Pence Measuring the WH Drapes & Sen Wirth Video on the Budget Crisis

Pence has created a fundraising PAC in a transparent nod to his need for funds for ‘his’ re-election, a frightening post that highlights how much worse we may be with Pence than with the Orange. AT&T facing national walkout tomorrow, 1pm MT. Action planned in Santa Fe. Net Neutrality, slipping away.

Three Quick Reminders:

  • Flyer Brigade. We need pairs of volunteers to greet Santa Feans and tourists, give them Retake flyers and talk with them about Retake and its initiatives at community events, concerts, and other gatherings, including weekly on Saturday’s from 10-1 at Farmers Market.
  • Saturday, May 20, 2pm-5pm at Center for Progress and Justice, 1420 Cerrillos Rd. Sign Painting for May 24 Roundhouse Rally.  All ages and skill levels welcome and materials provided. Make signs for the big rally on the 24th. How fun is that?
  • Wednesday, May 24, Noon. Rally at the Roundhouse. For details on the day’s events, click here.  And if you want to hear Peter Wirth address the Santa Fe County Democrats about the budget crisis in the Roundhouse, Andy Fertal, a dedicated Retake volunteer has taped Sen. Wirth’s 15-minute address. See the bottom of this post.

Solidarity with AT&T Workers. TODAY, Friday, May 19, 1pm, AT&T store, 3494 Zafarano, Santa Fe.  If Retake is going to be an authentic force for equity and justice, we need to show up for the people who suffer at the hands of inequity and injustice and not just when thousands of others will show up at popular events like the Women’s March. The headline to the post I wrote the day after the Women’s March read: A March is Not a Movement and the post went on to say that the power and meaning of the Women’s March should not be measured by how many were there that day, but by how many people participating in that march were inspired enough to be in it for the long haul. Today is an opportunity to demonstrate the real meaning of the Women’s march by acting in solidarity with the AT&T workers who will walk off their jobs at 1pm MT for a three-day strike. Make no mistake, if you take an hour to show up at Santa Fe’s AT&T store to show solidarity in support of the workers who will walk off their job, you will be sacrificing an hour. Those workers will be sacrificing their jobs, not just for their demand for equitable treatment but for the principle of equity for all of us.

Why are the workers striking? Not for a larger increase in wages or pension, but rather to force AT&T to stop moving jobs overseas. “The union argues that AT&T generates “nearly $1 billion a month in profits”— it posted a $3.56 billion first-quarter profit this year—and is “failing to invest in its core business and infrastructure” as it outsources and moves jobs offshore. The union, Communications Workers of America (CWA), alleges AT&T has cut 12,000 call center jobs in the United States since 2011, opting instead to contract with third-party companies in other countries.” For more on the strike, click here. I will be there with the Retake banner and I need a bunch of you to be there to help hold the banner and to stand behind it. It is an hour. It is 12,000 jobs that have already been lost. And it is more than that, it is the concept of equity and justice that is fast disappearing.

Look for more Pence quotes coming soon. The man who may succeed Trump.

Pence Measuring the Drapes. It is becoming increasingly clear that our President is coming unglued and that his GOP support is eroding. The DailyKos points how we should be very much afraid of a Pence presidency as he is a deadly combination of shrewd, self-righteous, self-assured and with a highly organized group of Christian fundamentalists who are uncompromising and serious.  From the DailyKos: “Whats most frightening about Pence is that there is a very strong undercurrent of Christian fundamentalists that only supported Trump BECAUSE of Pence. Pence has his own base ready to roll right out of Impeachment and Conviction and they are zealots. And unlike the majority of the zealots that worship Donald Trump, the subhuman, Pence’s zealots are informed by and answer to a higher power.” And they won’t cave when they face opposition; they’ve been waiting for this moment for a long, long time. The DailyKos makes the point that our best hope is to somehow tie Pence to Trump in a legal way so that both must go. Click here for the full report.

In Solidarity,  Roxanne & Paul


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  1. Donald Trump unfortunately has a personality disorder of narcissism. my prediction of the day: If no one is left who will praise him, he will declare victory and resign. Also, Legislators will not impeach Trump. They have too many skeletons in their closets to want a precedent of an investigation of elected officials.

  2. Yes, in fact, it is not unrealistic to suspect that the Koch brothers and others are and have simply “created” Trump ” as the front for their real choice – Pence – whose calmer manner will seem like an oasis to many – but who is the real “wolf in sheep’s clothing” – the entire administration must go and the runner up in the electoral college and winner of the popular vote needs to be quickly sworn in as President – before more damage is done.

    We are in “those” times – as stated by citizen Thomas Paine in similar times ” These are the times that try men’s (and women’s) souls” our Republic is under attack from devious traitors and thugs – a need for our “cultural” common sense as elaborated by Mr. Paine and our revolutionary struggle that is built into our our Constitution.

    If a woman or man’s soul is not being tried at this time – he or she may likely be living in cave or a zombie – we have a social responsibility now to take action – now, not tomorrow – a killer in terms of what we are doing to the environment, the poor and disenfranchised , our children…… is already and has been happening – we need to “turn it around” now – with intelligence, heart courage and fortitude – standing together.

    Tomorrow, I attend my son’s graduation from Vermont Law School – in environmental law – and the school is number one in the nation in that field – and flying above the flagpole nearby, at the school will be the flag of the Standing Rock Tribe – the Chair of Standing Rock will be receiving an honorary law degree – we must stand together……now.

  3. Yes stand together and say no no no no…..this whole administration is not to be tolerated and dont accept their reign, not acceptable. Do whatever you can to say no to their agenda

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