Evidence that Thirst for Gentrifying London Contributed to London Fire

Not an easy post to work through, but capitalist greed has very human consequences. This post makes that cost very clear, in very human terms. Money was available to improve the facade, but only one fire escape, no sprinklers. Truly a shameful story. Brief report on plan to create a huge wind farm in Portales with PRC member wondering why it is needed. Huh?

Wind Farms in NM. Today’s Santa Fe New Mexican is reporting that Xcel Energy wants to build a 522 megawatt wind farm in Portales, continuing evidence that the economics of renewables are increasingly favorable. David Hudson, president of Xcel Energy for New Mexico and Texas, saying, “The decision to add additional wind generation is purely economic. By taking advantage of tax credits before they expire, these projects will allow us to produce wind energy at a cost lower than energy produced at our coal and natural gas-fueled plants, and pass those savings directly to our customers.” [emphasis mine] But PRC Commissioner for northwest New Mexico Patrick Lyons is reported to be uncertain additional wind energy is needed in NM. I mean who needs wind when there is so much expensive coal and risky nuclear available? Lyon’s comment:  “They’ll have to prove there’s a need,” he said. “We’ll look at it real close.”  I sure wish the PRC was as eager to scrutinize PNM’s coal and nuclear energy plans as this one to provide wind. Click here to read the full report.  Retake will keep you posted on when the PRC will convene a hearing. 

Not too late to sign up for Retake Our Democracy’s Kick-Off and Training for Retake’s support Chainbreaker’s Equity Summer. Click here for details and to RSVP or write directly to me. The training is tomorrow, 3-5pm at 1420 Cerrillos.

London Tragedy Could Easily Have Been Prevented:  Priorities Exposed of Developers

What Grenfell Means: A Fire as Metaphor for Our Future.
  So, a massive renovation of the Grenfell high-rise was completed and despite 16 inspections, no one noted that there were no sprinklers. Do you wonder if this would happen in a building housing wealthy residents instead of low-income, mostly Muslim residents? No one noted that there was only one fire escape. Same question: do you think the income level and religion of the residents was a factor? The exterior facade ‘improvements’ failed to utilize fire retardant materials which would have added only minimal costs to the building’s ‘upgrade’ and would have prevented this tragedy. But resident safety was not a priority. What was a priority? Fulfilling the more important goal of  disguising the 24 story low-income housing apartment to blend in better with the surrounding and gentrifying Kensington community. Click here for details.

But written words sometimes pale in comparison to testimony from those involved. I honestly think the video below is one of the most brazen examples of the consequences of corporate, capitalist greed. Thank you once again to Democracy Now!. The 23 minute video report is not to be skipped over. Watch it. Share it. And then use your anger to get active. I only pray that people viewing this don’t need more evidence than this to prompt them to action. Click here for actions and  opportunities. There are many opportunities to get involved.  To reward you for watching this Democracy Now! report, I have also included at the end of this report, an inspiring musical tribute to the victims of the Grenfell fire, a fundraiser for the victims. A link is also provided so you can contribute.

Below is a moving tribute to the victims of the London Grenfell fire. Click here to contribute to the fund for the victims. But for God’s sake, don’t stop there. This tragedy is a metaphor for what we have created as a world community and this conflagration is our earth’s future if we do not unite. So please, take this horrid event as a warning. If we don’t unite, climate change  weather disasters are coming; gentrification is coming. loss of civil liberties is coming. Don’t just get pissed off, get active.

In solidarity,

Paul and Roxanne



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  1. This is great news about the plan for more wind energy in New Mexico. It’s kinda a no-brainer in this state, along with solar energy. But clearly the PRC is going to need a push. I also wanted to recommend a new book called “Drawdown” which offers in a clear and fact-based manner a hundred solutions to climate change, wind energy being one of them. I recommend it as a resource for moving forward for anyone interested in doing their part – includes something that everyone can get involved with.

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