A Week in Review and the Week to Come

An eventful week in Santa Fe, in NM, and in the world. This blog provides links to the week’s major events as reported by Retake, as well as a listing of events coming. So if you missed anything this week, here is what you missed and here is what is coming.

Coming Events

Retake Takes Action. Tuesday. Nov 14, 6-7:15pm. Rippel Metal is located at 1222 Flagman Way in the Baca Railyard area just behind Santa Fe Modern . Retake’s Local Research and Activism Team is shifting from research to direct community service. Join Jennifer Johnson & Tracey Enright who are co-chairing this shift and explore options for direct community group service on projects in Santa Fe, with a lens on under-served communities. This is the second meeting of what could become just another way that you can get in the game and work with others to advance justice in New Mexico.



TEWA Women’s United: Española Healing Food Oasis, Community Work Day. FRIDAY NOVEMBER 17, 9:30 – 1:00 PM. 313 N Paseo de Onate, Espanola, NM. Learn about TWU’s work and contribute to their Healing Food Oasis Project. Check out the flyer at right for details about what you will do and what you should bring. Hope to see you there.

Public Bank Forum. City Hall Chambers. Monday, Nov 20, 6pm-8pm. Come and hear reports from each of the four committees working within the Public Bank Task Force. Open conversation not governed by the 2 minute rule of public comment and opportunities to ask questions and get responses.


Hearing on Ranked Choice Voting. Nov. 21, 8:15am (be on time). First District Court. 255 Montezuma Ave. Judge Thomson will hear from the City who has this opportunity to explain why it should not be forced to implement Ranked Choice Voting in March, despite Secretary of State assurances that the timeline is manageable and despite two court orders directing the City to implement RCV in March. See below for a blog with more on RCV, the court order and how to contact the Mayor and City Council to encourage them to implement RCV now.

Roundhouse photo

This place isn’t progressive enough. Let’s change that.

Roundhouse Activism Team. Th. Nov. 30, 6-8pm, site TBD. The group met with Resist Española this Saturday and has finalized a first draft of our Priority Legislative Agenda, a compilation of 30 bills that were considered in the 2017 Roundhouse session and that we would like to see as Democratic Party priorities in 2019.  The list was derived from conversations with 15-20 progressive lobbying groups.  We are now beginning to vet the list with leadership within the Democratic Party and with the lobbying groups we partnered with in developing the list. We are still finalizing our list of priority bills and now will be creating the statewide survey through which we hope to get input from voters throughout the state.. This is a tremendous group of folks who are really getting it done. Join us. Please RSVP by emailing us at volunteer4retake@gmail.com.

Blogs in Review: A Look Back at Last Week

Saturday, Nov 11. Second Judge Orders City to Prep Ranked Choice Voting for March. City Could Appeal. Action Time…Without Ranked Choice Voting, we could elect a conservative Mayor with 25% of the vote while 75% of voters split their votes between four excellent progressive candidates. We can’t let this happen and two judges agree. Read on for action details, background information, and contact information so you can raise your voice with the Mayor and City Council.  Click here for full blog.  


Thursday, Nov 9. Could This Be the Beginning of The Birthing of Something Better?  I am not so naive as to think that winning a bunch of elections translates into substantive change, but the overwhelming number of local and state wins Tuesday, by people who look like their communities and who support public banks, legalized marijuana, universal healthcare, and LGTBQ rights was just staggering.  Much to learn from those with the courage to advance unabashedly progressive platforms. What if? Click here for the full blog.

Wednesday, Nov. 8. Why We Can’t Get Background Checks & Other Restrictions on Guns.  With 9 out of 10 Americans and even 9 out of 10 gun owners wanting background checks and other limitations on gun access, why can’t we even discuss the issue intelligently? Yesterday, I suggested that the measure of a nation can be found in its ability to work together for the common good, to form alliances where common ground can be found and to solve pressing community challenges. While you could point to any number of public policy debates where we are not working together, nowhere….absolutely nowhere is this inability more obvious than in relation to gun control. This blog explores why.  Click here for the full blog.

Tuesday, Nov. 7. Gratitude in Action: With an Unfathomable International Scene, Go Local to Create Change.  One measure of a society, indeed of a world, is how well it can work together to solve problems, address challenges, take advantage of sustainable opportunities. Right now, we get an F for this and have for some time. Retake recommends going local to create change and find hope. This blog explores one of our local heroes, Earth Care, and asks that you make a holiday contribution to support their work. Click here for the full blog.

In solidarity,

Paul & Roxanne



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  1. Paul and Roxanne,

    Also from Nuclear Watch for this Tuesday at 2 pm regarding more funding for cleanup from the toxic wastes from LANL, most effecting the nearby pueblos, and all of us in this area, increased safety measures and the halt of a plan to expand plutonium pit production:

    “Santa Fe County residents: we urge you to come to the Santa Fe County Commission meeting on Tuesday November 14, where a revised LANL cleanup resolution will be considered. This resolution (see PDF) is a modified version of the resolution passed by the Santa Fe City Council at the end of October.
    It’s important that as many people come as possible and show their support for real cleanup at Los Alamos Lab.

    Meeting begins at 2pm
    Santa Fe County Commission meeting room
    Santa Fe County Clerk’s Office
    102 Grant Ave, Santa Fe

    View/download the revised Resolution under consideration.”

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