Ranked Choice Voting To Be Reconsidered—Time to Act

The City Council has agreed to reconsider its vote to delay Ranked Choice Voting. This post also offers a preview of Saturday’s post, an eye opening look at land theft, high-powered development and the need for fierce advocacy: Santolina, in ABQ–Also provided is a link to analysis of the latest GOP Senate Healthcare plan. This time it could be close. Surreal times.

At Wednesday’s City Council meeting, Councilor Maestas asked that the Council rescind the vote to delay implementation of RCV. The issue will be put on the agenda for next council meeting, Wednesday July 26. The councilors reported getting many emails and calls from constituents, as well as memos regarding system readiness from the vendor and the Secretary of State, plus many letters to the editor and articles have appeared in the newspaper. In today’s New Mexican, Councilor Ives indicated he was inclined to support going ahead with RCV, but needed to study the issue as relates to the readiness of the software and ability of the City to be ready to implement RCV by March. It seems like constituent pressure is working. For the full New Mexican report, click here.
On Wednesday, several  advocates RCV spoke in favor of RCV during open comment, keeping comments short and respectful, a tone we want to sustain, even as we increase our numbers and our input. Supporters encouraged Councilors to vote to rescind the June 4-3 vote to delay implementation of RCV and to move forward with RCV.
The plan for the next two weeks is to step up the constituent calls and emails, particularly to Councilors Dominguez, Ives, and Rivera!!  If you live in District 1, it wouldn’t hurt to tell Councilor Lindell how you feel about her vote to stop RCV and your hoping she will change that vote.  Click here for speaking points and contact information of all the Council members. And please mark your calendars to attend the July 26 Council meeting. Retake will keep you posted as to the time of public comment.
FairVoteNM is hoping that the Council will vote to rescind the prior motion, continue to plan for RCV, and then attach a deadline for implementation, that if by August 25th the software hasn’t been tested as planned and gone to the SOS for certification, or if the State has not certified by October 1, then they can revert to voting as usual.
Santolina Development in ABQ. If you have followed this development process, you know how heinous it is. There is only one good reason for this development to proceed. Greed and the use of money and behind the scenes influence peddling.   Let’s just say that Santolina is an enormous development that has astonishing maneuvers. As a preview: Santolina is 14,000 acres. The entire city of Santa Fe is 23,000 acres. That is one big development. The developers promised a net zero cost to the city, but have sought, sit down, $3billion in tax credits and infrastructure work; there has been no source of water identified; and a ton of public land and $96M would be needed to build the freeway to the development. Those are just a few of the eye-opening details. When you read how the developers got the land, your blood will curdle.
Senate Healthcare Redux.  You have to wonder if the GOP has any idea how bad this looks to the country. There is even some likelihood the Senate will not be able to get the 50 votes it needs to allow for this bill to be discussed. Within minutes of its release, two GOP Senators indicated they would not vote to discuss it. Only one more GOP Senator needs to join those opposed. And many others have indicted concerns about the bill, but seem willing to discuss it. Click here if you want to read up on where various Senators stand and analysis of some of the key elements. There isn’t even any mention of getting a CBO report.
In solidarity,
Paul & Roxanne

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