Actions for the Week & a Look at Last Week: Critical Immediate Action Needed

We take a look forward and back at a momentous week of actions and a call for action TODAY related to a Santa Fe-PNM proposal that we need to stop. We also include a video of the best friend of the woman who accused Roy Moore of sexual assault when she was 14. It is VERY compelling.

IIt was a crazy week, filled with City Council decisions and reversals and new challenges begin today (Monday) at 5pm as the City Council’s Public Works Committee holds a Public Hearing on a PNM effort to monopolize city renewable energy options. This PNM-pushed partnership has moved through two committees before coming to the attention of our partners New Energy Economy late last week. Retake is trying to identify bills earlier in the process, but this one slipped past us. But now is the time to provide input. Since then we have been asking you to renew your input with the Mayor and our City Councilors by respectfully asking that they slow the process, allow more public input and review New Energy’s concerns. It is clear from communication with several Councilors this weekend, that at least some, if not most Councilors were aware of the issues raised by NEE.  See the first item below.

See also, several opportunities for becoming more active this week. And at the end of the post, note a very compelling interview with one of the best friends of Roy Moore’s accuser who has claimed he assaulted her when she was 14. The video describes the victim’s conversation with her friend the day after the assault. If you know anyone in Alabama who could possibly be a Moore supporter, this video would be good to share. Scary that Moore is leading slightly in the polls despite the obvious pattern of sexual harassment and assault by Moore.

Events & Opportunities for This Week


1 Think National Act LocalACTION NEEDED NOW:  Write to your Mayor & City Council to Oppose the PNM Solarization Proposal.  Attend Public Hearing Today (Monday) at 5pm.  PNM is proposing to bypass a procurement process that would likely identify a better deal for Santa Fe. PNM’s proposal would not be cost-effective and would saddle the City with a solar partnership with the historic enemy of renewables. The Public Works Committee is holding a public hearing on this proposal at 5pm in City Hall chambers, 200 Lincoln. This would be a very good time to have people provide comment to the City at the hearing at 5pm and via email and phone. For now, we recommend focusing upon Councilors Lindell, Dominguez, Rivera and Trujillo as they service on the Public Works Committee.

Action Needed Today: First click here to read over an earlier and now updated blog about this proposal and then send a link to that blog to the Mayor, your City Councilors and to Public Works Committee Members, Councilors Lindell, Rivera, Dominguez and Trujillo. With the link to the updated blog, include your comments as to why you oppose this partnership. It can be as simple as saying you don’t trust PNM.  Click here for contact info for the Mayor and Council members. Please do this NOW. It will only take a very few minutes. And if you possibly can, attend the public hearing at 5pm today (Monday, Dec 11) in City Hall Chambers. We need to raise our voices. I have heard from several Councilors that they were not aware of the issues raised by NEE. Let’s make sure they are made aware of those problems.

This place isn’t progressive enough. Let’s change that.

Revenue Stabilization & Tax Policy Committee. December 11 – 13, 2017. State Capitol, Room 322. The Revenue and Tax Policy Committee is holding a series of one to two-hour information sessions over the next two days on a range of tax policy issues. Retake has combed over the list of sessions and particularly recommends: Observations on New Mexico Tax Reform with Tom Clifford, Ph.D. at 11am today (Monday). and Update on Federal Tax Reform with Richard Anklam, President and Executive Director, New Mexico Tax Research Institute at 9am Tuesday. both sessions are in room 322 at the Roundhouse. Together, these two sessions should give you a current grasp of some critical tax and revenue issues at the state and national levels.



action-changes-thingsRetake Takes Action. Dec. 12, 6pm-7:15pm RSVP for location.  Retake’s Local Research and Activism Team is shifting from research to direct community service. Join Jennifer Johnson & Tracey Enright who are co-chairing this shift and explore options for direct community group service on projects in Santa Fe, with a lens on under-served communities. This is the kickoff of what could become just another way that you can get in the game and work with others to advance justice in New Mexico. RSVP by writing to Jennifer Johnson at



December 14 and 28, 5:30-7:30. Roundhouse Advocacy Team. New Energy Economy Conference Room. 343 E Alameda St, Santa Fe,  We will begin identifying Roundhouse districts in which Retake wants to support Democratic candidates who are incumbents and face stiff challenges in 2018, a very limited number of Democratic Primary candidates who might challenge seated Representatives who have not been consistently supportive of progressive legislation; and new Democratic candidates seeking to take GOP seats. We are also going to begin planning for advocacy in the 2018 session, as despite this being a short session, there are a number of bills we will be pushing. Come find out how you can get involved. RSVP by writing to me at 

January 24, 7pm, The Lensic. Nomi Prins. $8. Tickets went on sale Saturday and the floor is half sold out already. Prins is a writer, investigative journalist, and public speaker. The author of six books, she is well-known for the exposé It Takes a Pillage: Behind the Bonuses, Bailouts, and Backroom Deals from Washington to Wall Street and All the Presidents’ Bankers, a narrative about the relationships between presidents and key bankers over the past century and their impact on domestic and foreign policy.  Her new book, Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World,which explores the rise of central bank power and influence in the global financial, economic, and geopolitical hierarchy, is forthcoming in 2018. Clck here to purchase tickets.

A Look Back at Last Week’s Blogs

Shocking City Council Decision to Appeal RCV to the Supreme Court and Poor People’s Campaign NM Launched. With an opportunity to put the divisive RCV debate behind us, the city sent a mixed message: unanimously proceed/5-4 appeal. But worse, there was absolutely no public discussion to clue voters in to their thinking.. Details. Also included, a hilarious short video on the hopefully immanent doom of the Trump regime. Click here.



City Attorney Recommends Repealing City’s Exemplary Campaign Disclosure Bill. Wed. Dec. 7.  Time to reach out politely to our City Attorney, City Councilors and Mayor, yet again, as there is a vote planned to decide whether the City should buckle under the threat of a legal suit from the Rio Grande Foundation. Sad, we have money to appeal the will of our voters on RCV, but no funds to defend the same voters’ right to know whose $$ is influencing our elections.Before diving in to yet another legal challenge facing our city, two events of note, one tonight and one just announced and likely to sell out very quickly. Click here.



We Win!! City Reverses Course and Will Defend its Disclosure Law. But Also Seek Illegal Partnership with PNM. Thurs. Dec. 8. Your calls and emails have been heard. The City has pulled Council Bill No. 17-27 which would have had the City revise its Disclosure Bill and buckle to the threat of a lawsuit from the Libertarian Rio Grande Foundation. Nice to win one. This blog also celebrates the immanent closing of San Juan and examines a new, but possibly illegal PNM initiative to forge a solar partnership with Santa Fe. Click here.  See also the blog below for how the proposal may not be legal and is definitely not the most cost-effective.



The Truth Behind PNM’s Santa Fe Solarization Proposal. Sat. Dec. 9. You’d think we’d all be happy that PNM is interested in developing solar in Santa Fe. But as New Energy Economy points out, the proposal is not what it appears and the City has far better options. This kind of proposal will certainly be offered to other cities and counties in NM as PNM seeks to solidify its iron grip on all things energy in NM. But is PNM who we should trust with our renewable energy future?  Details in this post along with links to contact information for your City Councilors and the Mayor. Time to contact our Councilors and Mayor. Please continue contacting the Mayor and City Council.  Click here.


More on The Poor People’s Campaign: A Call for Civil Disobedience. Sunday, Dec 10. This blog includes a scathing review of Donald Trump and the GOP by conservative commentator David Brook–worth forwarding to GOP friends. The blog also includes an update on the Poor People’s Campaign and a preview of GOP plans for Medicare–the next assault. It is not good. Click here.



And please, contact your City Councilors and the Mayor about the proposed PNM partnership. Click here for details and contact info.

In solidarity,

Paul & Roxanne

Friend of Roy Moore Accuser Speaks Out–And VERY Convincingly. How Is Roy Moore Still Leading in the Polls?


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