Climate Change: Where Climate Injustice and Economic Injustice Intersect

New study projects huge costs due to climate change, with most of the impact in the southwest, midwest, and Arizona, i.e. mostly GOP states. Map identifies impacts throughout the country. Chainbreaker launches Equity Summer. Details and actions you can take today!

Seventy Retake supporters holding up their Testimonials to support Equity Summer

Chainbreaker Launches Equity Summer. Yesterday, Chainbreaker launched Equity Summer, a 100-day campaign to educate the entire city about social and economic injustice in Santa Fe. The campaign will include house parties, a social media campaign, outreach and education, canvassing to talk with ( Santa Feans, and a fundraising drive to enable Chainbreaker to expand canvassing efforts to educate our community about injustice in Santa Fe.  For Chainbreaker to canvass broadly and to hit all the under-served neighborhoods of this city, they need to add one and ideally two organizers and they need to print educational materials. This is the purpose of their fundraising drive.

One organizer can train and supervise dozens of canvassers, so the impact of just one organizer can be significant. Chainbreaker has set a goal of securing 100 $100 donations in 100 days and they have secured a dollar-for-dollar match for every donation secured in the next 99 days. So your $100 donation will generate another $100. Retake has made it a goal to try to generate 100 $100 donations from our community. If we can do that our $10,000 will generate another $10,000. Throughout the summer Retake will be staging events in support of Equity Summer: town halls to discuss issues related to social and economic injustice, canvassing to hear how our neighbors feel about injustice in Santa Fe, house parties to engage and educate our friends and to raise funds for Chainbreaker; panels with experts sharing insights on aspects of injustice. But most of these things are just getting started. Here are three things you can do right now to support Equity Summer in less than 15 minutes.

  • Educate Yourself. Find out just how inequitable this city is, click here as Chainbreaker has created an excellent and brief snapshot of the challenge we face to achieve economic and racial justice in Santa Fe. Time invested: 5 minutes.
  • Donate. While you are  on the website, click the donate button to contribute to Equity Summer today, be one of the first to contribute $100 and that donation will be matched dollar for dollar: Time invested: 3 minutes and $100.
  • Share on Facebook. Post this link to Chainbreaker’s Equity Summer page into a Facebook post and make a comment about what you think about social and economic injustice. If you plan to get involved in the campaign, say so. If you made a donation, say so. And encourage your friends to             get informed and active. And encourage them to share your post and donate to the campaign.

Click here to visit Chainbreaker’s website. The donate button is on the right side of the page. If you want to hear more about Chainbreaker, Equity Summer, and economic injustice in Santa Fe, Click here to listen to Retake Our Democracy’s special one-hour interview with Tomas Rivera. It is the July 1 show.

July 6,  5:30-7:30, 1420 Cerrillos. Deep Dive into Gentrification, Pot Luck (Yeah food) and Conversation.  Originally focusing exclusively on How to Kill a City, the excellent book on gentrification in American cities. This event has expanded in scope. While we will still discuss the book and gentrification, we will also spend time envisioning how we can organize an ongoing gathering of people interested in studying issues related to equity and justice. The idea is that perhaps on a weekly or alternate week basis, a topic will be posted, one or two articles will be identified and then people will convene to discuss the articles and the issues. If we are going to campaign for equity in Santa Fe, we need to really understand it. This is one of those education strategies designed to build our knowledge base and build a community of friends who enjoy conversation and camaraderie. At last Sunday’s Kick Off for Retake’s support for Chainbreaker, we had a number of sign-ups for research and for individuals interested in organizing deep dives into specific areas of policy related to equity, social, economic, racial, and environmental justice and we are hoping they will join us, but anyone interested in this kind of gathering is invited. You still have time to read at least a chapter or two of How to Kill a City as it is available at Collected Works and is both very interesting and an easy read.  For more details and to RSVP, click here. Or email

 Climate Change Where Climate Injustice and Economic Injustice Intersect

The NY Times article below explains the factors that will influence what, over time, will be the enormous economic costs of climate change. Not surprisingly, those communities that have warm climate will bear the heaviest burden. Not surprisingly, it is the poor who will bear a disproportionate share of the burden. And just as with Trump’s budget and his healthcare plans, the fiscal cost of climate change will fall most heavily on GOP states. When does the light bulb go on? Click the map to read the article.

In solidarity,

Paul and Roxanne


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  1. Let us all be clear that social, economic and environmental (that , is Life) injustice began with the advent of agriculture, about 7.000 years ago. Since Homo Sapiens (which, by the way eliminated all other humanoids) misinterpreted their ‘original instructions’ given by their gods and decided that all life, including other Homo Sapiens deemed inferior, declared land and life, and the whole planet, and its moon as its ‘property’, the injustices we know today began. So, why be surprised today?

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