A Guide to Resisting Trump; Peltier Running Out of Time

The blog describes a guide for resisting the Trump agenda that has gone viral, an insightful article about depression, anxiety and the most healthy reaction to Trump’s election, an update on Verde and Somos Un Pueblo Unido (both good news–we need it), and a plea for Peltier whose time is running out for clemency: What is Obama thinking?

earthcare-cdA Very Handy Guide for Resisting Trump. Written by two experienced Congressional Aides, Indivisible:  A Practical Guide to Resisting the Trump Agenda might as easily have been called “indispensable.” It is a handy tool that outlines several key strategies activists can implement, from the perspective of Congressional Aides who know what works.They begin from the perspective of analyzing how the Tea Party was able to resist the Obama agenda despite having a relatively small base of support.They outline strategies that work, things that don’t, and why. A key theme is: if it isn’t personal, it doesn’t often work, and if it doesn’t involve sacrifice, it isn’t as effective. So a visit to your representative’s home office, or better yet, DC office is going to have more impact than a call, and a personal note will be more effective than a form letter. To review the guide and download it to your computer, Click here.  And click here to view a video of Rachel Maddow interviewing the author. FYI, I have had the experience of using a link that works for getting to MSNBC video and then after a day or so, the link just brings you to the main page. I hope this works.

Verde Transmission Line:
The BLM has rejected the design of the Verde Transmission Line as currently proposed by Hunt Power, indicating that BLM’s goal is to protect “the scenic and resource values of the land.” Hunt Power will have to make significant changes to the towers. No word on how or if Hunt Power plans to proceed, but we will keep you posted.
Somos Un Pueblo Unido: More good news for our immigrant neighbors: the Santa Fe City Council’s Immigration Committee voted unanimously to support Somos Un Pueblo Unido’s expanded Sanctuary plan. Click here for an Albuquerque Journal article on the vote. In conversation with Somos Director Marcela Diaz, however, she said she still encourages all of you to continue making calls and sending emails to the Mayor and your City Council members, as the full Council will make the final determination. Click here for a summary of the resolution and contact information to make your voice heard.

free-peltierLeonard Peltier, Still Innocent, Still Languishing in Prison. What is Obama Waiting For? The former Iowa U.S. attorney in charge of the widely-condemned prosecution and conviction of indigenous activist Leonard Peltier wrote to President Obama saying granting clemency to the 72-year-old, considered by many the longest-held political prisoner in the US, would be “in the best interests of justice.” This is clemency long overdue, as Peltier was clearly railroaded. A US appeals court judge found that the FBI withheld key ballistics evidence showing Peltier’s gun did not fire the bullets that killed the two agents and that the key testimony used to extradite Peltier from Canada, where he sought asylum, was perjured. Archbishop Tutu wrote, “In a nation which so prides itself on a strong and incorruptible judicial system and a humane and responsive government, it is sad indeed to think that in nearly a (half) century, justice has been elusive for this man. If the matter continues without remedy and action, it will soon be too late for any justice at all. A tragedy of this magnitude cannot be allowed.” It is absolutely shameful that Peltier has not been released. Indeed, in 2000 Bill Clinton promised to give Peltier clemency, but then failed to do so. Click here for a link to write or call President Obama’s office. And here is a link to a Change.org petition. I normally feel petitions are low impact, but what more can we do? The site also provides more on the Peltier case.

A Real Eye Opening Essay. I am almost hesitant to include this next article. Parts of it are over the top in asserting how most Trump supporters are racist, misogynist, xenophobic, etc. I firmly believe that is not the case, but “Against Bargaining” by Laurie Penny of The New Statesmen is an extremely good writer who makes some very compelling arguments. She compares Trump and the bullying of some of his supporters with that of an abuser, and the psychological implications for us…those being abused, are very interesting. She also notes that while not all Trump supporters are racist, neither were all Germans anti-semitic. But as she put it, many just bowed their heads and looked the other way. Finally and very compellingly, she describes how it may be psychologically normal to be almost clinically depressed or anxious right now, that normally, anxiety and depression are a result of forms of delusion, of not perceiving reality correctly, but that today, this anxiety and depression may be the result of perceiving reality perfectly accurately. Her antidote is not deep breathing or Chamomile tea, but activism. Click here for a very good read.

Lastly, look for a special Weekend Edition of my blog on Sunday morning as I report on the statewide ProgressNowNM Progressive Action Summit happening today in Albuquerque. Alan Webber and I are hosting a panel discussion: Resist Trump & Reimagine New Mexico. I’ll share our thoughts and fill you in on Senator Heinrich’s keynote and the five-minute presentations by the eight announced candidates for Albuquerque Mayor.

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  1. They are right. It is a different way of thinking but I can see how it would be effective in most situations.

  2. I agree the Tea Party and overall the GOP has used these techniques for yrs. Organize locally, stay focused on your message, just say no, and pressure your legislator if they are not complying with your requests. The dems try to be nice and don’t fight back for fear, I assume they will be rejected. Guess what they are being rejected anyway.

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