Readiness is All: A Call to Prepare for Disobedience

Rev.Barber is planning a New Poor People’s Campaign and some of the leaders of the original Campaign will provide non-violence training in Santa Fe on Oct 27-28. Trump protects white supremacists while attacking mostly black football players when they peacefully protest. He encourages violence and plants seeds that some press freedoms may be irresponsible. The day may be coming….A Call to Prepare.  This is a brief note about an opportunity to begin preparing for the time that may be looming when votes, calls, emails and rallies may not be enough, when sustained civil disobedience on a grand scale may be called for. If you read about the civil rights movement, you find that it did not just unfold spontaneously. Strategy was carefully calculated. Rev. William Barber is criss-crossing the Nation, visiting 25 targeted states with a plan of recruiting, training and then coordinating 1,000 people in each state who commit to participate in civil disobedience over a 100-day period in the spring and summer of 2018. We have a unique opportunity here in Santa Fe to jump-start our preparation for 2018. Registration for the remarkable Kingian Non-Violence training (see below) closes on Oct 22 and is limited to 70 folks. We want to be sure that a majority of those folks are Retake supporters who use these two days to build trusting relationships, commitments, capacity, and community. The time is coming for when we will need trained leadership ready to act, ready to lead.

SILENCE NO MORE.  Friday and Saturday, October 27-28, 2017. 9am-6pm.  Santa Fe Art Institute:  BEYOND TACTICS for URGENT TIMES.  Introduction to Kingian Nonviolence. Philosophy and Methodology derived from the lifework of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lead by American Civil Rights Leader and 2016 recipient of the Gandhi International Humanitarian Award Dr. Bernard Lafayette, Jr.  $75 registration | Scholarships available | donations accepted towards scholarships.  Click here to register. This will sell out quickly.


This Weekend is Full of Opportunities


One Man Band. Friday, Oct. 20, 8pm-10pm Skylight, 139 W. San Francisco. To kick off what looks like quite a busy weekend for Retake, you may want to get on your dancing shoes and get down to the Skylight to hear some good old rock ‘n roll with One Man Band. If you haven’t heard them, the band formed around the Stand and Rock benefits for Standing Rock concerts organized by Brian Hardgroove that always featured Jono Manson to close out the show. John Kurzweg was also a key member of the Hardgroove set and so they formed to play a gig at the Bandstand last summer and have decided to come together again tonight. Expect the band to include the Retake anthem For What It’s Worth along with a good dozen other songs of revolution and protest. Click here for details.


KSFR Saturday, 11am-Noon. Special Pledge Week Hour with Paul Gibson and Roxanne Barber. We will take calls, talk politics and ask for your support for our show and KSFR. Last pledge week, Retake had the second highest donation total of any 30-minute segment. The show is a vital part of Retake’s community engagement and education strategy. If you can only listen for a brief moment on Saturday, please call in 428-1393 to make a donation and voice your support for Retake Our Democracy.


Screenshot 2017-10-11 08.19.18Saturday, Oct. 21, and Sunday, Oct. 29 3-5pm. Screening of Two Episodes of America Divided. Retake is screening two episodes from Norman Lear’s America Divided. The episodes focus on gentrification in NY, water issues in Flint, and school segregation in Florida. Click here to get to our Events & Opportunities page with details and how to RSVP for both events. The second episode on the 29th is only 60 minutes and so immediately afterwards, we will host a panel discussion featuring Miguel Angel Acosta Muñoz, a community educator/Organizer and self-described Free Range Mexican, and Kathy Sanchez, Environmental Health and Justice Program Manager of Tewa Women United.

She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry plays at the CCA at 5:15 pm on Saturday.  The film depicts the growth of the second wave of the women’s movement in the 60s. The Director, Mary Dore, will be introducing the film. After the Screening and Q&A there will be a reception for Mary at the CCA Gallery. Here’s the link to buy tix:

In solidarity,

Paul & Roxanne 

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  1. Dowm to the wire folks. Fake casino stocks racing to new heights of illusions while every oruki in the nation takes the needle and then froths at the mouth in expectation of mayhem against gentle folk and great reward for perverse self-aggrandizement.

    You think you can lay low and miss the orks tipping over your flower pots? Ain’t gonna happen. They expect you to capitulate. Get it? They feel they know you and own you.

    Gloves off. Pants off. All of us have no clothes. We are naked to the galaxy, if not multiple universes. Will you cringe, bargain, plead, and lose your head? Paul and his stalwart are laying it out for you.

    I projecyed the end of Sept. For dis-solution. Missed it by 30 days. We NEED each other. Get over yourself or you soon will have no self. You will be organic goo coming out a brush chipper.

    Absolutely, I love you all, but its time to get like a bungee cord, incredibly strong but so much more flexible. Focus but open your awareness, real friends are hard to find.

    Ya basta, no mas.

    Mick Nickel

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