James Baldwin 50 Years Ago Hammers Home the Message from the Last 2 Blogs

Excerpted from the William F Buckley-James Baldwin debate in 1965. I have included a powerful 3 minute clip from that debate that includes relevant historic video clips and then below that the full 58 minute debate. We have had messengers who got it right for a long time. It is time to act on those messages. No commentary today. Please spend your time listening not reading.

Yesterday, I wrote of the four-headed beast: capitalism, colonialism, sexism and racism. Today, I step back and James Baldwin takes center stage. Roxanne and I are going to spend some time looking back at historic video of activists who have taken on this beast we call America. Today, James Baldwin in a 3 minute video-laced excerpt from his debate with Buckley, along with an 10 minute clip of Baldwin’s response to Buckley’s opening remarks (for those who can’t stomach Buckley’s condescension) and then lastly for those who want to experience the full debate, last is the 58 minute debate in its entirety.



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