A Week in Review: Is Civil Disobedience in Our Future?

The week included alerts about PNM and their effort to swindle you of $350 million, details about the City Council’s RCV options, analysis of the Trump Tax Wealth Grab, and ended with a question: When does the revolt begin? That, plus a preview of the coming week,

Merry Christmas. Here’s Hoping You are Spending Time with Family and In Reflection About What Lies Ahead

 If you missed the report on PNM below or the Saturday and Sunday blogs, all three are worth a read as they include begins an ongoing assessment of what it might take to pivot from capitalism and what forms of civil disobedience are emerging in NM and nationally. You will also find information on how you can sign up to be kept informed about two local nonviolent direct action initiatives connected to national strategies. If somehow you missed the RCV debate, the two Wednesday blogs will catch you up. With the holidays, there isn’t much by way of meetings or actions on which to report, so we’ll just suggest you tune in on Saturday at 11am for a special one-hour Retake Our Democracy show on KSFR, 101.1 FM. A year-end retrospective with the Retake Leadership Team. We will look backwards at what we’ve accomplished and forward at the challenges ahead.


PNM Poised to Rip You Off for $350 Million in Roundhouse Bill that Bypasses PRC Governance. Thievery.  Tue. Dec. 19.  Knowing that the PRC is not going to give them what they want, PNM is planning a devious end-around to the State legislature where the Gov, the GOP and too many Dems may bow to their demands. What do we get? Absolutely nothing. This blog provides the details. Retake will be strongly aligned with New Energy Economy and will vigorously opposing this Act. Click here.


RCV Vote Today. Speaking Points Provided. Wed. Dec 20. Over the past ten days, community pressure has carried the day in Sandoval County and here in Santa Fe. But even with our constant pressure and advocacy from FairVote, Retake, the SOS and NM Director of Elections, our City is doing  everything possible to stall RCV implementation. Blog also provides details on PNM’s shameless effort to bilk the state for $350 Million. Read on for action you can take.  Click here.

Clarification for City Council Confusion on RCV. Council Votes Today. Andrea Romero to Challenge Carl Trujillo. Wednesday, Dec 20.  Today, we update yesterday’s blog on RCV and provide precise language to use with a Council that has been confused by advice from the Asst. City Attorney. Also, more on Andrea Romero’s challenge to Carl Trujillo and the criteria Retake will use to determine who to support in Democratic primaries. Click here.

Huge $150 Million Win Against PNM; Somos Wins Wage-Theft Suit; City Council Sets RCV Rules. Th. Dec 21. PRC deals PNM stunning defeat and NY City & State divest from coal in the largest divestment to date. Judge Thomson (same as RCV judge) forces Workforce Solutions to enforce wage laws and City Council goes from 3-10pm to develop rules governing RCV. The blog offers praise to the City Council for wrestling with difficult issues in a public debate.  Click here.


Trump Tax: Capitalism at its Finest. Richard Wolff Commentary. Sat. Dec. 23. Retake has many times detailed all that is wrong with this tax bill, but today we turn to Richard Wolff for his look at how the confluence of the Democratic and GOP parties have increasingly coalesced around a capitalist system and those who benefit from it. Wolff points out how this is causing some to question capitalism and both parties. I pose the question: Why is the Democratic Party not calling for us to go to the streets? I think we know why. Click here.


When Will the Resistance Begin? And Who Will Lead. Sun. Dec 24. The blog asks why #metoo, Black Lives Matter, Occupy, or even the Democratic Party have not called for a General Strike, another massive march, or some other form of civil disobedience. What could this look like? Who will lead?  What could happen? Blog includes Erica Chenoweth TedTalk on the historic effectiveness of nonviolent direct action.  Click here.


Happy holidays. As you spend the holiday week between Xmas and NYE, please devote some time to pondering what lies ahead. As the blog on Sunday suggests, what lies ahead may be like nothing we’ve experienced before, a pivot toward justice that is hopefully abrupt and sustained.

In solidarity,

Roxanne and Paul

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