Looking Forward, Looking Back: A Week of Wins & New Paths Emerging

The Poor People’s Campaign NM launched, Retake Our Democracy’s Roundhouse Advocacy Strategy emerges, a win in the Supreme Court, and a daunting challenge in the Roundhouse Session: A PNM Wealth Grab. Details and calls to action captured in this blog.

Poor People’s Campaign Launches in NM. Something is brewing nationally and in NM. On a national level there have been a series of progressive election wins and GOP policy and communication gaffes (tax plan and shitholes) is creating a sense of urgency, possibility, and focus.  Yesterday, over 200 people jammed Nahalat Shalom Temple in Albuquerque to hear music, speakers from the statewide Core Committee, and a message about what is to come. Earlier that day, I was among a dozen Core Members who met for 7 hours at Southwest Organizing Project in ABQ, planning a structure and strategies to guide the movement in NM and to align with the national campaign. A majority of the Core Committee is comprised of women and the majority are POC, so it is balanced and ‘looks like NM.’ To watch streaming video of the event, click here to get to the NM PPC Facebook page. There are many streams posted. And while you are there, like the page so you get a feed of upcoming PPC events.

The events below are important actions that are developing our base and building a movement here in Santa Fe. At the end of today’s blog are brief descriptions of the blogs for the week and links to each, something we now do every Monday just to make sure folks haven’t missed anything. To quote the Buffalo Springfield: “There something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear.” It seems to be getting clearer. But we need more of you, many more of you engaged. So if you haven’t signed the pledge to join the Poor People’s Campaign, click here and do so. Civil disobedience will begin on May 13 and training and planning and organizing started yesterday.

Late Breaking: Another Way to Get Onboard with the Poor People’s Campaign:  I just got this at 9:15 this morning from Rev Barber:  Today, we say the best way to honor Dr. King is to demand action. We don’t just need a day, we need a movement. That’s why the poor, disenfranchised and marginalized, along with clergy of all faiths, are joining together in the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. We are not commemorating Dr. King, but consecrating a new movement.  Text ACTION to 90975 and sign up to get become a movement activist now. To win these fights we need as many people as possible to get involved and do their part. Opt in and make sure you’re ready to make a difference.

Events of the Week

Jan 18, and Jan 25, 4:30-6:30. Roundhouse Advocacy Team. New Energy Economy Conference Room. 343 E Alameda St, Santa Fe,  The group typically meets twice monthly, but because the Roundhouse session is upon us and because we are presenting our Roundhouse 2018-19 Roundhouse Strategy at the ProgressNOWNM Progressive Summit, we are meeting every week in January. We are going to review planning for advocacy in the 2018 session, as despite this being a short session, there are a number of bills we will be pushing. We will also review plans for the Progressive Summit. To RSVP for the 18th, please write to Paul@retakeourdemocracy.org. Come find out how you can get involved this January at the Roundhouse. Be a community activist, raise your voice and be heard. RSVP by writing to me at paul@retakeourdemocracy.org. Sat. Jan. 20, 8:30-4pm. ABQ Convention Center. Progressive Summit.  If you are progressive and live in NM, this is where you need to be on Jan. 20. An series of inspiring panels and speakers, plus about 1000 other progressives will be there to share their ideas and hopes. Roxanne and I attended last year and were truly inspired. Not to be missed. For details click here.


action-changes-thingsRetake Takes Action. Mon. Jan 22, 6pm-7:15pm, New Energy Economy Conference Room. 343 E Alameda St, Santa Fe.  Retake’s Local Research and Activism Team is shifting from research to direct community service.  Join Jennifer Johnson is chairing this shift and explore options for direct community group service on projects in Santa Fe, with a lens on under-served communities. The focus through the first of March will be the local elections, Mayoral and City Council. On the 8th, the team will also examine the People’s Platform, a platform of progressive platforms developed by Retake with significant input from partners like Somos Un Pueblo Unido, New Energy Economy, Earth Care, and Chainbreaker Collective. RSVP by writing to Sara Hume at peachmagpie@gmail.com.


Screenshot 2018-01-08 13.52.41Sun. Jan 21, Noon. Santa Fe Women’s March II. We begin at the Roundhouse at noon and march down Old Santa Fe Trail. We should reach the Plaza around 1:00 pm. For those who can’t march, please meet us at the Plaza. T-shirts, hats and sweatshirts are available for sale at Roadrunner Printing on 1235 Siler Rd.





Chainbreaker, The Edge of Equity Series. Round II: Education without Displacement. Tuesday, Jan. 23 5:30-7:30pm, Higher Education Center, 1950 Siringo, Santa Fe. First panel was standing room only, so arrive EARLY as this will also be JAMMED and for good reason.  Candidate forums, planning meetings, training’s in RCV, and a can’t miss series from Chainbreaker Collective, a series of panels on Equity in Santa Fe. While the Edge of Equity is not the first chronologically, if you have not seen Tomás Rivera speak on equity issues, you will want to mark down these dates and not miss any of the panels. Chainbreaker Collective is key partner in the struggle for racial and economic justice in Santa Fe and no one articulates the lack of equity in Santa Fe and a vision for economic justice in Santa Fe better than Tomás and his colleagues at Chainbreaker. Don’t miss these panels.  For more information, go to http://www.chainbreaker.org

January 24, 7pm, The Lensic. Nomi Prins. $8. Tickets went on sale Saturday and the floor was half sold out within hours. Prins is a writer, investigative journalist, and public speaker. The author of six books, she is well-known for the exposé It Takes a Pillage: Behind the Bonuses, Bailouts, and Backroom Deals from Washington to Wall Street and All the Presidents’ Bankers, a narrative about the relationships between presidents and key bankers over the past century and their impact on domestic and foreign policy.  Her new book, Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World,which explores the rise of central bank power and influence in the global financial, economic, and geopolitical hierarchy, is forthcoming in 2018. Clck here to purchase tickets.


1 Mueller trumpNational Action If Mueller is Fired. We will need to be ready at a moment’s notice. Read On for Santa Fe Plan.  RISE Stronger New Mexico has scheduled a rapid response #Resistance Action in Santa Fe if special prosecutor Robert Mueller is fired. The local event details will mirror national plan which can be found here: https://act.moveon.org/event/mueller-firing-rapid-response/search/?source=MFT/ The Santa Fe rally will begin hours after news breaks of a Mueller firing: If Mueller is fired BEFORE 2 P.M. local time —> events will begin @ 5 P.M. local time, If Mueller is fired AFTER 2 P.M. local time —> events will begin @ noon local time the following day. Our gathering place will be the bandstand on the Santa Fe Plaza.   Click here to RSVP for this event. It is not a Facebook event, so anyone can sign up. For an article speculating that Mueller will be fired on Dec 22, click here.

The Poor People’s Campaign (starting this blog with some words of inspiration).  I am convinced that the PPC has the chance to ignite a national fire storm, to awaken the masses in a revolt against militarism, racism, economic injustice and environmental degradation. It can change the conversation and set a new tone and direction, if you and thousands of others get involved. A note from Todd Wynberg, one of the NM Core Members for the campaign: “We enter into this new year as newly-cobbled friends and allies joined in a common cause. It is called the Poor People’s Campaign, but we know it is far more than that. We do not know exactly what will happen, but we do know for certain we are embarking on a journey that will be life-transforming,  earth-honoring, people-dignifying, spirit-following, empire-resisting, despair-erasing, justice-seeking and society-changing. Maybe you feel it too–this is going to be big, my friends. Here is the a link here to sign up for the Campaign and get information as we advance toward the launch of nationwide civil disobedience on May 13.

A Look Back at Last Week’s Blogs

solarSolarizing the City: Yes. With PNM as our Partner: No!  Write to the Mayor and ask him about his plan to solarize the City with PNM as our partner. Aside from the proposal seeking the arch-enemy of renewable energy as our partner, the plan would leave the City at the mercy of PNM as they would own our renewable energy infrastructure. What’s more, there are significant questions as to whether the plan is even legal or could achieve approval from the Public Regulation Commission. This poorly conceived idea needs to be challenged. Click here for details and contact information for the Mayor and City Council and please let them know why you oppose this proposal.


This place isn’t progressive enough. Let’s change that.

Are You Tired of Good Bills Dying in the Roundhouse? No More.  Tuesday, Jan 9.  Late breaking news on Santa Fe Women’s March, plus update on Retake Roundhouse strategy 2018-2019, you may be impressed with what a small band of advocates have done over the last nine months. Ready or not, it is time to get to work to ensure that good bills become law. And Retake has a plan. And you are invited to become involved.



Breaking News: Supreme Court Rules that Ranked Choice Voting Must Be Implemented. Another Big Win. Tuesday, Jan 9 (PM) Kudos, Kudos, Kudos to Maria Perez for her ceaseless advocacy on behalf of RCV. I am REALLY hoping that the City doesn’t now decide to appeal to the US Supreme Court, but I think I am jesting. Assuming this was the last City effort to stall RCV, it is time to put community education in gear. Click here.



PNM Solarization: Coming to Your City Soon. Be Very Aware. Wednesday, Jan. 10. PNM recognizes that its economic future depends upon its capacity to secure a continuing monopoly of energy production. And so now PNM is seeking ways to monopolize the transition to renewable energy. To advance this goal, PNM has introduced a resolution in Santa Fe to build and own a monopoly on new solar installations that would provide energy for 22 City facilities. This can happen in any city in PNM’s service area. PNM offers to produce a solar installation to power your City facilities and pay for the cost through customer rate increases over time. Sounds reasonable until you read the fine print. Very clear analysis explains why.  Click here.


Trump: Why Should We Accept People from “Shithole” Countries: Our President Said That. Thursday, Jan. 11.  He was referring to Haiti, El Salvador, and Africa, gauging by his response to Puerto Rican relief, I am guessing that they belong in the group as well. My take away from this is that we are dangerously close to accepting this kind of language and action as acceptable. What do we do?  We Need to Be Astonished & Now We Need to Act: CALL TO ACTION! The blog describes the implications of Trump’s tweets, comments and actions are becoming a kind of new norm. And it can’t. Blog also includes information on the Poor People’s Campaign in New Mexico. It is time for all of us to make commitments to resist the government. Click here.



PNM Goes to the Roundhouse to Rob Us Blind: Critical Call to Action. This is serious. Friday, Jan 12. The legislature starts next week and PNM has proposed an extremely dangerous bill, a plan to circumvent the Public Regulation Commission and you.  Poor People’s Campaign NM launches Today. The blog provides details on PNM’s SB 47, outlines the implications of its passage, and a clear call to action with speaking points and contact information. This is going to be one of the most important battles in the Roundhouse this session.  Click here.


in solidarity,

Roxanne and Paul

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