National Academy of Sciences: “Mass Extinction Is Here”- A Call for Action

National Academy of Sciences says things are much worse than expected. Recent posts have strongly suggested the need for bold solutions to serious challenges. This post includes info from the National Academy, New Energy Economy and info on  some bold strategies to address climate change from ABQ Mayoral candidate Tim Keller.

Update on the Democratic Party.  By way of update, I received over 3 dozen emails, comments on Facebook and comments on the post itself. All but one was strongly encouraging my continued reporting on the Democratic Party and I continue to get so many comments from people who say they are about to give up. While I was hoping to get comments from the Democratic Party mainstream, aside from Richard Ellenberg’s thanks, not a word. I am going to send out an email based on yesterday’s post to all State Central Committee and Santa Fe Central Committee members hoping to engage them in dialog. But while Retake is making efforts to engage mainstream Democrats, the DPNM and our elected officials in an honest dialog, trust my reporting will only change in tone, but not in substance. I’ll keep you posted. And please sign up for the Town Hall, Saturday Aug. 19, 3-5pm at 1420 Cerrillos, on Facebook by clicking here or by just writing to At the Town Hall we will have open conversation about how to lobby effectively with DPNM and with our Congressional delegation to influence the direction of the Democratic Party more effectively.

Building a Base of Power to Influence Roundhouse Legislators to Pass Progressive Legislation. Retake has formed a Roundhouse Activism Team that is reaching out to progressive lobbyists to identify how good bills die. Which committees and which legislators are most responsible for good bills not getting to the Governor’s desk. Once we have learned more, we will begin reaching out to activist groups and progressive Democrats in those districts to engage first in conversation with those legislators and then to organize an advocacy group in those communities, to generate constituent pressure. We will also explore pressing for more progressive candidates to challenge those legislators in primaries if they are Dems and in the general election if they are GOP. We want to be fully organized to advance a wave of good bills in 2019 when we have a 60 day session and a Democratic Governor. Next meeting is Monday, Aug 7, 6p-8pm at De Vargas Mall’s Community Room (near the restrooms). So far this is a small group but they are rapidly making progress ….and would make more progress if you joined us. Click here to RSVP, but most are RSVPing by writing to

Community Conversations on Equity: Canvass Launches Continue. But We Need More Of You.  Community Conversation Canvassing continues every Wednesday and Sunday at 4pm at 1420 Cerrillos, so there will be one tomorrow.Recall, we are deploying a very different form of canvassing in which: 1) you canvass your own neighborhood and have deep conversations with them; 2) you do NOT try to convince your neighbors of anything, the easy to follow script provides you with prompt questions and then you just talk informally, gathering info on your neighbors concerns and hopes at the local and state levels. By doing this you identify people who want to become involved with Retake and help build our base. To RSVP, just email us at  Hope to see you Sunday.

National Academy of Sciences: Climate Change Much More Advanced Than Thought

Naomi Klein proclaimed that This Changes Everything in her brilliant book on how climate change could unify the world and generate a meaningful intersectional response that would address climate change and social and economic justice. Apparently, not yet, and the GOP’s suicidal thirst for profit is promising to eke every ounce of coal they can find between now and when we toss them out on their ear. So we have a monumental challenge. This report from the Huffington Post, summarizes finding from a recent National Academy of Sciences proceedings report and the findings are not good news.

“Having long since warned that the Sixth Mass Extinction event is already well underway, in a study recently published in the journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers said that billions of populations of animals have already disappeared from Earth, amid what they called a “biological annihilation,” and admitted that their findings revealed a situation that was worse than they’d previously thought. The study showed that more than 30 percent of all vertebrates are experiencing declining populations, and the prime drivers of the annihilation are human overpopulation and overconsumption, especially by the rich, as well as habitat destruction, pollution and of course, ACD.

Incredibly, another recently released report showed that only 100 companies are the source of more than 70 percent of the entire planet’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988. So there are 100 CEOs out there perfectly content to collect their millions while cooking the planet and their grand children’s futures. How do these people sleep at night?

Meanwhile, temperatures rise every year with. “Global temperatures for June this year were surpassed only by June in 2015 and 2016. If temperatures continue as expected, 2015, 2016 and 2017 will be the three hottest years ever recorded. Estimates now show that warming has reached levels not seen for 115,000 years.”  Click here to review the full Huffington Post report.

A Call to Action: The Planet Needs You. Your Grandkids, Too!

Earlier this week I published a post on New Energy Economy’s courageous campaign to force PNM to make responsible decisions about how we use our resources and making the only reasonable decision to transition to renewables. While now more affordable that dirty energy, renewables are not as profitable as coal and nuclear. And in a capitalist system greed and profit are the only motivators that matter. On Monday at 9am, New Energy Economy will again challenge PNM in a hearing at the PRC office at 1120 Paseo de Peralta. I’d recommend arriving early as while there are spillover rooms where you can watch on TVs, the real action is in the hearing room. This is very, very important. At some point the PRC needs to actually do its job and their failure to do so led directly to one PRC member being voted out of office. So your presence and your pressure matters. Come and raise your voice. Click here for details.

Here Is What a Progressive Politician Looks Like: Tim Keller

Throughout his public service, from State Senator for Albuquerque’s International District to State Auditor, Tim has consistently challenged the status quo and developed a track record of real impact. Tim was elected twice to the State Senate in one of the most diverse districts in New Mexico, encompassing Albuquerque’s International District. He rose to the position of Majority Whip and successfully sponsored laws on wage retaliation prevention, immigrant protection, community schools, tax incentive reform, and an in-state business preference to create local jobs. He also had the distinction of passing the most bipartisan sponsored legislation during his tenure.

Click here for more information on Tim’s policies and positions and to find out how you can canvass for him or call from home to help get out the vote. You don’t even have to leave your home to help elect a progressive Mayor of our State’s largest city.  Given the topic of today’s post, Retake also wanted to highlight Tim’s bold plan for fighting climate change. Click here to review his plan. It is refreshing to have a politician clearly articulate his plans and stand behind them.

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