Roundhouse Rally 11-1 Today. Wear Yellow. Time to Say No to Martinez & Yes to Justice

Today’s post includes House Leader Brian Egolf’s promise of an override vote on Martinez eliminating all funding for higher ed and a video message from Peter Wirth. It is time to rally for justice and for the survival of our higher education system. Also, a reminder of the June 10 training in community organizing, listening, persuasive communication, and using moral language.

“There will be an override vote,” Egolf said in an interview Tuesday. “I’m just not exactly sure when it’ll happen.”  The Governor has set a political trap for her GOP legislators. With an override called to vote, they will have to choose between going on record as supporting the complete elimination of funding for higher education or turning their backs on the sitting Governor. At the end of this post is a video from Peter Wirth posted this morning. It provides a timely update on the status of budget negotiations. See you at 11 today at the Roundhouse…and wear yellow.

Roundhouse photo

We Need Fulling Funding for Higher Ed

TODAY!! May 24. 11am-1pm. Roundhouse, Santa Fe. Special Session Opens.  EVERYONE WEAR YELLOW. A host of organizations (partial list below) are collaborating in organizing a massive protest to let the GOP and some Democrats know that we are mad as hell — we are not amused that our universities and colleges are being held hostage by a vengeful Governor and a GOP that refuses to stand up to her. We are also not happy that the Health Security Act, meaningful predatory lending reform, investments in early childhood, hemp research, renewable energy targets, and a host of other important bills have not been passed.

IATSE is providing a stage and the schedule is as follows: 11-11:45 speakers from the Roundhouse. 11:45-12:30 March around the Roundhouse (still to be determined if we march to the Governor’s office and back). 12:30 Open Mike, an opportunity for the people to speak. We’re marching to restore higher education funding and give our state a bright future and much more.

Tremendous Training in Organizing and Persuasive Communications. The Skills We Need to Be Impactful.

Saturday, June 10, 1pm-6pm.  Santa Fe Community College, Jemez Room. Community Organizing & Community Conversations Training.YOU MUST RSVP AT THIS LINK TO BE ADMITTED TO THE TRAINING! If you aren’t on Facebook, RSVP by emailing

This is a critical training for those interested in participating in the grassroots People’s Policy Platform and Budget Project. This project will be launched through a variety of forms of community conversations: canvassing, phone calls, town halls, and community meetings where trained volunteers engage members of the community in a series of community conversations.

The first round of conversations will focus on listening and finding out people’s concerns and aspirations at a neighborhood, city, and state level. Once we compile this information we will have a second round of community conversations around policy and program strategies that address the highest priority concerns and aspirations for our communities. The last series of community conversations will be in large city-council-district-defined community meetings where the various policies and programs are prioritized and, through a participatory budgeting process, assigned funding streams to support the highest priority initiatives.

To be adept at this work requires training and we have secured the expertise of ABQ community organizer, Mark Diaz Truman who was trained at Harvard under Marshall Ganz, the chief strategist to Cesar Chavez for 16 years and the strategist for the 2008 Obama campaign. He will provide training in community organizing, active listening and constructing your own public narrative explaining in deeply personal ways, why you are committed to activism. Katharine Clark who was trained under George Lakoff in the use of moral language, framing and reframing will introduce these concepts to participants. Throughout the training there will be opportunities for practicing communication techniques and discussing their use in small groups.

At the training Retake and its partners will outline the overarching strategy of using our organizing efforts to create a People’s Platform and People’s Budget to present to the Mayor and City Council and to use as a vetting tool in the coming City elections. This training is the first step in an ongoing campaign to achieve greater equity in Santa Fe. It will provide invaluable tools for all forms of political activism and political conversation from canvassing to conversations with your GOP uncle. RSVP here or email me at

In solidarity, Paul & Roxanne.

Peter Wirth with a Message About the Budget

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