US Hits Afghanistan with Biggest Non-Nuclear Bomb in History; N. Korea Next?

First Syria, then Afghanistan with a bomb so huge, it has never been used before, and now Trump is threatening No. Korea — which apparently is prepared to launch a nuclear test on Saturday. This post focuses on Trump’s saber rattling, more evidence Assad did not use chemical weapons, and our beloved Governor and the ramifications of her eliminating funds for the university and college systems.

Bombs Away.  What Next?  On Tuesday, I had promised a series on economic injustice that focused on Santa Fe economic development policy and on the need for economic transition planning in the Four Corners, but a deranged President and unbalanced Governor make it hard to ignore the threats, the actions, the posturing, and the impact this is having across the globe and on our own ability to weather the psychological impact.

I don’t know about you, but when Roxanne texted me to tell me that the US had just dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in human history, my knees actually buckled and I had to steady myself. When I told the guy I was with, he covered his face with his hands and muttered: “I have a two year-old. Why did I bring him into this world?”  Only a few short hours later, I read that North Korea is planning to test a nuclear weapon on Saturday. Trump says North Korea is a problem and he will take care of it, a US fleet is steaming rapidly toward North Korea as I type, and multiple sources in his leadership have said that a preemptive strike is being planned if North Korea continues its plans for a test on Saturday. Click here for a complete summary of the situation in North Korea. Given the actions of the past week and Trump’s threats issued Thursday, the excerpt below seems imminent and terrifying.

“The U.S. strike could include missiles and bombs, cyber and special operations on the ground. The danger of such an attack by the U.S. is that it could provoke the volatile and unpredictable North Korean regime to launch its own blistering attack on its southern neighbor.”

I wish I had an incredibly deep understanding of all that is going on and could end this paragraph with: ‘Okay, this is what we need to do.’ Unfortunately, it feels as if this guy is impervious to public pressure and operates with a super macho, twitter head mentality, as he can’t absorb content of more than a 140 characters. His comments after bombing Afghanistan:  “Great military. A beautiful thing today.”  Who describes dropping the biggest bomb in human history as a beautiful thing? I am starting to realize that not only is Trump a bully, but that he may be entirely delusional.

My job is to give you some options: participate in the Tax Day March on Saturday, sign a petition, make posters for Science Day, call your Congressional rep. But these feel wholly inadequate given the circumstances. I suppose the only consolation is that on a local level our voices and numbers can really make a difference. But it’s hard to feel empowered and effective in advancing our local issues when on a national level so much is at stake and so out of our control. Some time ago, I presented a blog on surviving in the age of Trump. I am providing the link to that post here, but also would advise that this may be a time when it is critically important to have a small group of close, politically active friends with whom you can huddle, hug, maintain your sanity and sense of purpose, and sustain your activism. When Trump was elected, we knew we were in for very hard times, but the challenge now is to not give up, to sustain our sense of purpose, and not shrug our shoulders and shrink from the challenge, as then we are doomed. Huddle my friends.

And there are climate marches, a Townhall with Sen. Udall, a benefit concert, and other activities going on in Santa Fe and ABQ, so click here to find an activity to keep you sane and your skin in the game.

In solidarity,

Paul & Roxanne


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  1. Paul, I have a lot of gratitude for what you and Roxanne are doing. I’ve been gone for almost a month, doing a private 21 day river trip on the Colorado through the Grand Canyon with 15 friends. I can’t tell you how healing it was for me to get that break from the onslaught. I know you two are deeply immersed in what you’re doing, but boy, do I recommend a longer, unplugged break to nourish and replenish. I’ve returned more grounded and able to distance myself in a way that will make me much more effective than when I was in overwhelm and anxiety.

    Be well, and thank you both. Sally Butler


  2. As you said in not so many words in some other post, this is all a distraction.Trump’s tweets and this kind of information drains our energies and keeps us unfocused on what we need to do which is work at the local level while stating and spreading our own ‘script’. That is, our retelling of the true story of this country. A la Howard Zinn and/or major general Smedely Butler—


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