Gather at the New Mexico Commission for the Blind Parking lot 2200 Yale Blvd. and Renard Place SE on Sunday, Jan 29 (TODAY) at 4:45 PM, at the north side parking lot and march directly to the Airport together.

Click here for more info. It is clear that there are going to be ongoing urgent actions that erupt spontaneously and I feel responsible for getting this out there. The best way to keep current is to visit our Facebook page regularly.  Click here to go there and sign up. But we may also have to send out action alerts periodically, no matter how often I’ve written.

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  1. Thank you so much for getting this community of activism started and thank you for all the alerts. You are doing important work. While I can’t march today I will be on the MoveOn emergency call at 6:00 pm today.

  2. Last minute alerts leave few reponders! (includes me and I live close by!)

    • I only found out about minutes before I published this. Sorry you couldn’t be there, but there are an awful lot of things out there to track and sometimes my wife and I actually try to have a life independent of this.

  3. The alert worked, my partner was able to just drop everything and go. There were hundreds of people there on short notice. I am so proud of our community.

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