Week In Review-Lujan, DCCC, PNM, ICE & Link to New Article on RCV from the Nation

You’re busy. You can’t always read the Retake post. From now on, Monday’s post will provide a brief summary and links to each of the past week’s posts and perhaps one or two other recent posts worth reviewing, also this week, a Nation report on a way to end gerrymandering with Ranked Choice Voting.

The Monday Review

This would be a good post to share with friends as it will give them a sense of the kind of information routinely available in the Retake blog. It is very important that we expand our base significantly if we want to build the power to effect change and one of the best things YOU can do to help us achieve this, is to sent this post to a dozen friends and encourage them to subscribe. Don’t miss the intriguing article from The Nation about how Ranked Choice Voting could eliminate gerrymandering. It is at the bottom of the page.

And since you are busy folks, the new Monday Review is also a way to save all the recent posts in one place and return to read them as you have time. Happy Reading! Happy Sharing!

What If We Can’t Continue to Grow. A short post, but to my mind one of the most important we have ever published as it refers to the Limits to Growth: A Thirty Year Update, a study that uses science to project how sustainable, past, current and future economic growth models really are. It points to how our economic assumptions are simply not sustainable environmentally, pointing to the absolute need for alternative economic assumptions and models. A very important piece. Click here to review this post.

No In Not Enough:  This post reviewed two platforms, the LEAP Manifesto from Naomi Klein and Progressive Democrats of America.  Together they provide a bold vision for the kind of policies that need to be implemented not just to save our planet, but to create economic, social, racial and environmental justice. The post argues that the days are over where incremental change should be an option. Another very brief post. Click here to review.

Lujan & Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Analysis of the the Democratic Party’s continued ties to Wall St. and other corporate lobbyists. This one struck a nerve. Click here for the post.

NM Democratic Party Response to Lujan Critique and More Evidence of DCCC-Corporate Ties.  The post also acknowledges the limits under which Rep. Lujan operates, even while being one of the most powerful Democrats in Congress, suggesting the need to find ways to work with Rep. Lujan to remove corporate lobbyists from the DNC and corporate money from the political process. Click here to review.

A Look at “A Better Deal” the New Democratic Party Message. The post also provides a bit more evidence of the DCCC’s ties to corporate lobbyists. Click here for this post.

PNM’s Obscene Rate Increase Case.  After analyzing the profit motives that drive PNM’s rate increase case, the post goes beyond PNM and asks our legislative leaders to uncouple transitioning to renewables from our state’s reliance on gas and oil revenues. They do not belong in the same conversation, as gas is only 10% of NM’s energy mix and could be sold to other states if NM went 100% renewable. We currently utilize less than 10% renewables and as this post describes, we could transition much more quickly than believed. Click here.

The World Is On Fire and You Are the Extinguisher: A Call to Action.  A summary of the various ways in which you can become involved and be the change. Research, community conversation-styled canvassing (barely deserves to be called canvassing, it is chatting with your neighbors and identifying folks who might want to get involved), activism on a state level, and other opportunities are described. Click here.

ICE and State Police Collaborating In Eastern NM. The post examines how state police are conducting insurance and drivers license checkpoints and collaborating with ICE agents to identify immigrants and spread fear throughout Eastern NM.  Click here

Could This Put An End To Gerrymandering. As always, The Nation keeps it brief but to the point. This is a very clever use of RCV to eliminate gerrymandering and encourage 3rd and 4th party alternatives. Definitely worth a review. And pay attention to what it would do to how NM elects its Congressional representatives.  Click here.

In solidarity,  Paul & Roxanne


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