bit Gubernatorial. If he had appeared Gubernatorial in the typical sense, he would have danced around issues; he would have equivocated and used high-sounding rhetoric; and he would have shied away from details. But Peter D., didn’t do any of that. Each question was answered with a very specific commitment to a policy or a principle.

So while Peter D. didn’t seem to fit the traditional mold for a Governor, he was principled, articulate and passionate, a very refreshing combination. He is the only candidate not taking money from large donors, PACs and corporate interests, and he is the only candidate to date to strongly endorse the Health Security Act.

This isn’t an endorsement of his candidacy, it is an expression of gratitude for his running for Governor, traversing the state, and speaking truth to power. His message is obviously resonating as his email list is over 70,000 and he secured the second most signatures on candidate petitions of any candidate.  The race is far better off with Peter D. in it and I hope he makes it to the primary ballot. Please listen in on Saturday at 11am on KSFR 101.1 FM as he was also among the very best interviews I’ve done.

In solidarity and service,

Paul & Roxanne

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  1. Your interview with Peter D. was very inspiring.

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