Celebration of Susan Popovich’s Life Today & Week in Review

As always on Monday a review of the week and our only action for the day, a celebration of Susan Popovich’s life. Details within.

We have been doing this week in review for about a month now and find that it is one of the most reviewed posts we do, so we will continue doing this. I would like to make a suggestion for how you might help Retake expand its base. This Monday post might be a good one to share with friends and neighbors and here are some suggestions as to how.

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  • If you are a member of a Next Door, consider posting this link there with encouragement to check out one or two of the posts and then to sign up to receive them by clicking the blue follow button on the home page.
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Hope to see many of you at Susan’s Life Celebration at 1pm today. I have seen it posted as being at 1420 Cerrillos and as being at Young Park a block away. If you do attend, the Labor Day picnic is at Young Park from 2-4pm.  FYI: Susan had two cats. The cats are two females, Boots, a mostly gray with white boots, and Jazzy, a gray tabby. They are ages 6 and 8, but I don’t know which is which. They are at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter, 505-983-4309. If you were thinking of adopting, here is your chance.

The Week in Review

Susan Popovich Has Died Tragically and Too Soon. A personal tribute to Susan, a personal friend and colleague from Santa Fe 4 Bernie to Retake the Roundhouse and Retake Our Democracy. She will be sorely missed. In this post I recount her contributions over the past two plus years.  Click here.

One Way to Pay Tribute to Susan.  The post describes how all of us must renew our commitment to advocacy and activism if are truly to honor Susan’s legacy and provides suggestions as to how one might do this. Click here.

Update on Wells Fargo: A Most Interesting Evening at City Council.  The post describes the City Council’s disappointing vote to approve a four-year extension for Wells Fargo to serve as the City’s fiscal agent. While the City didn’t appear to have other good options from other bidders, one wonders if more proactive work with other banks couldn’t have elicited better bids. Click here.

Hurricane Harvey: Climate Change Offers a Wake Up Call for What is to Come. In addition to examining the correlation between the increase in frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, the post described how political decisions, greedy decisions, have left many communities unprepared for the inevitable flood or hurricane.  Click here.

Reverend Barber Explains White Supremacy in Five Minutes. If you review no other post in this list, review this one. It provides a very good analysis of the roots of white supremacy and their impact on the political environment. Brilliant. Click here.

In solidarity,

Roxanne and Paul

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