Progressive Revenue Options–A Path to a Moral Budget

Today: Analysis of the budget deficit and a proposal for a Moral Budget. Details on Feb 11 Town Hall, Feb 20 Moral Monday, and today’s Moral Monday at the Roundhouse with Sen. Tom Udall, a focus on immigration. Also in today’s post: a summary of the legal status related to the immigration ban on Muslim refugees.

For a summary of events and opportunities for today and beyond, click here.

medicaidA Moral Budget.  Reverend Barber has said that all budgets are either moral or immoral. What you fund and how you fund it says a good deal about the values, vision and courage of our government. New Mexico now has a Democratic Roundhouse, but that has not translated into progressive budgets in the past. Both Democrats and Republicans have created the looming $300-$500M budget deficit projected for FY 2018. Click here to review a series of six bills that could generate up to $240M in new revenue for 2018, addressing a huge chunk of the projected tax deficit. All but one of the bills would either remove tax giveaways or initiate new taxes on corporations or individuals in the upper 10% of the income brackets. Because our governor is unlikely to sign any bill that will increase revenues, the purpose of tracking the votes on these bills is to help construct our Scales of Justice: A Report Card on the 2017 Legislators.  As noted above, Democrats have often voted for tax giveaways to the wealthy and to corporations and have voted against efforts to eliminate those giveaways. We need to understand who those Democrats are and publicize broadly their voting record. Voters need to understand that party affiliation is not an automatic indicator of a commitment to justice.


Arrogance Personified in the Scowls

Update on Refugee Ban. Trump and two states (WA and MN) are challenging the court order reversing Trump’s executive order to ban refugees from seven largely Muslim countries. Trump’s excuse for the ban is to protect America from terrorists, yet since 1975, the total number of Americans killed by refugees from these seven countries is ZERO. Interestingly, Trump has not banned entry from any country in which he has business interests.  Appeals are due today and a ruling is expected soon thereafter. Click here for an update that includes the video above.

Sat. Feb 11, 3:30-5:30pm, Retake Our Democracy Town Hall Meeting, 1420 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe. Join us for presentations, breakout discussions, and action planning. Santa Fe City Council Member Renee Villarreal will be the keynote speaker. She will discuss the City’s Participatory Budget Process, the Soda Tax for Expanding Early Childhood Education, and her involvement in Retake Our Democracy’s development of a People’s Platform for Santa Fe. We will also have breakouts to discuss two important topics: Local Strategies to Combat Trump, and our new community organizing strategy, Community Conversations, a process for individuals to easily implement daily outreach. This is not a sexy topic and committing to a daily 20 minute habit is daunting, but, in truth, it is the only way we can successfully resist the Trump Agenda and build a more just New Mexico.

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  1. Why have they never considered increasing property taxes on properties assessed at over $1M. Many people have second and third homes here in New Mexico, but don’t live here year round. NM has very low property taxes compared to other states.

    • I had a conversation about this yesterday with Renee Villarreal and we now have one of our researchers looking at innovative progressive revenue generating strategies just like this. Look for a post about it soon.

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