Marley Faces Two Battery Charges at 8am Tomorrow. Heinrich to Co-Sponsor Single Payer

We start with good news: constituent pressure matters and Sen. Heinrich is going to co-sponsor Sanders’ Single Payer. But here at home, the bad news is that Jennifer Marley still faces two counts of battery, with arraignment tomorrow at 8am. l

Sorry for this getting out so late today, but I was waiting to hear about the location and time for Jennifer Marley’s hearing on felony charges and

Heinrich to Sponsor Sanders’ Single Payer Bill.  Sorry for the late post today, but I bring good news. After spending an hour on the phone with Senator Heinrich’s aide, Joe Britton, I got a call an hour later and Joe told me that he had spoken with the Senator and that he had agreed to co-sponsor Sanders’ Single Payer bill. Pressure from Progressive Democrats of America, OurRevolution and Working Families Party, no doubt, is having an impact and while Single Payer will not be passed in any form until 2021 at the soonest, it is good that one-by-one more Democratic leaders are signing on to support the bill. Britton agreed that with more co-sponsors, single payer will have to become part of the Democratic Party’s campaign in 2018 and 2020, despite Pelosi’s assertions that there isn’t sufficient support to warrant it being part of the campaign message. During my talk with Britton, I also discussed the focus of tomorrow’s post, the People’s Platform that was developed by OurRevolution, Progressive Democrats of America and Working Families Party. The eight-bill platform will be described in some detail tomorrow along with the ratings for both of our Democratic House Representatives. Spoiler alert: there is work to be done in bringing pressure on both of them.

Jennifer Marley Faces Two Felonies for Battery on a ‘Peace’ Officer September 13 at 8:00am at Magistrate Court, 2056 Galisteo St, Santa Fe. Jennifer Marley returns to magistrate court on Wednesday,  for her felony arraignments. We call upon folks to come out and support Jennifer on Wednesday as she faces her most serious charges out of the eight arrested at Friday’s Entrada protest. The “battery of peace officer” charges are not substantiated by the video below. Red Nation calls upon all Santa Feans and allies of the Native liberation struggle to join us on Wendesday, September 13, 2017 at 8:00am in an act of solidarity with Jennifer Marley as she appears in magistrate court for her arraignment. So as not to compromise the legal integrity of her case, we respectfully ask that folks who show up come in a spirit of support and refrain from protesting or disrupting arraignment proceedings. If the court hearings on Monday were an indicator, you will not be allowed to bring in phones, laptops, or bags or to be wearing shorts or tank tops. For more details and to RSVP on Facebook, click here. Or just show up. It is important the supporters of Retake Our Democracy show up for others in the struggle for economic, racial, and social justice, so please arrive on time. You will likely be done within an hour. We will have information tomorrow on whether it makes sense to email and/or call the Mayor or Marco Serna, the District Attorney to ask that all charges be dropped. Here we want to be sure that pressure doesn’t work against the defendants.




Roundhouse Activism Team, Thursday, Sept 14, 6pm-8pm. 1420 Cerrillos, the Center for Progress and Justice. We will hear a report on the 2016 primaries and general election results on our list of targeted GOP and Democrat legislators. From conversations with progressive lobbyists and others, these legislators have been identified as persistently blocking progressive legislation. The team will now weigh which of these legislators could be vulnerable to a challenge in the primary (Dem) or general election (GOP).   We will also continue to work on our list of priority bills that will soon be finalized and posted on a statewide online poll to obtain input from throughout the state.  Click here to review our strategy, although at this meeting we may adjust it with input from you!!.  Click here to RSVP on Facebook or email us at Subsequent meetings will be the 2nd and 4th Th. of every month.


Retake Our Democracy Town Hall, Saturday, Sept 16, 1:30pm-3:30pm. Our leadership team is meeting this evening to discuss the Town Hall. We are trying to incorporate feedback from those at the last Town Hall and may make significant changes to the agenda, eliminating the ‘experts talking at you’ and creating a framework for open conversation about issues of importance to you. I will report in more detail tomorrow, but expect that the Town Hall will be significantly about our listening to you, than vice versa. In any case, the Town Halls are an important event designed to build a community of folks committed to advocacy.  Click here to RSVP on Facebook, or simply write to Expect an update on format tomorrow.

SaturdayLocal Research Advocacy Team. Thursday, Sept 21, 6-8pm, 1420 Cerrillos. If we want to Retake Our Democracy, we have to get our fingers dirty figuring out how it works and get involved. That is the work of this team. Join us in examining how Community Land Trust, Inclusionary Zoning, People’s Councils, and Participatory Budgeting may all be part of a progressive use for the University of Arts & Design (UAD). This team has been researching public transit, affordable housing, low-income rental strategies and other municipality options to prevent gentrification and replacement. Between meetings, members review research like what is presented today, talk with community officials, city staff and Councilors to better understand how the city makes decisions and how we can proactively make constructive suggestions. For this meeting we will be joined by Brian Skeele, a local expert on community development. This is a key meeting in relation to our thinking about the UAD. Join us by clicking here for more information and to RSVP on Facebook (preferred) or just reply to this email and let us know you are coming. We especially need folks with experience in economic development or community development. Community Land Trusts: A Novel Approach to Holding Down the Cost of Land.


Sept 11-21, 11am, 11 Days of Global Unity, Moving from Vision to Action. Beginning Monday at 11am and occurring every day through the 21st, will be a series of internationally known speakers on topics ranging from disarmament to climate change to economic justice.  Sorry that the notice comes after the first talk with Marianne Williamson, but I only found out about this after the first show had aired, but there are still ten more.  For more information and a link to the registration site, click here. If you have missed one of the telecasts, you can access those broadcasts you’ve missed by clicking here.

In closing, I want to remind all of you that the only way change can happen, the only way we can successfully resist Trumps and the forces of racism and greed, is to make advocacy part of your ongoing, daily routine. Change can not occur from the comfort of your home. At our Town Hall we will emphasize the importance of getting outside your comfort zone and doing things you may not think are “your thing.” The truth is that advocacy is not about doing what is personally gratifying, but about doing what is socially and politically required. So, you’ve never talked with neighbors about anything before, try it.  You’ve never called a legislator, try it. You’ve never thought about running for City Council, think about it. But as a community, we all need to be in the game. So start by coming to our Town Hall on Saturday and find out more about what you can do.

In solidarity,

Paul & Roxanne

Please examine this video closely, especially beginning about one minute in when Jennifer Marley walks in front of police carrying two signs. Seconds later she is grabbed by officers and arrested. There is about 1 or 2 seconds where she disappears form the video but the rest of the time it is very clear that she is carrying the signs as part of her protest not as a weapon. It is conceivable that her sign brushed an officer during those 1-2 seconds, but it seems abundantly clear that no violence was intended. Charges must be dropped.







Paul & Roxanne

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  1. I called Heinrich’s Albuquerque office as soon as I read this, and the staffer I spoke to said he was still considering co-sponsoring the single payer bill. He also said they’d been receiving a lot of calls today about this, and that the support helps!
    Any suggestion for something to wear to the arrangement to show support? An armband, or pin, or a color…? Red seed bead necklaces, like she was wearing? I thought of getting a t-shirt and writing a message like KEEP SPEECH FREE on it, but that seems beneath the ‘dignity’ of the court, so I’m not sure.

    • I really think that Heinrich has taken the leap, but it may not have been communicated throughout the chain of command. As to what to wear at the arraignment, just being there is sufficient. They are not charmed by signs or anything like that.

  2. I hope people pay attention to the fact that most democrats, like Heinrich, need to have their arms twisted so they ‘do’ something for the 99%. It makes me think that most Americans’ needs, as well as their contributions to the nation, are not computed in their personal equation and vision of who we are, what we need and what is needed to be done today so our children have a chance in the future….

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